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Olaplex Set or Ouai Gift Set?

Ouai gift set, Olaplex set, both...?

Hi everyone. I have the opportunity to get the Ouai of Life gift set due to my birthday coupon and also saw the new Olaplex Repair set for $35.


I tried to make this collage of my hair but it is impossible to really show how much it has changed and WITHOUT heat damage or excessive coloring because I never wanted to lose my curls.


When I was little, I had really cute curly ringlets. I guess as you grow, hair chances so my curls became a bit looser but it was still curly from the roots. I used to not like curly hair so I would occasionally straight it for important occasions. By around 2015, I bleached half of my hair at a salon. You can see that in the picture it still looks very curly at that time but my roots started to lose curls.

In 2018 I cut my hair to my shoulders and by 2020 it was that long again... but without defined curls and straight roots. Not sure if the haircut messed my hair completely. I barely straightened or diffused my hair at that time, so there wasn't heat damage. I only dyed my hair black once before cutting my hair to my shoulders.


By 2022, I was tired of my lifeless hair and got a curly cut as well as color, but it was not bleached, I think they lifted my color and put in the red but not bleach. This was it would hurt my curl pattern less. In 2023, I would say my hair is still horrible IF I don't do anything to it. You can see that if I go to my hair stylist, get it all shampooed and conditioned and curly styled with gels and diffuser, it looks nice. But most of the time it's stringy because it's thin, with no really definition, and just... boring and lifeless. I quite frankly don't know what happened to my hair.


My hair stylist says olaplex might help, but I thought that was for really damaged hair and I can't say my hair is extremely damaged from heat or anything like that. I use Ouidad shampoo and conditioner. I detangle my hair and let it air dry, that's all I do. Rarely I use gel or defining creams and then diffuse for a bit.


So all that being said, should I use both of these or just stick to one brand?


I want to repair my curls, I miss having good hair days, I struggle a lot with my hair I think it's ugly and so annoying because I don't understand what it needs.

Re: Olaplex Set or Ouai Gift Set?

Get the Olaplex AND the Ouai sets if you can @yellowlover . I selected the Ouai set for my birthday this year. I've been snagging Olaplex whenever I see it on sale. Ouai's hair products aren't for bond building, but they're good for daily use.


I'll be buying more Ouai for the sale on Friday, but I'll still use Olaplex Nยบ0 and Nยบ3 at least biweekly. 

Re: Olaplex Set or Ouai Gift Set?

Olapex 3 is great bond builder, Ouai is overrated in my opinion, I spent like $75 on the conditioner and did not feel any different than a $20 product, so kind of disappointed. It did smell good though.

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