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The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Unless I’m mistaken, we don’t yet have a thread dedicated to this amazing brand and Founder/CEO, Danessa Myricks. She launched her line at Sephora in February 2021. I have been so impressed with everything I’ve tried from her brand! I have been following her on Instagram for many years prior to that and was so excited for her to come to my favorite beauty retailer, Sephora. As a makeup artist, she always seems so genuine, warm and positive, and her line was founded on inclusivity and creativity.


On her website, she has instructional videos, some free and some for subscribers or purchase. She does incredible looks with color, but I’ve always been impressed with her complexion looks on all skin colors, tones, and textures. I started following her when I was working part time as a makeup artist at Sephora and I wanted to become more familiar with makeup colors on darker skin tones.


My first purchases from her line were the Colorfix pigments, which can be used anywhere, can be mixed together, and are incredibly versatile. They come in mattes and shimmers/foils in a massive range of colors. Most recently I have absolutely fallen in love with herDanessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments . It is a phenomenally stunning palette with shades that are guaranteed to turn heads!


Even though I’ve even on a foundation no buy, I couldn’t resist her Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Serum Foundationand Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide .


I’ve added a pic of my current DM collection below. I’m missing a couple items from this pic, so I’ll update once I have everything together. 


So, please join me in sharing your loves and observations and pics from this great beauty line! Please post here and tag me if you catch announcements of any beauty releases or other news!


DM Sephora Brand Page:



From the DM Website:





Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

That is so neat! You are very skilled. @sister13 🫶

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Awww, thanks! @peculiarzmakeup 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I really love your eye makeup 🙂 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you so much, I had fun with this look and this palette made it super easy! @Viviolay 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

*Squeeeeee!!* I love your rainbow look @sister13 🤩🤩

They sent you a beautiful PR package! The fan is such a keepsake. 🎁 🌈


Aaah I know, the design is very busy but I agree, for the price you really do get alot to play with. I think I'll use the colors in the middle carefully so I don't waste them. More small, it's like they are more precious. 💞

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you so much! The fan will definitely come in handy for hot flashes, lol! @CynthieLu 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

It's arrived! 🌠 

Danessa Myricks Beauty Love is Love All Over Face Palette 


And the reviews are right, The middle eyeshadow pans are *quite* small. 

I was disappointed, I really didn't think they'd be that tiny. INGL, but swatching them cheered me up a bit, small but they are very beautiful. 🌈 



It's cloudy today, the best light I have is overcast clouds from my window. I imagine in sunlight they look fabulous, but we're not seeing the sun here today. 🌧️ 

I shared some swatches of everything in the swatches thread 🧵 THE SWATCH REQUEST THREAD ! 


Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Love these swatches, they all look beautiful on you ❤️ I appreciate you sharing them @CynthieLu 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Beautiful swatches but it’s too bad the colors are too small, @CynthieLu!

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you @curlychiquita They are just smaller than I imagined they would be. I'm ok with it, they really are stunning. I can see myself having fun with playing with these colors. 😊

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Enjoy your new palette, @CynthieLu ! 🌈

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you kindly @Titian06 💜

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Cross posting from Deals Too Good to Pass Up 2024. Danessa Myricks direct is having a Memorial Day sale of 30% off using code EARLY30. Free shipping with $50.00 purchase. Sale ends 5/28/2024. Sale includes Danessa Myricks Beauty Love is Love All Over Face Palette . Exclusions apply.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oooh thank you for the heads up @Loretta55 💜💜 Are you doing some sale shopping? 😉

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I’m trying hard to stick with my no buy at the moment @CynthieLu. Too bad you can’t take advantage of this sale.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Danessa Myricks Beauty Love is Love All Over Face Palette is live! 

So much hate for the layout, lol. I admit it’s annoying, but I’ll pick this one up. Some of the looks I’ve seen are so pretty!

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread


All the MyKitCo sets are available on the DM website. I wish she sold some individually! I just want that slanted dense brush.




Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@makeitup305and @WinglessOne , heh, I double and tripled checked the IG story to see what brushes were demo'ed and any mention of individuals being release.  The fact the brushes weren't separately listed, the way they were talking about the makeup show, just showing the box as well as teasing winning a set during the live kinda made me feel that wasn't happening.   Or, at least that is what I told myself as my excuse to get a set 😂 . Also, it was a MD's present to myself.


However, I was surprised to see 5 different versions though, so maybe if they do well, they'll sell them individually.  That or maybe DM attack them to your cause.


I originally was going to get the starter and the detail set, but then there's a lack of shapes in face brushes, and a redundancy IMO in eye brushes, in particular the brow and small brushes.  I ended up with face, and if there's any standouts, I would love totally use that as an excuse to get backups.



Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@danielledanielle I usually don't mind the redundancy, especially in eye brushes, but I get what you mean. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on your set.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@makeitup305  Yeah, I was also hoping some would be sold individually. Since they’re all in sets, it’s easier for me to pass on them and stick to my “nope, don’t buy lots of new brushes” low-buy. 😅

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@WinglessOne same. I think the sets are reasonably priced and seem good quality. The shapes are really functional, too, unlike many cheap sets. If I didn't have so many brushes already, I would more than likely pick up one. Who knows, I might cave at some point still 😅

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  • Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Liners
  • I lightly finger-diffused the left end of each swatch.
  • 1 Inglot cream shadow and 2 Danessa Myricks cream highlighters.
  • hauls2022-April-13-eyelinerswatch.jpeg
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork vol. III Mini. Couldn’t catch the duochrome shift on some of these swatches very well in my bathroom lighting.
  • faves-2022-Aug-eyeswatch.jpeg
  • The aqua chrome shades will take some playing around to figure out.
  • 73954D0E-983E-426C-BDDF-C584B59001D5.jpeg
  • 82D54881-2B3B-440A-8EC8-983369DE7C75.jpeg
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