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The Besame Cosmetics Thread

besame logo.JPG

A brand dedicated to news and reviews on products from Besame Cosmetics!


Coming soon:

Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon x Besame

besame x mermaid lagoon.jpg

50's inspired - looks like a clear lip balm or opalescent topper? And perhaps another red balm. Potentially two seashell compacts (one gold, one pearl). And one colourful palette. 


Sneak Peek:

besame x mermaid lagoon 1.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 2.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 3.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 4.JPGbesame x mermaid lagoon 5.JPG


Previously released:

Snow White 

Agent Carter

Marvel Infinity War


Besame Lipsticks - swatches


An older thread where some posters have very helpfully posted swatches and comparisons of different products:



Snow White x Disney collection 



Details of the Collection:

besame x snow white 1.JPGbesame x snow white 2.JPGbesame x snow white 3.JPGbesame x snow white 4.JPG


Other photos of the collection:

Trendmood1 Post Sept 21/17Trendmood1 Post Sept 21/17

Thanks to @Randell for sharing pictures from the Besame Bugle of the collection!

besame bugle snow white.JPGbesame bugle snow white 2.JPG

besame snow white lipsticks.JPGsnow white collection besame.JPG

And more posts/images can be found in this thread:



The Snow White Story Book Palette 



snow white storybook palette.JPG

Besame Snow White storybook palette.JPG






Agent Carter




A tease of information from HelloGiggles article on the collection:

"At Disney’s D23 fan expo, we chatted with Loni Clark, Bésame’s Marketing Director about the upcoming collection. She says we can expect lipsticks, powder, cosmetic bags, eyeshadows, and the brand’s existing 1940s perfume, which is the same fragrance she wore in the show. The collection will launch in November."

besame x agent carter.JPG


Sweet Dreams lipstick (Red Velvet 1946)
Invisible Dusting Powder
Passport eyeshadow palette


Infinity War 

besame x infinity war.JPG


Infinity Stones Rollerball Lip Glosses 
REALITY - a bright red with a red apple flavor
SOUL - a vibrant orange with a mandarin orange flavor
MIND - a sunshine yellow with a juicy peach flavor
TIME - a galactic green with a grapefruit flavor
SPACE - an energized blue with a juicy plum flavor
POWER - a deep purple with a violet flavor

Infinity Stones Eye Shadows 
REALITY - a fiery red
SOUL - a coppery orange
MIND - a gauntlet-like gold
TIME - a galactic green
SPACE - an energized blue
POWER - a deep purplebesame x infinity war shadow swatches.jpg






Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@Kim888 Which two lipsticks do you already have? I thought they were new lipstick shades, but I'd rather be sure I don't get any duplicates!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@lachaton I thought I had read they were going to be portrait pink and dusty rose  but now looking it says they will be 4 new colors. Maybe I just thought they looked the same and assumed. But in that case its exciting  I do really like how the set looks!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I wonder if there's going to be a refill on the compact. It appears it's not one of their original powders. I keep going back and forth on that bag - I wonder if the front is satin....

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Thanks @lachaton! I can't wait to complete my collection! I am hoping Sephora gets the collection!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Update!  Sephora is not getting the Snow White Storybook palette.  Good thing we bought it this morning @lachaton 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.43.37 PM.png

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Thanks for the thread @lachaton! Added it to the list 🙂

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

What list?

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@IciclePop  I keep a list of all brand threads on the Beauty News thread and there's a list of the most popular threads/brand threads on the BIC Navigation thread as well. 🙂

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Oh ok thanks!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Besame has the prettiest packaging. I love the vintage feel and its super good quality. 


I'm sure this was posted in the Fall/Winter upcoming thread but the mini snow white lippie kit they will have looks awesome! Their lipsticks are super nice and creamy!


Image result for besame snow white min lipstick

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

NEED this lipsticks!! I really hope they come to Sephora.

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Those look perfect, hope they come to Sephora 

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