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I am new to skincare. I got a few products about almost 2 weeks ago and they have worked fairly good for me. I also started integrating retinol cream into my skincare routine, my skin started "purging" as it was peeling in some parts and I got 1 or 2 small zits. It did not hurt so I googled it and google seemed to say it was purging due to my new skincare routine and retinol. Eventually, it went away. 


The problem was when I used one of my samples I got from the rewards bazaar. I got the DRUNK ELEPHANT Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser and used it one night to remove my makeup and then used my cleanser after to take off the rest of my makeup. I did not feel any irritation of any kind that night. In the morning, I used my cleanser and realized I was peeling around my eye area. When I went to put on my toner and moisturizer, my face was stinging and red. It stopped shortly after once the moisturizer settled in. When I put on concealer, it was stinging again. I was not sure if it was normal or what the cause was since I did not think the melting butter cleanser would be harsh to my skin. Later that night, I used it again to take off my makeup, when i used my cleanser and moisturizer after, it started stinging again and my face was red when I washed the melting butter cleanser off. I realized it might be that product causing irritation to my skin. I googled skin irritation and assumed I could maybe be having an allergy to the product so I proceeded to wash my face with cold water and leave it without putting anything on it to avoid irritating my skin further. 


Today, my skin feels dry and sensitive. I used a soap on my face that is hypoallergenic and it did not sting. I also proceeded to use a moisturizer also for sensitive skin that is hypoallergenic and my face felt okay. 


Any tips on what I should avoid or what I can do to help my skin heal and go back to normal? 


How long will this last? 


Re: Help

@paulaj99 HI there - when you first start a new skincare routine, be careful not to over due the treatment process.  This will for sure cause irritation and also be difficult to put your finger on what actually is the cause.  Take your time when introducing your skin to new active products, such as retinol and other chemical agents that have a high and more aggressive performance.  You were right to stop using those combinations of cleansers, allowing your skin to calm down.  Only use 2-3 products on your skin for now, cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer and save the retinol for only 1-2 nights a week, do not use around the eye area unless it specifies safe to use on that delicate area.  Also, using toner  sparingly as this can cause dryness when using retinol in conjunction.


Take your time, don't use everything at once, your skin will freak out and you could cause more problems for yourself it you are not careful.  If you are looking for specific results i suggest consulting a dermatologist for an expert skin analysis.


Best to you!

Re: Help

Thank you so much for the advice! I will try to ease back into my routine when my skin feels a bit better.


Any tips on healing irritated and stinging sensation on skin? 


Re: Help

Great advice! I'm a bit of a skincare junkie and I get really excited when I have new products to try. This was a great reminder to slow down and not over-do it. 

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