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What’s in your cup?

A companion thread to What's on your plate? 


I thought it would fun to share what we’re all drinking. It could be your favourite tea or show of your crowd pleasing cocktail recipes. What’s in your cup?

Right now, I’m enjoying a nice cup of ginger peach tea with milk and honey. It’s nice and calming before bed. 



And shout out to the original thread  I kinda found out too late about this and it’s been far too long since it was updated. 


Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes A watermelon slush is always refreshing 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Green tea no sugar because it’s hot outside 



Re: What’s in your cup?

Such a cute container @SportyGirly125!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Drinking Lipton tea with a little honey.  Stay cool everyone.


Re: What’s in your cup?

Sounds both refreshing and calming. I hope you’re staying cool @Tikicat820!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Juice 1.jpeg

Juice 2.jpeg

Juice 3.jpeg


ACV, Pineapple & Berry Smoothie


🍍1 cup pineapple

💧1 cup water

🥄 1.5 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

🍯 Drizzle of honey

🫐 Handful of blueberries & blackberries

🍑 1 peach

🧊 3 ice cubes


Blend together.

Re: What’s in your cup?

Oh this sounds good and healthy at the same time @itsfi 🥰

Re: What’s in your cup?

It's been a great way for me to start my morning @blackkitty2014. I can get through about half of it during my drive to work and then the rest as I make my way through email and phone calls during the first part of the work day. 👍

Re: What’s in your cup?

Starting to think you're very healthy @itsfi ......

Re: What’s in your cup?

Me @jaaayp?? 😲 Nahhh. I go through phases of trying to eat healthy, but I have moments (some times, many of them) and I looooove them ♥️ where I have a donut 🍩 in the morning or a juicy burger 🍔 , yummy fries 🍟& a delicious milkshake 🥤 for dinner. I’m all about tasty food, of any type! 😋

Re: What’s in your cup?

The balance! I am completely with you there @itsfi ... one week I'm like all chicken and veg and smoothies and sugar free drinks and then next week, BAM dozen of krispy kreme in one sitting 😋

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi @Great combo of fruits. I love how every ingredient has an emoji! It took me a moment to comb through the ingredients to figure out what ACV was… 😅

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes, I love summer fruits, well, fruits year round, but the summer offers some excellent variety. ♥️ I started incorporating apple cider vinegar after a friend’s dad told me about it years ago -  actually putting it into things is definitely prone to phases. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😆 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi Looks Delicious! I was thinking the same as @Titian06 - it looks like a wonderful fruit infused water prior to blending. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Thank you @Mellmars1185. I love fruit infused waters. You are so right, this combination would be a refreshing flavored water!

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi - This is worth it just for the color! 💜💜💜  Actually it looks really good before you blended it.  I can only imagine how wonderful it tasted!

Re: What’s in your cup?

So funny you say that @Titian06! I’ve been using different fruit combinations for my morning smoothie the past week (yesterday’s was a pinky red) and was thinking this morning that I’d like a dress or blouse in this particular shade of purple. 💜 It was delicious; I’ve gotten used to the ACV taste and don’t really need to add the honey now. 

Re: What’s in your cup?



My cup of air 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Upgraded to a cup of decaf ️ iced20230731_154524.jpg 😋 

Re: What’s in your cup?


I'm pretty sure this iced decaf is super-sized 😂 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Nice!! Iced coffee would be perfect right now @missaa8! Think I may walk over to pick up one! 

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