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Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Has anyone out there been experience sudden hair loss (or just noticed) from using any olaplex products? Specifically, Olaplex #3?  My hair was gorgeous 6-8 months ago, but after using olaplex shampoo & conditioner and olaplex #3 for a few months, my hair began falling about in groves! I stopped using it many months ago, but my hair is still falling out. I contacted the company, and of course they say their product is not linked to hair loss -- of course they sl say that. Not one other product has ever caused my hair to fall out like olaplex and no other health  conditions nor products can be attributed to my major hair loss. What in the world is in these products?? Can somebody please help or share their experience. Have Mercy! Make it stop! Olaplex, I am so mad at you! I wish somebody could get to the bottom of this! I urge you to be careful with these products. I know they've been hyped, but I know this is not just me and I hope to get to the bottom of this or at least find something to grow my hair back. It has been a nightmare!!

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

YES! Me too, used 3 times, was the ONLY thing added to my Joico or Oribe hair products!  Mass damage, breakage. Changed the texture completely and NOT in a good way! 


I am trying clear hair glosses and glazes with no peroxcide or processing, to see if I can't strengthen my hair, seems to be helping a little... 


That's some BS Olaplex is not taking responsibility!!! There is story after story, it just does NOT work on everyone's hair as the claim!  I have no idea what's in it? But it does not work with the proteins in everyone's hair. 


I had SUPER strong hair, luckily I have a lot of it so the hair loss is unnoticiable except to my hair brush and the sink. 


Someone needs to start a class action law suit!  They at LEAST need to put warnings on their products. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

I’m so glad I found this community I felt so alone and had a gut feeling this is my cause of hair loss after I started using n-0 on my whole hair scalp and all over my hair… I also used #3 and shampoo. My hair was falling out from the root with about any pulling or anything done to it. I’m now left with little to no hair left and all within months .. I don’t know how I can recover from this I’m getting depressed I had an appointment with my doctor and we tested on my levels … needless to say it all came back normal. 
what other hair products can I use besides olaplex I do not trust it anymore…

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

I’m so sorry to hear that. Same thing with me. It started 3/21 and has yet to recover. It’s stopped falling after about 70% loss.. but I haven’t grew any back. I had a lot to begin with thank God. I am now taking oral minoxidil, topical minoxidil, spirolactone and use no heat what so ever. My hair used to be so strong.. now it has no elasticity at all. Breaks immediately upon stretch. I wish i could give you answers as I know how terrible this is. I’ve been to numerous specialists, had scalp biopsy, every blood test there is.. Twice! Endocrinologist, 2 Rhumatologist’s, 2 dermatologists, primary like 4 times. None of them have an answer to what caused it. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

I have been racking my brain as to why I have lost over half of my hair on my head and Could not figure it out until I came across this thread and another one on Sephora!!!!!


I started using Olaplex about 2 months ago and that is about when the hair started falling out in clumps! In the shower every day, combing my hair, even doing dinner or walking around hair just keeps falling out.


I knew it was nothing hormonal, or sickly, or anything from stress, because it’s not falling out at the root.  I have wisps all over, and half broken hair in the middle of my head….. basically uneven breakage everywhere.


Now I’m so scared with this thread that I’m going to continue to lose hair and don’t know what to do to get it back. I used to have thick long hair my hair is so thin now it’s scary! I don’t know how much thinner my hair can get I’m super concerned.


Has anyone found a shampoo or conditioner or serum that will help bring the hair back? We seriously need to do something about this, this product needs to be taken off the market. For reference I use the shampoo, conditioner, and was using the bonding mixed with the oil for after shower/wash treatment.



Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Hello! I am a professional Hairstylist and I have used Olaplex since day one of coming out! Olaplex is the ONLY shampoo I have used as far as no 4 and 5 when I came out in 2018. Of course since then; I have added the additional styling products. 99 % of my clients use Olaplex also and none of my clients have issues. I assure you that it’s not Olaplex making your hair break off! If you use the black elastics to pull your hair up, this could be an issue. If your heat setting on your flat iron or curling iron is too high, it could cause breakage. I suggest not going above 360°. Are you using a moisturizing conditioner? What meds are you on? There are so many questions to ask as to what could be causing this issue, but please don’t discredit Olaplex without taking into consideration all the factors that could play in this! Feel free to go to the Olaplex website and ask questions also! There are many willing to help. It’s about educating yourself with the what’s and how’s and how tos. 🙂

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

You can be a professional but Olaplex cause hair loss to many of us, and yes is Olaplex. My hair is really strong long and super straight I wash my hair every other day my entire life, and i air dry my hair, no blower no flat iron unless I have an special event. I get my highlights done every two months since 2014 and I have never experienced hair loss until I start using olaplex so yes it cause hair loss maybe not ti your client but to many us are not having the same experience 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

@Combs 99% of your clients use olaplex? Lol I wouldn’t brag about that especially if you color hair.  Just shows you don’t know what you’re doing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Wow, do a google search there is story after story of this happening!  And it happened to me. I use only Joico and Oribe for years, and added only this. Tried it. I used Olaplex 3- 3 times and it ruined my hair!  It's also breaking and the texture is completely different!  It does NOT work with the proteins of everyone's hair. PERIOD!  

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Right because I’m sure the Olaplex website isn’t bias at all. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Hi! I’m going through this too. Have you found any product that helps?

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Try K-pak by Joico and leave it on for some time.  Also I as said you can try a hair glaze or gloss that has no processing. Do a search on the best one.  I would also consult a hair salon that believes you. 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

No, what a bummer! I have been using the whole line for two years straight with no loss. Recently added the oil and mask. I’m sorry this is happening to you!

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

You are not alone this is a huge issue with the brand. You can even go back there’s lots of people that have experienced hair loss with that brand. I haven’t used the brand personally because when I read the ingredients they are advertised as everyday products but they have so much proteins in their products that they are definitely more treatments then everyday products. Too much protein actually makes hair weak and brittle and break or hair loss. I’m not a fan of Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 32 oz/ 946 mL  or any of the line. Did nothing for my hair personally. I highly suggest the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo 16.9 oz/ 500 mL and Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner. no proteins but full of oils and butters instead to replenish your hair. Stick with the hydrating line not the repair hydrating line as that line as proteins. If you did want to try Briogeo then they have a protein free mask Briogeo Superfoods™ Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Hair Mask 8.0 oz/ 240 mL that is pretty good ! Good luck 

Re: Olaplex and Major hair loss!!

Thank you so much for your detailed and informative response!! 


I also have been having luck with Bondi Boost HG Shampoo & Conditioner. I have only been using for about a month, but it makes my hair feel amazing. It cleanes nicely without stripping and the Conditioner is perfect. Hydrates without weighing hair down. I probably should take a closer look at the ingredients, but they looked good and they are definitely amazing on my hair. 


Thanks for your feedback and recommendations. Will also try the Moroccanoil s & c!! 


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