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What’s in your cup?

A companion thread to What's on your plate? 


I thought it would fun to share what we’re all drinking. It could be your favourite tea or show of your crowd pleasing cocktail recipes. What’s in your cup?

Right now, I’m enjoying a nice cup of ginger peach tea with milk and honey. It’s nice and calming before bed. 



And shout out to the original thread  I kinda found out too late about this and it’s been far too long since it was updated. 


Re: What’s in your cup?

Love the name of the cafe @sister13. Too bad about their boba/straw combination though. That’s never fun. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

I’m always on the look out for new boba/tea shops and a new one opened up near me. Uji matcha on the left (their daily special in a cute mini cup) and Phoenix oolong no sugar with Jasmine jelly on the right. 



Re: What’s in your cup?

@SportyGirly125 so cute!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Ooh you got all kinds of fancy tea @SportyGirly125 . I’d would camp there if I’m local 🤣😂😘

Re: What’s in your cup?

@blackkitty2014 There are so many boba shops near me and I am loving it.  So many new ones keep popping up.

Re: What’s in your cup?

You guys have all the cool stuff!! @SportyGirly125 @JoSometimes @sister13 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@lmaster If there aren’t any boba shops near you, it’s not hard to do at home! It’s just tea, sugar, fruit juice, and maybe milk. You can even make your own toppings. Diced fruits are the quickest. Jelly is easy to do. Plain gelatin mixed with whatever juice you want and cut it up into bits. Or you can do coffee, tea, or milk instead of juice. I’ve seen some places use panna cotta as a topping. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Good idea @JoSometimes 👍 I need to do my own sometime 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Omg, that mini cup is adorable! @SportyGirly125 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@sister13 @I love that they do daily specials. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@SportyGirly125 Jasmine jelly sounds awesome



I love green tea anything so I would be order one with the jelly all the time

Re: What’s in your cup?

@CorgiMommy @It’s so good. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@SportyGirly125 Boba close to home is always dangerous…


This look delicious and refreshing though! I don’t think I’ve found a place that serves jasmine jelly. It sounds nice and light. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes @There are so many new boba shops where I live and I’m not hating it. Plus more Asian restaurants have popped up in my city.  Luckily, my husband who isn’t Asian likes Asian food and drinks. 

Another boba place I go to has green tea jelly and it’s amazing. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes well it is Sunday so a mimosa is in order with brunch 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Mmmm… Sounds perfect on a lazy Sunday morning @CorgiMommy!

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes very lazy Sunday as it is pouring outside.  Where is summer?

Re: What’s in your cup?

@CorgiMommy Sorry to hear it’s raining where you are. We had a sneak peak of summer Thursday and Friday of last week. 30-ish°C (86°F). This weekend has been cooler, perfect for some outdoor time. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

I love your Dr. Suess cup!!! 💖💖💖


Now that the heat has picked up, I've been having iced coffee each morning:


1 tsp instant coffee (decaf)

2 tsp hot chocolate 

1 tsp turbinado sugar

1/3 c hot water

2/3 c nondairy milk

3 ice cubes


Whisk hot water and dry ingredients until dissolved.  Add nondairy milk and ice cubes; stir until ice cubes are half size or smaller.  Enjoy.  (Adjust any and all ingredients to taste.)

Re: What’s in your cup?

2nd @Titian06 . Dr Suess cup/mug is way too cool @JoSometimes 😎 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Thank you @blackkitty2014 🐟🐠

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