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split ends right after trim

I have medium thick wavy black hair past my chest.. it is very healthy but i have split ends everywhere that are in different lengths, some near my ears, some at the tips, etc. i just got it trimmed two days ago, and took off about 3 inches, and afterwards saw no split ends. however, two days later, today, i have so many again. within those two days i did flat iron it once and forgot to use a heat protectant.


could that really cause split ends so fast? what do i do now? i went through my hair for about half an hour and cut out as many split ends as i could see. however , i know my hair is greatly uneven now since some split ends were high up, and my hair is all layered to begin with. should i get it trimmed once again from the hair dresser so that it is a proper length? do hair protectants prevent split ends or just make them look better? please help


and here is another question, it might sound beyond idiotic. here is my theory.. if hair grows 1-1.5 inches a month from the top of the scalp... and if i trim it every two months, possibly in about  a year or so all my split ends will have been removed, as long as i work hard to not create new ones? 


i know how to prevent them and i do take pretty good care of my hair. i oil it 2-3 times a month, i flat iron it  with heat protectant every other day, i wash it every other day,  i use no other products in my hair. my hair is really healthy, but it just has so many split ends,

Re: split ends right after trim

Sorry - I didn't read all the replies because I am on my way - but had to respond to this. Forgive me if someone already pointed this out --- I was told by my hairdresser friend that the cause of split ends showing quickly after fresh trim - is due to the hairdresser using dull scissors. She told me, "dull scissors will tear the hair causing it to split at the ends and giving the hair a burned look." 

Re: split ends right after trim

In addition to everyone else's recommendations, including limiting chemical treatments of your hair, I highly recommend regular trims. I have thick, medium-curly hair that is very long and has been chemically straightened and dyed. The key I've found is not just getting your hair trimmed, but getting trimmed on a regular basis. I go every five weeks, which I know sounds EVIL to most long-haired mavens, but it'll prevent any split ends from creeping up the hair shaft. The moment a hair splits it's just a matter of time before it travels up and causes the piece to break off at a much shorter length. This is why you always hear that it's a good idea to get frequent cuts even when trying to grow out the length of your hair. I used to be a $20, cheap products, "what is hair protectant?" kind of gal, but have since reformed myself and now I get compliments on my hair all the time and I really attribute most of my success to my frequent trims. You may be cutting more often, but your breakage and split-ends will disappear dramatically, lengthening your hair over all. And try and find a stylist/hairdresser you can go back to again and again. They'll learn what works for your hair, and if you're lucky, even give you better prices for being a regular. And if you dye, ask for a semi or demi-permanent color, instead of a permanent. Same effect, but much gentler on your hair.


Also, I take fish oil (available at most drugstores and supermarkets in the vitamin aisle) to help my hair from the inside. It's also good for your skin and nails!

Re: split ends right after trim

i would recommend useing a heat protectant. i use tresemmes heat protectant and it works fantastically havent had split ends as much as before when i didnt use it.

Re: split ends right after trim

I would have to look at your hair ,but I have a salon apt only for my privet appts love what I do ,24 years and lot of success, So to answer you q many this cause split ends my first job as a stylist is not to give them anything they want most if not all the time they get it but its because they fallow my treatment plain Our stylist should consult with you go over medication ,notice if how you where your hair ponytails,how hot is your iron what kind is it ,spit end is usually cause by the breaking down of the cuticle which is lack of true imposture IM not sure if your hair is course ,fine etc it all plays a part in the shape of the hair where you live what kind of water you use and most of all what products do u use most of the time stylist often proscribe the wrong kind of product, So no you hair will not be spit end free in two years so many thing just like are skin is put through a lot many people don't know light florescent fades hair color pollutants in the air and smoke go into are hair and damage no matter what you do you hair goes through so much each day it not reality you wont have split end so #1 pureology instantaneous in the green bottle get that then fallow up with the whip treatment when using conditioner they lay on the hair got go in to repair molecules that are small enough to repair are needed like phrenology and caviar alterna great they will penetrate and heal the hair,if you are the wrong stuff you are creating a trims can be a inch and if it a good cut with good product you will see the hair get fuller ,healthier.long fast .Heat should never go over 400 use again a good product heat protection every time like from pureology  or alterna then follow up with a weight less leave in at ends and then a weightless serum about 2 in out from the root to create shine and protection and walk with a good hair dresser that healthy hair is more important then giving you anything you may want then you will wait years to see beautiful hair again,good luck IM happy to help any question ,but other stylist might not like it I tell it like it is P.S. wavy hair naturally is courser and it natural to create the spit ends.Also watch the kind of brush you use that will split ends also.happy repair give 3 weeks youll see a change remeber the per purple mask 2 times a week whatever product line you choose.

Re: split ends right after trim

in order to tackle a problem you must first understand exactly what it is


hair is dead once its our of your scalp


it is dead cells made from your body processes just like your nails

anything you do to it is stress


if it is damaged through to the core no matter where you cut it it will be split instantly because what youcant see is that it is hallow on the inside so anywhere you cut it will have no core resulting in a split


now any chemical process will have significant effect on your hair




these are all chemical processes they all alter the state of your hair


there are no ways to "fix" you merely have to "work it"


natural tips are the best because just like anything products have chemicals in them


i use pure coconut oil which you can purchase online i use food grade as i also use it to cook but since its natural you can put it on the entire exterior of your body as well as inside


if you use just a little each day you will see the split ends be tamed by the oil


then just style as desired and know that you might as well make your hair "look " nice


because theres no problem with it ben=ing damaged once its already there if you can style it pretty and "work it"


also apricot oil works well


but please dont glop it on you will look like a greasy girl haha


there is no wrong method when you are content with the outcome

Re: split ends right after trim

anaa is right. Once the hair  is split, it's split. It's like taking pieces of wood that are splintering off the log and glueing them back on.  It doesn't work.  But Tenngal is absolutely right about how good Argan Oil is.  It doesn't heal your split ends but it does make your hair look not frizzy -- which is the look split ends cause.  It is a great product and although it's pricey, you only need a few drops - - it does last a long time.  I absolutely love it!!!   Smiley Wink

Re: split ends right after trim

Do what tenngal said. Trimming won't do anything. If you trim your split ends it won't do anything unless you trim all the way up. I doubt you want to trim your hair up to the ear. So invest in a good product to heal them

Re: split ends right after trim

There isn't a product to repair split ends; once the hair splits there's no going back.  The damage was obviously done with the chemical processing.  The only solution is regular trims and to use product before you use heat appliances to defray further damage.

Re: split ends right after trim

That happened to me a few years ago. It was about three days when I noticed all the split ends. I had more than before I had my hair cut. I stopped in to a different salon on the way home from work and they told me that the last stylist that cut my hair had dull scissors. She re cut my hair and got rid of what she could. My hair was fine after that. 

Re: split ends right after trim

beachgirl43 wrote:

That happened to me a few years ago. It was about three days when I noticed all the split ends. I had more than before I had my hair cut. I stopped in to a different salon on the way home from work and they told me that the last stylist that cut my hair had dull scissors. She re cut my hair and got rid of what she could. My hair was fine after that. 

I agree! I have seen how cutting hair with dull scissors can make the situation worse!

Re: split ends right after trim

I don't think you should keep cutting the split ends or your hair will be very uneven.  You need a product that will help to seal the split ends back together.  There is a great product that is an ultra-light, non-greasy, non-alcoholic formula that penetrates the hair shaft to seal split ends and deliver intense moisture to each layer of the hair strand.  All hair types will instantly look and feel healthier, silkier, and shinier after using this and it's called "Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum" which you can find at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

Re: split ends right after trim

are you dying your hair? that can split ends right away! and did she go thru and trim your layers?

i stopped dying my hair bc i got split ends for the first time ever. and then i got my hair cut, and i havent seen one since!


Re: split ends right after trim

thanks for postingSmiley Happy


the last time i dyed my hair was 3 years ago, and that was probably my second time. however i have gotten many hair treatments in the past. within the last 6 years I have gotten my hair chemically straightened about 5 times, and permed once. i did notice a ton of split ends after the first time i got my hair done. however, with my hair cut all the hairdresser did was cut off a few inches, not go specifically and cut off split ends individually.



Since I am addicted to taking off my split ends, I think I will just go ahead and painstakingly go through my hair bit by bit and snip them off. i just hope it doesn't make my hair look beyond un-even. I would go again and ask her to trim more, but that is such a waste of money if I just got that done this week. I guess I will go get it cut in six weeks, so if it is uneven, she can fix it then lol.

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Re: split ends right after trim

thanks you guys are too awesome. will def check out these products on my next sephora trip

Re: split ends right after trim

any recommendations for drug store products, or under $15 ?

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Re: split ends right after trim

oh and yes she did trim my layers and bangs

Re: split ends right after trim

yes, perming and straightening chemically are quite harsh on the hair.  I have never permed my hair but I have had it straightened a couple of times when I was younger, and yes I did have split end. 

At the present time, I only dye my hair.  No other chemical procedures.  One product I swear by is Phyto 9.  It nourishes and prevents split ends ; use it only on the tips.  It can be used both on dry and wet hair.  I prefer using it on wet.  I have used it for years!  No split ends. 

Also, another great product by Phyto is a hydrating oil that can be mixed with the hair dye.

I hope this will help you

Smiley Happy 

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