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Favourite Sephora Collection Products!

Hi everyone!


In the latest Feedback Wanted: NEW Clean at Sephora Makeup! post, I mentioned how surprised I was at the quality and look of Sephora Collection products. 


Below are the @TeamBIC packages from August July 2020 and Feb 2021:






As I mentioned, I was assuming that because of the generally lower price point, Sephora’s own products might not match the quality of the big brands that it sells in its own stores. 


Well, I was wrong! I have received two gratis hauls from Sephora and their own products actually beat big names because I always find myself going back to them! Surprisingly enough, they have become staples in my beauty routine. I always use the same products in my everyday routine, so to get in my daily lineup is a huge achievement 😂


I’ve since also restocked on some of them, meaning that this will be a  long-term  relationship.


The Double Duty: Sephora Lip Mousses in Red, Orchid, Dahlia and Carnation 

Literally all of the colours are amazing. One of my favourites is SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Liquid Lip Mousse ORCHID, as well as Red, Dahlia and Carnation. I love layering them for an ombre look, and using them double duty on my cheeks! If I had to pick just one desert island beauty product, this would probably be it because I can double-duty it. The application is amazing and the product is long lasting. What really gets me is how natural it looks on your cheeks. I wear blush daily and have tried different power, cream, and hybrid formulas. A lot of blushes just don’t look natural! They’re either super flat or super pigmented and just look like makeup. These literally look natural and authentic and apply so easily. Even the dark shades wear so well and you only need a small amount. If you’re into a very heavy look, you can also build it up. I like to look like I’m blushing and healthy, so I also use it on my nose. You can easily layer a powder blush on top- I love Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Baby-Pink Blush Dandelion. I’ve worn these under my face mask as blush and they last all day even with repeatedly taking it on and off. Btw, they’re made in Italy! The quality is outstanding.




The Skin Saviour: Sephora Sheet Masks 

Sephora makes good quality sheet masks that are typically made in Korea. They include quality ingredients and you see the difference right away. They also don’t cause irritation. I have restocked on these several times, and for cost-effective measures I like buying them in sets or on sale. You can usually find both options on their website With a VIB sale they are even better 😉


The One Minute Makeup: Clean Bouncy Eye Shadow Palette in Monarch 

Love this! I just wear eyeliner and go, but the SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Bouncy Eyeshadow Palette Monarch palette makes eye shadow application  easy . You use your fingers and just use two or three shades. The effect looks like you are ready for a glamorous night out in Dubai or Vegas. No need for a bevy of brushes, makeup tutorials, or shadow tape. The lightest shade makes for an AMAZING highlighter, among the best I’ve ever tried. The effect is blinding, but natural. Most importantly, it doesn’t have that glittery disco ball look some highlighters give you. I have medium skin but I think everyone will love this (or the other shades can also work this way depending on your skin tone). You can dip your brush in the gold shade and apply on top of lipstick for a multi-dimensional effect. I am so happy with this product. It’s a keeper! Also, it’s made in Italy! I am looking forward to trying the new shade in Dragonfly in the future 👀




All the products I mentioned are also Clean products with natural ingredients and no harmful additives. Sephora typically makes their Clean products out of recycled packaging and makes them easy to recycle (no mirrors, etc.). 🌿


I would love to hear your feedback about your favourite Sephora Collection products (gratis or not) as well as if you have any questions for me on how to best use these products!


I can’t wait to try more products and share my thoughts in the future! 💕

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