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New Skin Routine

I just recently got off a birth control that was causing my skin to have cystic acne. Now, I am looking for a skin routine since I am off birth control. I am unsure if I have oily skin or dry skin due to my acne being caused by hormones. Currently, my skin is very dry and I have to moisturize a lot but I am using a PanOxyl Foaming Face Wash because that is what was suggested for my cystic acne which I believe is the culprit of my dry skin. In the summer, my skin is oily. 


My cystic acne is going away now but I am left with dark spots and red spots all over my cheeks and chin.


Can anyone suggest a skin care routine for skin like mine? 

Re: New Skin Routine

I'm so sorry you have been having trouble with acne lately, it is a tough problem to deal with. I am 23 and didn't have any acne troubles until I was in my 20's, and I just recently realized that "waiting it out" wasn't going to resolve them so I did a lot of research to find what would be best for my skin. 

Drunk Elephant and Belief are both amazing products for moisturizing dry skin, but my favorite is the Drunk Elephant Retro Whipped Moisturizer! I have terribly dry skin on my forehead and I have such a hard time with foundation not flaking off. This moisturizer is a game changer! I didn't want to like it because of the price, but I won't lie- it is the best. It instantly quenched my skin and I had a smaller "travel sized" jar of it and it lasted so long for me! I used this and its perfectly complemented my skin with the Drunk Elephant Framboos Night Serum and the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil.

I have dry skin on my forehead but I have VERY acne prone skin that gets oily everywhere else on my skin- specifically my chin and lower cheeks/jaw area- and these products have changed my skin game and confidence forever! I have never felt comfortable with my skin until these products came into my life! Try to use the "NightBright Duo"- it is $28 dollars and lasts me for over month and you don't have to commit to such an expensive product until you know it will pay off.


I started using this product the same week of my sister's wedding because I didn't want acne all over my face in photos that were going to be looked at forever, and I'm not kidding- the redness had nearly disappeared within 3 days. I was confident for the first time in so long! I had people complimenting my skin and telling me I was so beautiful I didn't need makeup, and all I had on was a tinted moisturizer.


With all of that in mind, what has worked best for me is limiting the amount of products I use on my face. It is so easy to get hooked on products that are supposed to help, but I use a gentle cleanser on my face- Skin Laundry- and I use that to take off my makeup at the end of the night and then use the LaLa Retro Whipped Moisturizer on my face or with the Virgin Marula oil and the Night Serum and that is it. I breakout most when I am layering products and not letting my skin breathe.

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