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Cover Fx Love!

cover fx.jpg

So I tried to look for but did not find a thread dedicated to Cover FX.


Anyone on here love this brand? I feel like this brand is not talked about much but has some real gems, and the products are supposedly good for you, or at least sensitive-skin friendly. 


Since so many other brands have a thread dedicated to them, I figured I'd make one for Cove FX. =)


I personally love the Illuminating Powder: I've had the smaller size for forever and it's still going strong. I know a lot of you love the illuminating drops.



RE: Cover Fx Love!

Cover FX is one of the only brands that matches my exact skin color and addresses my issues of having acne prone, sensitive skin. Love that’s its vegan, breathable but still provides full coverage! Before using this brand I had to chose between full coverage or healthy but with them I can have it all. My hyper-pigmentation appreciates this! I wish more people knew how great this line is. Such an underrated brand!

Re: RE: Cover Fx Love!

Hi, @TheAndiShow!  I read your post about Cover FX foundation.  Do you still wear this brand?  Your post doesn't say if you use the cream or the liquid(?) in the tube.  I've always used a liquid foundation, but am curious about using a cream.  Either way, according to the Color IQ, I would be around an N20 in both.  Any comments you'd like to share regardless of the version you use?  Thanks!  Smiley Happy

Re: Cover Fx Love!

I know some of you ladies were wondering where this product went. It is on sale on CoverFx Direct!18871276_10155105242736999_668976179_n.jpg

Re: Cover Fx Love!

ATTN: Cover FX Fans in the LA Area!


There's an interactive event on 5/19 from 11am-5pm. The actual workshop is 2 hours long, but you can pick a time slot from 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm and 3pm-5pm.


Anyone going? My friend and I will be there, but I would have preferred that it was on the weekend. I'm not sure why they picked a Friday TBH.


It should be fun though!


You can buy the tickets through Gilt City at $30 each: giltDOTcom/city/los-angeles/offer/coverfxlamay17

If you're new, you can use code "WELCOME20" to get 20% off. The code "FBCITY30" might work for existing users, but it has to be assigned to your account. I tried "FBCITY30" and it didn't work for me. 



Re: Cover Fx Love!

I hear so many people talking about the cover fx bronxers, specifically in "suntan" but they seem to be OOS everywhere and have been for some time now. Does anyone know what's happening with them by chance? Hope they're not getting discontinued.



Love the talc free loose setting powder Smiley Happy

Re: Cover Fx Love!

This might be a dumb question, but how do I remove both sticks from the CoverFX click stick? I can only seem to remove one at a time.

Re: Cover Fx Love!

New primer!IMG_0318.JPG

Re: Cover Fx Love!

Direct! If you dont have an account let me know so I can give you a referral! They have a cash back for points program. =)coverfx.jpg

Re: Cover Fx Love!

Hi Maria,

I am interested in joining Cover FX reward program. Can you send me a link so we both can receive points?



Re: Cover Fx Love!

I recently went back to use my Cover FX custom cover drops and noticed that they had dried out. When I say they dried out, what I mean is that they are no longer a thin liquidy consistency which is compatible with the dropper, but rather the consistency of a thick liquid foundation. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how did you remedy it? 

Re: Cover Fx Love!

Ugh this happens to me with every bottle. The last time I opened a new Custom Cover bottle (which had the proper liquidy consistency), I transferred a small about to an eye dropper bottle so that I could use that instead of opening and closing the big bottle daily, hoping that would prevent it from drying out. No dice: the big bottle was still much drier when I went to refill my dropper bottle after a couple of months. Smiley Sad


What I did was pipe some serum (just a Hyaluronic Acid serum I had) into the big bottle, and shake it around. This helps loosen it some, but not all the way back to its original consistency. (Makes sense, as the serum I used was thicker than the initial consistency to begin with.) It does help me get it out of the bottle more easily though.


I've heard you can just add some saline solution or other makeup mixer in to thin it out, but I haven't tried.


I LOVE the Custom Cover Drops and wish this didn't happen. It still works well as a foundation, but I can't help feeling like the end result is a bit cakier and less skin-like after it thickens. (May be psychological though.) It's almost a deal-breaker for me. Smiley Sad

Re: Cover Fx Love!

I happened to be by a Sephora on Friday (which doesn't happen as much as I would like), so I had an SA make me a sample of halo. (I really wanted to see if it worked for me or not prior to the 15% off sale.)


I'm going to try it mixed with sunscreen today, and report back. Should I try it all-over first, or should I try celestial mixed with sunscreen on one side, and halo mixed with sunscreen on the other side to compare the two side-by-side?

Re: Cover Fx Love!

If you're not going out Id say try both! Mostly because I am curious about how they compare =)

Re: Cover Fx Love!

@Maria88 I actually didn't notice too much of a difference with halo applied to one side, and celestial applied to the other. 


Halo does seem a bit runnier. I think I am okay just to own celestial. They look too similar on me (mixed with sunscreen and under matte foundation and powder) to warrant purchasing halo, as well. 

Re: Cover Fx Love!

I tried the halo only all-over (mixed with sunscreen). In some different lights, there was a bit of a more bluish cast than when I wear celestial. 


I only have one class tomorrow, so I will see about applying each to one half of my face. I don't really mind if there's a slight difference. (Probably no one will notice, or else they are looking at my face too closely. Smiley Tongue)

Re: Cover Fx Love!

if anyone could swatch holo mixed with a semi-matte or matte foundation, i'd SO appreciate it! 

Re: Cover Fx Love!

@unfungirl I didn't forget you!


Hopefully you can see - I can't get great light - This is EL Double Wear with Halo on my arm:


Re: Cover Fx Love!

@Tamara76 I was wondering what double wear would look like mixed with Halo since I just bought Halo. Thanks for the picture. Smiley Very Happy


Re: Cover Fx Love!

You are very welcome!  I hope you love Halo, too! ❤️  @MariekeBT

Re: Cover Fx Love!

@Tamara76 When you mix it in with your foundation, can you tell if there's a shift? As in, if I apply it to my face with my foundation, will I look like I am turning into Violet after she ate the gum?

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