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❤️Becca thread

I have seen lots of new threads pop up devoted to specific brands and thought I would get some other opinions and ideas about the best of becca.  


I just in the last year have really fallen in love with this brand. We newest favs are backlight priming filter and blush in flowerchild. I feel like shimmering skin perfector is a must have for every makeup lover. I love using the backlight targeted colour corrector on my dark under eye circles.


what are your favorites? Liptuitive glossLiptuitive glossOcean jewels eye paletteOcean jewels eye paletteOcean jewels highlighter paletteOcean jewels highlighter palette


Re: ❤️Becca thread

Becca will be closing in September...


Re: ❤️Becca thread

@GG84  This is such sad news. I have loved this brand for quite a while. There primer, highlighters and under eye brightener are my go to’s. I loved the brand before Estée Lauder bought them and Kerri Cole left the brand. 😞

Re: ❤️Becca thread

@GG84  this is so sad!!! Theres some great products that will be missed 😞

Re: ❤️Becca thread

Whoa what? Did I miss this from before @GG84 , or is this new news? 

Re: ❤️Becca thread

@Sunnysmom sadly it is news from today or yesterday I think 😞

I gotta get some more lipsticks. Or then again maybe I should wait for it to show up at the CCO.

Re: ❤️Becca thread

Ahh shoot @ChristalM , I saw it on the other thread after this also. Such a bummer. I Ike the lipsticks too. 😕

Anonymous Insider

Re: ❤️Becca thread


Re: ❤️Becca thread

I just bought BECCA Cosmetics Light Shifter Dewing Tint Tinted Moisturizer Orbit 2 and 2.5 and wow I am so impressed!! Tinted moisturizers are always my favorite and this one with the bit of glow to them is so amazing. It’s not sticky at all, not too much coverage and not too little either. Perfect on it’s own or to mix. I added new Saie Sunvisor Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 35 to get the SPF and it’s perfect with it also. Hours later the illumination is still there with no heavy feel. Have always loved the other Becca products but this is the best. Call me impressed, loving it! Great for those of us who don’t love even medium coverage anything. 🙂

@itsfi @Ispend2much6 you guys may like it if enough coverage , not sure 😊

Re: ❤️Becca thread

@Sunnysmom That's some high praise! Does it happen to have the sunscreen scent that most of Becca's foundations have? Thanks for the tag. Oh and when you say glow is it shiny at all?

Re: ❤️Becca thread

It does not @Ispend2much6. , wait do you mean Saie or Becca. Well, I guess Saie is a teeny bit shiny but I think only in very subtle way , maybe you wouldn’t agree, don’t  know your threshold lol. Becca is more but also in same way of illuminating vs shiny if that makes sense. Both dry down. Neither have big SPF smell no. Not like Supergoop. I don’t have any Becca foundations so can’t reference that. They both a very very small scent but I don’t know what it is. I wouldn’t call it the same as other SPFs or Supergoop. Not sure if helpful !😖 Saie SunvisorSaie SunvisorBecca 2.0. 2.5, Saie SunvisorBecca 2.0. 2.5, Saie Sunvisor

Single hand is Saie Sunvisor dried down, arm left to right is Becca 2, 2.5, and Saie Sunvisor. 

Re: ❤️Becca thread

@Sunnysmom   They're both really pretty- thanks!

Re: ❤️Becca thread

@Sunnysmom, I was just looking at the Saie Sunvisor Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 35 this morning! Will be picking that up soon and will take a look at the Becca - the coverage and feel sound great! Thanks so much for the tag! 🤗

Re: ❤️Becca thread

Very cool products @itsfi😊

Re: ❤️Becca thread





Re: ❤️Becca thread





First thoughts, it makes me think of the light chaser hig...

First thoughts, it makes me think of the light chaser highlighters but more pigmented. Can't wait to see a swatch @SportyGirly125

Re: ❤️Becca thread





RE: Re: ❤️Becca thread

These look so pretty @SportyGirly125!

Re: ❤️Becca thread

More pretty Becca newness coming.

@Ispend2much6 @blackkitty2014 



Re: ❤️Becca thread

@Sunnysmom ,

Uh, oh!  More bad news for my wallet!  Sigh.  Becca Shimmering Eyeshadows.

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