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Anonymous Insider

How to fix a boring bob

About 3-4 years ago I got my hair cut into a Bob, and I enjoy having shorter hair because I feel like it suits me much more than long hair, but the way my hair is makes it just look... meh. My hair is extremely straight, and it just lays flat. It’s pretty thin too, it just looks really boring. My hair gets very oily even after one day of not washing it, and I know washing it every day isn’t good but I do it anyways. I’ve tried everything to make my hair look more full, I’ve tried teasing, dry shampoo and every different shampoo I can think of. Right now I’m using the elvive shampoo and conditioner in the turquoise bottle, it works okay but my hair still looks bad. Any styling tips or shampoo/conditioner recommendations?

I think another problem is my haircuts, they never cut it right and I don’t know how to tell them what I want.



Basically, I want it to look like thisBasically, I want it to look like this


But it ends up looking like a more flat version of this but without the bangs lol.But it ends up looking like a more flat version of this but without the bangs lol.


RE: How to fix a boring bob

That rough texture needs product!! Dry shampoos are great, but I prefer a texturizing powder to give it a matte messy undone finish. Use these as a final step after you are done drying, curling, wanding, flat-iron-bending, or whatever you do to style. After you hit it with dry shampoo, texturing powder, or texture spray, it likely will not accept heat styling as well as it did before the product. And don’t be afraid to be rough with your styling. Put your hands in it! It can start out really big and messy. Gravity will bring it back to a normal shape pretty quickly. Good luck!

Re: How to fix a boring bob

I have thick hair but I have success achieving the effect you're looking for if I wash my hair in the morning and leave the house with my hair wet (no blow drying). I use Bumble and bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo 8 oz/ 236 mL and BUMBLE AND BUMBLE - Thickening Volume Conditioner


You can also try Bumble and bumble Don't Blow It Fine Hair Air Dry Styler 5 oz/ 150 mL, I use the BB Don't Blow It Thick Hair Styler and it works great for me. Check out the video on the product page for the BB Don't Blow It for Fine hair and get a sample from Sephora to test out!


I also sometimes use a few spritz of Aquage Thickening Spraygel from Ulta and then tease my hair to get the effect of bunches of thick hair instead of straight, limp strands. Using a thick curling iron on a few bunches of hair all around your head (you don't have to curl your entire head) before applying styler also gives you some volume and bounce - I apply a Moroccan Argan oil after for softness and shine and the Aquage Thickening Spraygel to separate the strands. Just have fun with it and test out different methods until you land on something you like! Good luck and I'd love to know what ends up working for you!

Re: How to fix a boring bob

Once in cosmetology school we were taught about "over directioning." It's basically when you blow dry your hair in the opposite direction that it falls. In your picture you seem to have a middle part so if you take sections or your hair from the left side and blow dry it as you hold it straight up in the air or completely above the right side of your part, when you drop it and continue styling the roots of your hair are going to pretty much stand up off your scalp and look more voluminous. You could also thin out your ends to take weight off to get a more tapered look.

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  • Basically, I want it to look like this
  • But it ends up looking like a more flat version of this but without the bangs lol.