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Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Has anyone out there been experience sudden hair loss (or just noticed) from using any olaplex products? Specifically, Olaplex #3?  My hair was gorgeous 6-8 months ago, but after using olaplex shampoo & conditioner and olaplex #3 for a few months, my hair began falling about in groves! I stopped using it many months ago, but my hair is still falling out. I contacted the company, and of course they say their product is not linked to hair loss -- of course they sl say that. Not one other product has ever caused my hair to fall out like olaplex and no other health  conditions nor products can be attributed to my major hair loss. What in the world is in these products?? Can somebody please help or share their experience. Have Mercy! Make it stop! Olaplex, I am so mad at you! I wish somebody could get to the bottom of this! I urge you to be careful with these products. I know they've been hyped, but I know this is not just me and I hope to get to the bottom of this or at least find something to grow my hair back. It has been a nightmare!!

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Oh my god!!! I have recently in the last two weeks gotten a huge bald spot on the back of my head, I cannot think of any explanation for it whatsoever. No stress, meds, anything like that. Going to doc this week to make sure nothing is wrong with me and if not , I’m wondering if could be the olaplex #3 and 5 I’ve been using religiously. I’ve never experienced hair loss ever in my life but it’s coming out like crazy all over thinning by the day, and the blatant bald spot. It’s insane! If this is from olaplex I’m gonna be PISSED. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

I’ve never had hair loss! I’ve been using olaplex 3 and 8 for almost a year now. Thought I don’t like either of them anyway and won’t repurchase

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

I'm having the exact same issues as all of you after using maybe 5-6 times. Every time I touch my hair, a little clump comes out. I am even losing BABY hairs on my hairline. And don't even get me started on the chunks that fall out in the shower. This is definitely class action lawsuit worthy - I'm in, if you are.


This is from just running my hand across my hairline a couple times (dry). I counted 26 strandsThis is from just running my hand across my hairline a couple times (dry). I counted 26 strands

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Olpaex is poison!!!!!!! I had gorgeous, non processed hair when I started. My stylist encouraged me to buy the entire line since I was on a curly hair journey. She said it would rebuild my bonds from the inside out and improve my curl texture. Wrong!!! It made me develop large bald spots! It turned my hair to straw and 60-70% of my hair snapped off around my ears and shoulders. My long curly hair was gone!!!! Fortunately for me it’s been so long since I fully stopped olaplex. I lost most of my hair but it’s finally going back to normal. I’m no longer shedding but I still have bad spots. I also got multiple opinions and blood work to rule out health issues. Im

perfectly healthy. Olpaex was the only thing I did differently 


and before anyone says I overused olaplex and caused the damage because I didn’t follow directions. Anyone with curly hair, knows we do NOT wash out curls everyday. In fact, with curly hair you’re only supposed to wash 2-3 times a week. So no, I did not overload protein ,and no I wasn’t negligent but not following directions. Even using olaplex less than recommended causes severe damage. Also. It’s not the protein. I used  AphOgee protein treatments consistently since I was a pre teen. That’s over 20 years. And I never had any issues. The issues I’ve faced and this crazy hair loss only started when I switched to olaplex 


Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Aloha, Your hair is healing? Does that mean there is hope? It's so sad.. 😞  

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

This is all olpaex shed!!!!! From

one wash day . 


Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

My hair clumps look similar. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Yup, same here; clumps of hair! I thought, at first, my damaged "bad" hair was shedding--and that this was a good, normal thing— I should mention, it was only with the shampoo, which Sephora allowed me to return.

My hair stylist loves the No 6--but there are so many products with confusing similarities NO5, NO6, NO8 --wth? ( Bond moisture, Bond maintain Bond conditioner. Jeez)


Anyway, now I shampoo with K18—but do NOT try the prep—it is worse than Olaplex shampoo! And I do not even know if K18 is doing anything; maybe it’s an Emperor’s New Clothes scenario?


Now, it’s QURE’s* It’s like, you cannot live without it, you know?

I purchased one—and injured my retina. The ophthalmologist is discussing laser treatment.

*In the QURE manual it reads, “do not use if you are photosensitive,” which is telling; it is NOT the safe product (paid) influencers are touting it to be…

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

My sister bought me olaplex for my birthday and I used it as directed. I lost a ton of hair every time I used it! My hair was coming out nearly in handfulls and was super thin. at first I thought maybe this is how it gets rid of split ends, it sheds them? My sister said it shouldn’t be happening. I’ve since thrown the product out and started using a different salon grade shampoo and I don’t lose nearly as much hair in the shower. I wouldn’t recommend this product. 

#Olaplex No. 3 and 4

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Please get ahold of me I'm gonna try to go after olaplex for the damage done this is false advertising and hurting alot of women

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Hi, yes hair loss, breakage and shedding major thinning.  Unbelievable and very upsetting. These products were highly recommended to me so it took me awhile to figure out the cause.  Several test done all normal. Horrible products 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

I am so glad I found this.  I've been using Olaplex for about 6 months and noticed about two weeks ago that the hair at the top of my head (which has always been thin) was noticeably thinner and Olaplex is the only thing I  have done differently.  I got all of my hair chopped off and am now using Vegamour to help grow my hair back thicker.  We shall see...

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Try JVN hair damage control, new brand and low how it revitalized my hair. Available at Sephora.

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Omg this product has totally thinned my hair!  I’m  just devastated by this! I have always had thick beautiful long hair and now after two months of using this product my hair is thin and baby fine! I am sending back, and desperately hoping that my hair will stop falling out! How can they do this to us?!?

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Stop using ALL conditioners and ALL other products besides shampoo and your hair will eventually grow back. At 52 my hair was thinning so much over the last decade but about 6 years ago it was just falling out in clumps. I had super thick hair all my life so losing more than half of it was devastating. But quite by accident I discovered how much better my hair was after using some harsher shampoos (due to a potential lice issue). When I saw how healthy and shiny it looked after stripping years of too much conditioner, I was amazed. Sine then I only use shampoo and then blowing it dry, never air dry and I never need any oils or styling creams and it looks amazing. My hair now looks as thick and shiny as it did in my 20's and I haven't used any conditioner on my hair in over 6 years. You will think your hair won't be able to be brushed or dried right but just start at the bottom and then blow it dry completely and you'll see the difference right away. Good luck and I hope you listen to my advice because I am convinced all theses conditioners and products have some chemical that is ruining women's hair from all age groups. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Hi there, your post fascinates me. I have color- and chemically treated hair (I dye grays as well as do blonde highlights). I also have kinky frizzy curls and my hair has been such a challenge as I age. It is SO dry, and it's hard to imagine dropping conditioner. But what you say really makes me wonder. I recently saw an article where a doctor said that people using skin moisturizer of any kind actually triggers skin to stop producing it's own moisture and you dry out even faster over time, especially as you age. I didn't deeply research it, but it seems logical and it seems like it may tie in with what you are saying.


Can you tell me your hair type? What was the adjustment period of you figuring out how to style your hair after going conditioner-free? How many days/weeks did you feel like it was great and you were used to it?


Thank you!



Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Sorry for the delayed response but I am happy to share more. I have super thick, dry and frizzy hair and I never imagined I could go without using conditioner.  After years of using every single brand of conditioner in the drug store and all kinds of higher ends conditioners and yet my hair kept getting dryer. And so once I stripped those layers of conditioner off , which I did by first using apple cider vinegar (because I had young children and it only takes once of getting lice to never want it again) and so when I thought I had it again I was desperate not to have it but I couldn't remember what it was I used so I was just using what I read on the internet. (and it Listerine that gets rid of lice but I didn't have lice again) And so after the apple cider vinegar and I think something else, I then read to use super cheap "laundry detergent" which sounds crazy but that was the last thing I used and again this was just to avert any potential lice threat, and so after using that cheap laundry detergent , my hair felt cleaner and better than it had in years. And I had lost so much of my hair, it was very noticeable and awful, so it just occurred to me that it must be the conditioners weighing down our hair. And so for the next 6 months , I didn't use conditioner at all and after showering , when you hair feels awful, right? without conditioner, but after combing it very carefully and then blowing it dry, there was no doubt that these products were making my hair fall out and break off. So now, 7 years later, I still color my hair but if I even use the conditioner in the store bought dyes, my hair will look awful for months, so you literally have to use ONLY shampoo , and I don't need any of the oils, or styling creme or any of that because the frizz is gone!!! You just have to be religious about no conditioner and trust your hair and treat it as you would a little girls hair. We produce all the oils we need and the less I wash my hair the better it looks. honestly. I wash it maybe 3 times a month max. I hope this helps and don't go off of how your hair feels coming out of the shower, go off how it feels after blowing it dry. It will feel crinkly and awful until it's dry and then you'll see. I hope this helps you. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Yesss! I used it only twice and my hair will not stop falling out. It’s super thick, or I should say WAS, and now I can’t brush, touch, wash or anything without clumps dropping. I want to cry!

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Me too! I have lost a lot of hair using the shampoo and conditioner. Will never use their products again. My hair is so thin!! Had to order Nutrafol to try and help me get my hair growth back. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Has the Nutraful worked? Very expensive. My hair is falling out too after using Olaplex.

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

This has been happening to me too! My husband has been disturbed by it and told me out of concern we need to figure out what's causing this? We have been watching it close for 6 months and my hair is so thin now! Even prenatal vitamins and occasional biotin supplements aren't helping. I am tossing my Olaplex tomorrow, now that I've read all of these comments.


I see you have a Facebook page, so I will join it. We definitely need a class action lawsuit!! Im literally balding.

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