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Whats in your makeup bag?

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to share whats in my makeup bag Smiley Happy  Its my every day, carry with me almost everywhere bag.  Literally, its busting at the seams!  So... lets see your stash!!

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

Currently no makeup bag since I'm at home chilling for the summer. Smiley Tongue However, when university starts up again and I'm working, out comes the cosmetics bag and in goes:

-hand sanitizer

-compact mirror

-hand cream

-lip balm

-whatever lip color I put on in the morning

-whatever perfume I put on in the morning (if the bottle is small enough)

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

Honestly, I keep it simple by carrying small samplettes of just the essentials for touch ups:


Ben Nye NB4 color neutralizer

Milani Secret cover concealer

Ben Nye Luxury face powder

elf mineral blush (Bliss)

MUFE Aqua Eyes liner (black)

Lip Balm

Benefit Yes They're Real Mascara

Whatever lip color I am wearing that day/week, currently

Tarte Lipsurgence Matte (Envy)

Pacco Rabanne Lady Million rollerball


My overnight/weekender/vacay bag? Now that's a different story. So much crap in there I look like a traveling salesmen.


Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

Usually: hand cream, perfume, lip balm, mirror (hair tie, clip). Sometimes facial spray, eyelash curler, and/or concealer.


Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

Love the Caudalie Elixir!  I'm in need of a refill & you just reminded me Smiley Wink

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

How do you use the elixer? I find it pricey but the smaller size is affordable. I was thinking of using it as an after cleanser but before moisturizer spray.. when I need a little more moisture in the winter.

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

If you want to use the elixir as a toner, just a couple spritz after cleansing, then put on your serum/moisturizer. Personally I use it throughout the day to perk up because I also like the scent. It is expensive but it is offered sometimes in a kit (cheaper).


For a little more moisture in the winter, I actually switch to a more hydrating toner or heavier moisturizer or use oil.

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

You can use it as a toner, after foundation to help set it, a boost of hydration after cleansing, or my favorite, just to re-hydrate throughout the day!  I like traveling with the smaller one, especially on plane rides... or when I'm sitting in the office all day & need to refresh my face Smiley Happy  If you're familiar with Fix+, its pretty similar, but I prefer the Caudalie Elixir any day!

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

I wish Sephora never discontinued that compact mirror!

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

This is a great question!  Here is my makeup bag and contents:

Sephora lighted mirror

Sephora tea tree blotting papers

Bare minerals compact

Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in coconut lime verbana

Eye drops

Ole Henrikson protect the truth spf 50 deluxe mini

Advil (or any pain reliever that I fill it with at the time) Smiley Happy

Nuetrogena naturals lip balm

Makeup forever gloss in...not sure, too small to read

Benefit bad gal lash deluxe mini

and hair tie and a couple bobby pins


Oh no!  Now that I have taken it all out, I can't fit it all back in!

Re: Whats in your makeup bag?

Advil... great pick!  I keep some in my desk, but I may need to add that to my makeup bag as well Smiley Happy

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