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Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

I’m so thrilled to be starting this thread! I love Jaclyn Hill and have been following her for years now. Her own makeup collection is coming out with a lipstick line to start. It’s nude shades for different skin tones πŸ˜€A3CE1D09-D439-426F-89F1-7BCD2A429525.png


Re: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

Hi all, I’m sure all of you heard the news of the defective lipsticks and the backlash. The Isla I received did not have any of the problems that many reported theirs had. Hopefully it will be remedied and that Jaclyn can turn this around for the sake of her brand and her customers!

RE: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

I’m super excited to try her new lipsticks! I’m ordering one tomorrow! I’ve just recently discovered her and I love her!

Re: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics


Now I don’t know which I like...they look different in every photo! 

RE: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

I’ve never been a fan of JH, but the lipsticks do look REALLY pretty.

Re: RE: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

I'm trying to figure out which one to order lol

Re: Jaclyn Cosmetics

The lipsticks themselves look great, but I really wish that she added at least a few colours that weren't nude (a red, plum, etc). I do like how she was inclusive with her shades with lots of nude shades, suitable for those with lighter and darker skin.The brand + packaging fit her aesthetic very well! 

Re: Jaclyn Cosmetics

Jaclyn loves her nudes lol. She said much more is coming, so I imagine different color lipsticks. I’m hoping for a blinding highlight!

Re: Jaclyn Cosmetics

@twilightnicky I’m going to be ordering some for sure! I think the one I like is called Sophia, the one named after her niece. 

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