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Washing your hair?

Poll time, guys and dolls!


I am curious how often each of you wash your hair.


Also... do you prefer washing it in the am before work, or in the pm before bed?  I am NOT a morning person, so I definitely am an evening hair washer, and do so every 2-3 days, depending on certain factors.


Ok, I want your feedback as well... and, GO!!!

Re: Washing your hair?

I have long, thick, straight hair. I usually sleep with my hair in a bun or french braid to keep tangles at bay. I like to shower in the evening, usually after I work out. I don't like wetting my hair if I'm not going to wash it, so I put it up in a bun & throw a big shower cap on. 

For days I don't wash my hair, I like to style it differently, I can wear it down if I slept with it in a bun, so I get some soft (barely there) waves. Or I wear it in a loose pony, a bun, a side braid.... 

I try to be gentle on my hair, when I wear a pony, it's not tight, so it will fall a bit, but it still looks decent. 

I wash my hair 2x a week max, I try to wash it only once though. 

Re: Washing your hair?

I wash my hair every 2-3 days in the night. Like you, I'm kind of sluggish in the morning and I can't make it out of the door in time if I shower (and I do NOT want to wake up any earlier than I have to)


I used to wash my hair everyday....which was SO bad for it. My hair's pretty thick, but the oil washes right out when I shower. It used to be so dry, had no idea why....I can't believe I didn't think it was because I was showering every single day. I'm glad I switched - I realized that my hair looks so much better on the second/third day!

Re: Washing your hair?

I have an oily scalp and fine hair.  As a result I have to wash mine every morning in the shower, and with a shampoo with sulfates.  I need suds!  If I wash it the night before, it's too greasy to style the next day.  I'm not one of those lucky women who can work out at the gym for 45 minutes, and then spray in some dry shampoo and go about her day.  When I work out, every single strand of my hair is soaking wet, and I have to shampoo again.  So I workout right after waking up so that I only have to do one shampoo a day.  My hair has a lot more body and volume when I wash it within an hour of styling it, and I just use sprays for texture and grip.

Re: Washing your hair?

I have been "no poo" since July 2013 so now I wash my hair every 7-10 days, depending on where I am going, etc. I use dry shampoo around day 4-5 to combat the oil and usually have it pulled back days 6-7! I use BS diluted in water and then ACV diluted in water for "conditioner" and I do that every other time I wash my hair. The week in between, I deep condition my hair with coconut oil overnight so I use an egg yolk, lemon juice and water mixture to wash it out in the morning.

Re: Washing your hair?

My hair doesn't look good if I sleep on it. So I drag myself up about 15 minutes earlier on the days that I wash it. I try to wash it every 3rd day or so. I use a dry shampoo and put it up between washings. I wish I could just wash it at night and have it look ok in the morning. I wish I could just wash it and not dry it and have it ever look ok. I defnitely do not have wash and wear hair. Sometimes in the summer I leave it down and wet until I get to work and then just put it up in a quick twist.

Re: Washing your hair?

I wash mine every 2nd or 3rd day.  My work schedule rotates, and I have to wear put up above my collar (hooray uniforms) so it really doesn't get dirty.  I rotate through a variety of products, including WEN and Aveda.  Since I started using LUSH brown henna I no longer have any real issues with my hair - its nice, clean and shiny without being oily.  I change into my uniform at work and always get compliments from coworkers who haven't seen my hair down before, if they happen to catch sight of it.

Re: Washing your hair?

I wash my hair every day in the morning and usually at night too.  I use Wen cleansing conditioner so it doesn't strip my hair. So...most days is twice a day, but ALWAYS  in the morning!

Re: Washing your hair?

Same as Carrieloulou, usually Sun, Tues, Thurs

Re: Washing your hair?

I was an every other day girl, washing in the mornings, using heat to style.

I've had a new routine for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. I use WEN and have been for a few years...

I'm washing Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings. I air dry for a while with a few velco rollers in problem areas. Then I twist and put up in 2 or 3 loose buns. And sleep on it.  I am really enjoying the process. 

Re: Washing your hair?

My hair is very curly.  Some may think it's gross, but my hair has changed for the better since I started washing it only once a week.  I really don't need more than that because my hair is very dry and doesn't get oily very easily.  I prefer to wash it on the weekend during the day when it has time to air dry completely.  Otherwise, I wash it at night - I'm not a morning shower-er either.  


I clip it up at night to make sure I don't flatten my curls an to keep it off my face - it's quite long.  Oh, and I only comb through it when it is wet. I use a wide-toothed comb and only do it while the conditioner is in. Good luck trying to brush this hair without ending up with a frizz puff!  


I don't straighten my hair often, but when I do, I will use dry shampoo to maximize the blow out for a few days if I start to feel greasy Smiley Happy


Also: frisbee.png

Re: Washing your hair?

I generally wash my hair ( it is down past the back pockets of my jeans...super long some would ) every Sunday,Weds.,and Friday. The other days I always use a dry shampoo to keep it looking nice and smelling great. The reason being is that I do not have oily hair, my hair is on the dry side and I always treat the roots with Dry Bar daily, on days I wash/condition and on days I dry shampoo.

I used to wash it daily, but it took almost 2 hours to wash and condition , then another hour to dry using a diffuser ( which I hate doing because I prefer to dry it naturally.


Just try some different techniques and see wich one works best for you, t takes awhile but ie really worth it.

Re: Washing your hair?

My hair is very long and thick. I strongly prefer to wash it every day, because I don't like having all the pollution all over my face and pillow at night. However, being so long it dries out like crazy if I do. (Even though I rarely use heat.) lately I'm trying to just wear it up as much as possible after the first day so I can wash it every 2-3 days instead, but if I've been around smoke or anything then I'll still wash it!

Re: Washing your hair?

I have fine, short hair. I wash it every day, and use conditioner once a week. About every other day I will use a leave-in spray like Infusium. 

Re: Washing your hair?

I wash my hair every 2-3 days in the morning! But I only use shampoo once a week. Otherwise I just use conditioner. I've also taken to mixing some lemon juice with melted coconut oil and rubbing that into my scalp and leaving it for about an hour or two on weekends. 
I have a dry flaky scalp and am currently trying EVERYTHING to get rid of it Smiley Sad

Re: Washing your hair?

2x a week max! Usually Tuesdays & Fridays. Friday for the weekend, Tuesday to help get me through the week. It does change up a lot, depending on what's going on- if I want to curl my hair on Saturday, then I'll wash it Thursday. If I styled it a lot over the weekend, I'll wash it Sunday night. 

I use dry shampoo during the week to help keep the grease down. 

I only use sulfate-free shampoo, and a purple one once a week to keep my blonde hair looking nice. I find sulfate free shampoos don't do the best job at getting rid of build up, so I do an apple cider vinegar rinse every other week. If my hair's really dry, then I rub some coconut oil into it a few hours before I wash it, and then use apple cider vinegar to help get it out. 

I'm also not a morning person, so I usually wash my hair at night & let it air dry. I sleep with it in a bun or braid, so it doesn't tangle and rip. I hate blow drying, but find a hot air brush helps smooth it out if I need it. Normally I embrace the waves I get from the bun, or I curl it. 

Re: Washing your hair?

Ha! I do the same! Awesome. I only wash my hair max 2x a week, and use dry shampoo too. Though my days are flexible depending on my plans, I usually wash my hair Sun/Thurs.


And I wash my hair in the evening and braid or bun it, then let it go wavy the next day.


I also rinse with apple cider vinegar and use coconut oil once a month. 

Re: Washing your hair?

We have the same wash schedule, hair color, hair texture, and night time bun/braid routine! Smiley Happy


I desperately tired to get the baking soda and apple cider vinegar thing to work for me, but neither did anything for my hair (other than make it limp and smell too strong), but it works wonders on my husband's coarse hair!

Re: Washing your hair?

@Killah, I think I do ACV differently then most, but since you're a rebel you might like my method... I wet my hair, and then squeeze some AVC in my hair (I keep a squeeze bottle of it in the shower) and massage it in, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse, then shampoo. I know most people do it after shampooing, but if I do that, then it dries my hair out. I also think getting the right combo of ACV/water is important too. Some people can only handle 1 part ACV to 10 parts water. I do either 1/2 & 1/2 or 2/3 ACV to 1/3 water. 

Re: Washing your hair?

I try to wash it every 2-3 days. Most of the time I only last 2, but I like to try to make it to 3 days.


I like washing it at night (usually after dinner) and then I let it air dry before I go to bed. I hate blow drying my hair- 1) it is a lot of heat and 2) I am pretty lazy! Lol...

Re: Washing your hair?

I wash every day in the A.M. cause my hair gets nasty quick lol

Re: Washing your hair?

I co-wash my hair ever 4 days-ish but i usually listen to my hair and how it feels
i co-wash my hair in the mornings because i have VERY curly hair so i need to air dry it and if i were to wash it at night the curls would look SOOOO poo haha