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I've recently been thinking about getting my hair in a U or V cut. I have long, thick, light brown hair down to about the bottom of my ribcage. Which would be better for me, a V cut or a U cut?

Re: Hair!!

Melissa is right, I'm a stylist and i would say go with a U. It is a pretty cut. A V cut is kinda out of style now. But to actually see a V shape their has to big a big difference in length from the shortest  part to the longest. And you only have your length in the back which just doesn't make since to me. If you have long hair show it. A U will give the length a have some movement in length in the front. If you really like a V cut try going with a U first, Seeing how you like it then go for the V. Cause if you don't like the V you have to wait for it to grow out. 

Re: Hair!!

I totally agree! I had a V shape in high school and it seriously took a LONG time to grow out! And my hair grows fastSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Hair!!

Hi Lovegabydelgado,


I have thick long hair and you can honestly do either one. My hair stylist said a U is more flattering though. I think a V is good is you have long layersSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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