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Skin care

Pilling when using skincare

I keep having problems with pilling with my skin care and make up, but with dry skin and clean buying, i have limited options.


i use a limited amount of products including the ordinary, caudalie, tower 28, etc. I really like all these products but I have a problem with layering them, as it creates pilling and is a little bit frustrating especially when doing my makeup in the morning. I also have really dry skin so I use a lot of lotion but that’s usually last in my routine so I don’t think that affects it. What should I do? Is there any tips or tricks?


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Re: Skin care

Hi @MistyGraves51 What’s your full routine like? For skincare, you generally want to go from thinnest to thickest consistency. Whatever product you used last in your skincare routine is the first thing that your makeup will come into contact with. You mentioned you use lotion last, so that might be the culprit.


Also, certain types of makeup don’t play nicely with others. Specifically, water based foundations/concealer and silicone based ones. Their chemistries are just not compatible with each other and won’t mix, causing the pilling issue.


Finally, some formulations of makeup won’t play nicely with certain skin types. Aim for makeup that is formulated for your skin type. Something meant for people with oily skin would be too drying for someone with dry skin.

Re: Skin care

Thank you for your response! I found it super helpful. Being a teenager exploring skincare and makeup can be extremely confusing, so your response made me feel a lot better! 

the specific products I use are Paula’s choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant, Cuadalie lotion purifying toner, skin perfecting serum, and Radiance serum, tower 28 facial spray, and biweekly the ordinary niacinamide 10% zinc 1% and salicylic acid 2%
everything is used in the order but cleanser and moisturizer are both cerave extra dry skin products, also sunscreen in the morning Ofc!


makeup I use are elf putty primer, charlotte tilsbury flawless filter, merit concealer and foundation, charlotte tilsbury bronze and highlight, milk bronzer, rare beauty blush, and tower 28 mascara,


thanks again for the help! Today I used my products in thinnest to thickest order and tried to use less, I’m not sure what to do with my lotion though, as if I don’t wear it I wake up with painfully dry skin. 

one more thank you for taking your time to respond and making my life a little better!

Re: Skin care

@MistyGraves51 Definitely Skincare > Makeup, never skip your lotion/moisturizer! I have dry skin and I know the feeling all too well. Here’s a couple of things you can try. 

Give yourself a bit of time between the end of your skincare routine and the start of your makeup routine so your skin has time to absorb those products. I usually move onto another step of getting ready like my hair or dealing with my eczema before starting any makeup. This way, I can give my skin a break without wasting time. 

Some people say primer isn’t necessary and that good skincare is already priming the skin. You could try to skip your primer and see if that helps. 


You can also try to narrow down the offenders by patch testing a pair of products on your arm and observing how they react with each other. Keep trying different pairings until you find the ones that don’t get a long. Pull them one of them of your routine and see how it goes.

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