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Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases


Starting an Estee Lauder thread... :[


I am actually kind of excited about the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder collection.


Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.15.25 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.16.38 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.20.20 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.20.54 AM.png



Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Fans of the VBxEL line, her own line is finally coming 3EE3D7D2-4D05-46D6-8AF9-A395BD640A86.png


Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

I only purchased the bronzer and the highlighter.  I love the highlighter and the bronzer is pretty good, too, I just don't wear a lot of bronzer.  


She better have some amazing packaging though.  And formulas.  I'm unsure her name alone could carry a line the way "kardashian" does.  

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@Mochapj I'm excited b/c I do like her style - I even bought her book "That Extra Half an Inch" and I never go in for stuff like that.  I just wish her line was going to be sold in stores instead of online.  I need to swatch!

Related image

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Nice! I liked different products in her EL collab. Bet this could be very good @Mochapj. You liked different ones also correct? 

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@Sunnysmom I did like some items, like her lipsticks and the eyeshadow singles. But I also found some really lacking, like the powder liner, eye metal pots (mine dried up right away) and the honey face balm.


i am still curious to see what she’ll put out.

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@Mochapj Yes me too. Liked the lipstick and different shadows though inconsistent I felt. Same on the items you didn’t love. I really liked the illuminating balm so I hope she brings that into it as well. Good stuff. 

RE: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Looks like VB is doing a skincare line now; not sure if it will be in collab with EL again

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Ok, so I can't believe I didn't realize this until today. EL Double Wear No longer has SPF 10 in it? When did this happen? I realized that all the bottles I have purchased in the last 1-maybe2 years don't have SPF. I dug through my makeup drawer and found an older bottle that says it has SPF 10 (yes I know, I should have thrown out that old foundation already). Just wondering, does anyone know when this change happened? I usually use Double Wear during the day and Fit Me Matte and Powerless/MUFE Ultra HD at night because I've tried to avoid the "flashback" that I would get when I first started using Double Wear over 10 years ago. And now TODAY I realized that I could have been using my Double Wear foundation in the past year or so since it has no SPF. What's everyone's experience with "flashback" with the formula without SPF? Does it still happen, or is it now "safe" to wear at night? Anyone know why EL made the change?

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Finally! 😄



Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Anyone still on the fence about Modern Mercury? It remains the original release price of $65 usd on net-a-porter 😉

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Same... I was frantic when it sold out before, but its been sitting in my cart at Sephora for weeks! I even have several gift cards.


Is it worth the hoopla? I loved the Spice Girls and especially VB growing up. I was SO disappointed in the Target collection she put out though.

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Swatches of the rest of what I picked up from the VB collection.


(also comparing the Victoria lipstick to the previous 2 nudes)IMG_7646.JPG




Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@Mochapj I fear that Victoria may be too brown for me, but we'll see! How are you liking Burnt Anise and Aura?

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@lachaton here is Victoria on:







It is quite brown. On the lips it reminds me a lot of an old TF shade I love - Coco Ravish.


i really like Burnt Anise - I didn't try these when they were in tubes but the new potted versions are quite moussey and nice to work with. On my skintone BA is not so much a black shimmer as a blue grey, but I've had some fun using it as a base and patting colour over top of it, as well as mixing both shades of eye foil together.


Aura Gloss is my only regret purchase - the few swatches I saw beforehand made it look quite golden but it literally just looks like clear Vaseline sheen on my skintone 😞 

Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Wearing some of the new EL x VB today - Saphir & Vanille eyeliner (Saphir is a very, very deep navy - close to black), Blonde Mink Cheek Cream, and Burnished Rose lipstick.


I've received almost all of the items I ordered from the collection and I have to say, so far I'm less impressed with this collection than the last one. But there are still a few good pieces in this one.



Re: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

I'm not sure if I was the only one waiting for this but the Modern Mercury Highlight is now available on the US site.

RE: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

Noticed that 90% of the collection is now up at the Bay online. Only the Black Cassis lipstick out of the 3 - not sure if I missed the others or not.

RE: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

My small haul: cheek creme in blonde mink, graphite matte smudgy eyeliner and blonde gold eye metal

Re: RE: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@Mochapj How are you liking the blonde gold eye metal? I am contemplating ordering it but haven't seen any reviews on it or decent looking swatches. Let me know 😬

Re: RE: Estee Lauder Thread / New Releases

@gonerogue I'm about 50/50 on it.


the shade is pretty but I find it a lot firmer and drier than last years eye metals (which I really enjoyed) I found with Blonde Gold I *had* to apply it with my finger because I couldn't get any brushes (natural or synthetic) to pick up much of anything from the pan.


here is a look I did with it. It's not super pigmented but has a warm creamy pearl sheen to it. 






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