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Post in Besides Beauty

Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life 🙂 Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

This is my baby gurl




story time:

So I took my dog to the dog park and as we we're leaving I hooked her up on her leash. All the sudden a big dog bites her leash and DRAGS Her around the dog park. She is little so she couldn’t do much accept squeal. 😭

she was fine just a little tramized of the dog park 😅

Re: Pet Paradise

@BeautyFrEcK  oh no, how scary! I'm so glad she is okay! She is a cutie for sure 💜

Re: Pet Paradise

@BeautyFrEcK awww, poor thing!  And she looks like such a sweetie ❤️

Re: Pet Paradise

@BeautyFrEcK ,

I'm sorry your little girl had that experience!  Scary.  

Re: Pet Paradise

@BeautyFrEcK   Thank goodness she is ok😃

Re: Pet Paradise

Couples who read together, stay together 😂




Re: Pet Paradise

@jaaayp  aww look at her! So scholarly haha 🤓

Re: Pet Paradise

She likes to just do everything I do @caitbird 😂😂 

Re: Pet Paradise

@jaaayp ,

Cat's and open books!  Like two magnets.

Re: Pet Paradise

Right @tsavorite ?! She just loves them books! (The boy doesnt care for it 😂)

Re: Pet Paradise

Too cute, @jaaayp ! 🐈📚 

Re: Pet Paradise

Thank yooou ❤️ Why do cats love sitting on books @Titian06 ?! 

Re: Pet Paradise

Here is my pup


Re: Pet Paradise

I think I have your dog's twin!


Re: Pet Paradise

@Sashaviva  what a beautiful pup! 💜

Re: Pet Paradise

Gorgeous dog, @Sashaviva !

Re: Pet Paradise

Very handsome, @Sashaviva ! 😍🐾💖

Re: Pet Paradise


This is my bestie boy Benji. He loves going on his daily walks and love to eat carrots 🐶

Re: Pet Paradise

@selmacus  what a sweet happy boy! So cute! 💜

Re: Pet Paradise

@selmacus ,

What a cutie Benji is!

Re: Pet Paradise

Benji looks like he's enjoying life, @selmacus ! 💖🐾💖

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