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My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

My strands look so much less stringy now!My strands look so much less stringy now!Hello to all my curly, wavy, spiral, and other textured hair babes! If you're like me, you've been very curious about "DevaCuts" which are dry haircuts meant to help your natural texture flourish. DevaCurl was kind enough to offer me an appointment (pinch me!) while I was in NY and the timing could not have been better - I hadn't cut my hair in 1.5 years. 
I arrived at the SoHo DevaChan salon and was greeted by my stylist, Susan. We went straight into the consultation and she asked all the right questions to ensure I would love my DevaCut. Susan was a wealth of knowledge and you know I took advantage and asked so. many. questions. After she understood my hair goals (shorter! healthier!), Susan got to snipping my hair while it was still dry - something I hadn't done before. This technique ensures my haircut suits my natural curl patterns, which was a big ah-ha! moment for me. It also explains why my previous cuts looked great after salon blowouts but don't translate when I wear my hair naturally. Susan sectioned my hair, cut about five inches, and then I was off to get washed and styled!
Now onto the product and styling process! 
  1. I headed to get my hair washed with DEVACURL - No-Poo Original Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser which was massaged into my scalp. The peppermint oil in this formula is mesmerizing and reminded me of a spa!
  2. After we washed that out, we used the DEVACURL - One Condition® Original Daily Cream Conditioner all over (my scalp needs all the moisture!) and washed it out
  3. After that it was time to start styling but we kept my hair wet. I repeat, the styling process started with very wet hair! 
  4. First we used DEVACURL - Heaven In Hair® Divine Deep Conditioner for moisture and then added DEVACURL - STYLING CREAM Touchable Curl Definer to prep and define my curls
  5. We spread the product through my hair while wetting it slightly. This is equivalent to styling in the shower, folks! Maybe I'm a newbie but this was revolutionary for me because I am really good at overdoing it with too much product. PRO TIP: feel your hair before you exit the shower - your strands  should feel like a wet noodle that's a little slippery! 
  6. Next I flipped by hair over so it was being styled upside down - I had a towel on my lap and shows to catch the falling water and we used the towel to gently absorb some of the water. Not quite a scrunch with the towel, but almost 🙂 
  7. Still upside down, Susan added a large amount of DEVACURL - ULTRA DEFINING GEL Strong Hold No-Crunch Styler and coated the front and back of my hair while, then gently distributed the remaining gel into my hair
  8. Time to sit right side up! I slowly came up and Susan parted my hair they way I wanted it to dry
  9. Next, she added metal clips to my roots to ensure my hair dried as efficiently as possible and to give my roots some volume 
  10. Finally I sat under the dryer on low heat to get an air dry effect - Susan recommended I let my hair air dry as much as possible since my hair is dry and it will curl better the moisture it can retain
Flip massage scrunch.png


Once my hair was dry, Susan removed the metal clips and immediately told me not to freak out because my hair looked wet. She must have been able to read minds because I was freaking out a little bit.. There have been many mornings where I have globbed on too much gel and been left with crunchy curls so I usually avoid gel entirely! No wet-looking, crunchy mess here because Susan carefully broke up my curls by massaging my hair from the root for volume and then lightly scrunching my curls to break the cast of gel - upside down of course!  Once she was done I was SHOCKED at the results. My hair had never been so curly in my adult life - I had ringlets I hadn't seen since elementary school!
They also left me with a few tips that I think anyone with texture should consider: 
  • No small bristle brushes, brushing with your fingers is best
  • Style your hair while it's still wet... Upside down! 
  • Leave some moisturizing product in and think "wet noodle" when leaving in conditioner
  • Be careful when picking your towel if you let it touch your hair - opt for a microfiber option like the DEVACURL - DEVATOWEL™ Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel
  • Expedite dry time by adding metal clips to your roots
  • Use all the gel! Your hair should look wet once it's dry and you can easily break it up - the ultra-defining gel is a game-changing formula but you need to know how to use it properly
  • After drying, ideally without any heat, break that ultra-defining gel up carefully to avoid wet-looking curls
  • If your hair gets flat during the day just flip your hair and massage your roots for some added volume
  • If you like to refresh your curls with water or find yourself frizzing out midd-day you need DEVACURL - DevaFresh Scalp & Curl Revitalizer - this is world better than wetting my hair in the bathroom or spraying it down with a spray bottle of water! They gifted me travel-friendly minis of all of the products used on me and included this as a bonus. It was full-sized and I consolidated this magical potion into two smaller bottles so I could bring it home with me ❤️
If you are not yet the master of your natural texture you may just need to visit a DevaChan the next time you're in NY or to seek out a DevaCut-certified stylist. They can help you discover the right product and cut for your hair type and texture. This was a game-changing experience and I feel so much more empowered and knowledgeable while styling my hair - I cannot thank @devacurl enough for this life and hair-changing experience! 
DevaCurl Cut Before and After.png
Have any other Community members visited a DevaChan salon or scheduled a DevaCut? I would love to hear about your experience and learn which products you're loving!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

I do have another question @devacurl. By the time that I get to 3 days and beyond my curls start to get frizzy and they begin to lack definition. Should I be using DEVACURL - THE CURL MAKER Curl Boosting Spray Gel? Also that product does feel heavy on my hair.

Any advice that you could give me would be helpful shy of washing my hair again .

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@Loretta55 do you use a DEVACURL - DEVATOWEL™ Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel or an Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban Blush something similar? I find that those really help cut down on drying time. I know Kenra makes a spray that helps cut down on blow dry time.

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

I have tried both of the products that you mentioned @makeitup305. I find that the Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban Blush cuts down on my dry time by about an hour. Unfortunately that still leaves 3 additional hours until my hair is completely dry and that is when the humidity is low. It takes anywhere between 4 to 8 hours for my hair to air dry.

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Oh wow, that's intense! @Loretta55 Maybe try the Kenra spray I mentioned? It's the Platinum Blow-dry Spray- they sell it at Ulta and they have a mini available. It's got fantastic reviews (4.8 >1000 reviews) and it's supposed to cut down blow dry time by 50%. Plus, it's not loaded with alcohol. It does have lot of silicones which is the opposite of Devacurl, so I'm not sure if that's a dealbreaker. 

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

I tried IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray 6.3 oz/ 293 mL @makeitup305 . It did cut down on my dry time but I showed it to my DevaCurl stylist and she pointed out that there was butane amongst the ingredients. I will check out the Kenra spray.

When I do blow dry my hair using a diffuser it takes 10 - 15 minutes for my hair to dry using the lowest possible heat setting.

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@Loretta55 if you lived near me I'd let you have mine! I bought it because of the reviews but then I cut my hair and don't blow dry it often. If you give it a shot, let me now 🙂

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Thank you for the offer @makeitup305. I feel shopped out at the moment with all of the current sales.

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@Loretta55 I feel you. I was really bad last night because of the Beautylish GC event so I'm definitely taking a break from shopping.

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Your hair looks great @KatieBT . I agree that having a DevaCut is life changing. I have been getting DevaCut for 6 years. I need to get a DevaCut every 8 weeks because my hair grows very fast. My hair is very thick and wavy/swavy.

 I found my stylist by searching the DevaCurl website. I was shown the proper placement of products to get the maximum effect. 

The products the I use on a regular basis is Wash Day Wonder for detangling (life changing) . Next I will wash twice with No Poo Cleanser, followed by One Condition washed out in the shower.

First step out of the shower is coating my hair with Leave In Decadence Conditioner. Now for the styling products, I massage Frizz Free Foam on my roots followed by WaveMaker. Afterwards I coat my hair with Ultra Styling Gel. This is all done with my hair upside down.

DEVACURL - Wash Day Wonder™ Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler

DEVACURL - No-Poo Original Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser

DEVACURL - One Condition® Original Daily Cream Conditioner

DEVACURL - Leave-In Decadence™ Ultra Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner


DEVACURL - WAVE MAKER™ Touchable Texture Whip

DEVACURL - ULTRA DEFINING GEL Strong Hold No-Crunch Styler

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@Loretta55 you’re such a pro! We are using a lot of the same products and I love that you do your hair upside down - it ready does make a difference! 

I need to find a local DevaCut Stylist on their site - you’re inspiring me with your every 8-week haircut schedule. I can’t wait a year until my next cut 😄

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Your hair looks gorgeous,  @KatieBT!  I'm glad you love your new haircut!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Thank you so much @curlychiquita - it was so nice to get rid of a few inches of dry, damaged hair. I loved their tips for styling it naturally but I need to make a little more time in the mornings to do my new routine properly. I usually wash my hair at night so don't want to sleep on all that product 😄

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Oh @KatieBT I love it! Your hair looks so cuteeeee, I wish I had beautiful natural curls like yours. This post was so much fun to read 🙂 

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@KatieBT Majorrrrr hair goals over here. Your curly vibes have been inspiring me to test out the wet noodle technique and let my natural hair see the light of day... which is a HUGE change for me. My flat iron has never felt so neglected!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@AlexBT muahahaha it's working!! You'll own your own curly routine in no time - sadly heat tools are especially bad for us wavy/curly hair types 😞 Can't have it all I guess! The wet noodle method will help us have even more beautiful curls - I'm sure of it 😄

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@KatieBT It's been a year since my first DevaCut - happy anniversary to me? Haha!


Anyway, I'm still figuring it all out. Personally I'm not a fan of the dry cut because my hair curls differently every day. So what would curl together one day and get cut would be in different places the next if that makes sense.


When my hair is shorter, it is less curly. When I got my DevaCut it was important for me to cut enough to donate but keep it at least shoulder length. As my hair has grown over the past year I feel the waves/curls have improved.


I wasn't wowed by my DevaCurl experience but I have found some good products during my only DevaCurl year. My favorite products are DEVACURL - SUPERCREAM™ Coconut Curl Styler, DEVACURL - WAVE MAKER™ Touchable Texture Whipand DEVACURL - B'LEAVE-IN™ Miracle Curl Plumper (best for refresh days).


Hair, like skincare and makeup, is so individual. I'm so happy you had an awesome experience!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@ShortErica Ah yes I see what you're saying about your hair curling differently every day. I can definitely relate. The curly struggle is real... Some days my curls are full of moisture and super bouncy and other days they can fall flat in comparison and I feel like a different person. 


I'm glad to hear your liking your curls in the last year since your cut - for me the education was what really blew my mind. I also think that it was a great idea to cut off all of my split, bleached, withered ends... Such a relief 😄


Happy deva-versary!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

Your hair looks great @KatieBT!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@faeriegirl thank you so much - nothing better than a fresh cut and day at the salon!

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@KatieBT I love how much detail you went into!  I just wish we had a video of your whole process!  You look great 🙂

Re: My DevaCurl Haircut Transformation

@greeneyedgirl107 the DevaCurl team did capture some videos actually! If they get posted I'll update this thread with the details 🙂 

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