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Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Have a collection of extra items that you won't use but others might be interested in?  Find a trade here!



Please list what you have available, list the condition, add a photo if you can, and what you are interested in for trade.  May want to mention your location, such as U.S. When something you have to offer is no longer available OR when you have found something you were looking for, please go back and edit your post. There is a convenient cross through text option.  Smiley Happy


If you list items, please use discretion with who you enter into trades with.  If it's someone who's relatively new here maybe have them send to you first. Maybe set yourself up some guidelines in your post (they have to be VIB, have 100 posts etc...) about to whom you'll send to first/at the same time and anyone who doesn't meet those needs to send to you before you'll send your stuff out. (Tips thanks to Kalex.)  Smiley Happy


Please consider using the Private Messages system on Beauty Talk to help ensure someone knows you are trying to contact them.  The listings move to back pages and it's not always easy to keep track.  You can set up to receive an email when you get a PM in your preferences. You can also access your messages by looking under your profile on the left side of the main Beauty Talk page under your avatar and clicking on the envelope.




Consider providing your feedback on successful trades on this thread here:

Summary list of successful traders here!



There is a way of searching that isn't perfect but sometimes it works - go to advanced search (click on the search magnifying glass and it shows a link to advanced search). Put it in the exact phrase you're looking for, look based on posts, not topics, and then sort the results by date (most recent should be on top). Like I said, it doesn't always work, and if someone lists Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Palette instead of Hourglass, or they happen to spell palette wrong, it may not come up. But I've gone back and found a few things anyway.





Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Post has moved


Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

If you need help finding a home for the UD Anniversary palette, let me know. Probably my favorite UD palette to date.

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Hi. what are you interested in trading for?

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Hey, i don't see anything id be interested in trading. if you prefer to buy i can do that instead

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Anyone still looking for the Laura Mercier Artist Eyes palette from 2013? Please PM me if you are. I purchased the last one at my local store with this thread in mind. If no one is interested, I will be exchanging/returning it in a week or so. 

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

PMed you!

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Edited to remove my trades for the time being!

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

If anyone has a NARS palette let me know...I have a sephora gift card Smiley Happy (No crazy bright colors please)

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Are you interested in NARS eyeshadow duos? I have a few up for trades. Most of them are new and still in its box.

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

amyxoxo I am! please check out my trade list on the new thread 

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

I have NARS eyeshadow duo in Melusine, Bateau Ivre, Grand Palais, and Sandra. I also have two NARS eyeshadow trio in Arabian Nights (used once)

and Delphes.

I am interested in the Naked palettes, Tarte eyeshadow and the Sugar minis.

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Hello! Are you interested in any of the NARS eye duos? Or just the larger palettes? I have a duo in Nouveau Monde that I've only used once or twice.

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

do you have a picture?

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

I deleted my older (ish) post on here of my products because I now have pictures and I've added a few more items! I hope that's okay! Smiley Surprised


I'm more than willing to part with:
Sephora Moon Shadow Baked palette - lightly used
Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover (1.69 fl oz) - used once
Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case (without delux eyeliner and lip pencil) - swatched. In the picture it only shows the top compartment which are the eyeshadows, but it opens up into a second compartment holding two lovely blushes and a highlight
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Moonspoon (full-size) - swatched
NARS blush in Orgasm (deluxe/sample size) - swatched with protector
NARS illuminator in Copacabana (delux/sample size) - new/un-swatched
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (full-size) - swatched
Benefit High Beam (full-size) - swatched
Benefit Cha Cha Tint (full-size) - swatched
Sephora mineral loose powder in tan 36 (full-size) - used once. It is rather dark
Sephora blush/highlight in Harmony (full size) - new/un-swatched
Napolean Perdis cream blush (full-size) - swatched. It doesn't have a color name on it
Stila countless color pigment in Finale (full-size) - new/un-swatched
Pixi bronzer in Subtly Suntounched (full-size) - swatched
Be A Bombshell the one stick in Flustered (full-size) - new/un-swatched
POP eyeshadow trio in Smokin Hot - new/unopened
em by Michelle Phan waterliner pencil in Emerald (full-size) - new/unopened
Vera Wang rollerball fragrance - used about four times
Estee Lauder Youth-Dew (2.25 fl oz) - about 98% remaining
Mini fragrances:
Versace Bright Crystle (36 M) - never used
Dance with Givenchy (36 M) - never used
Chanel N19 (36 M) - about 75% remaining
Marc Jacobs (36 M) - about 60% remaining. I'll throw this one in a trade for free Smiley Happy it smells lovely!
Versace and Bvlgari Man cologne (36 M) - never used. Thought I'd throw these mini's in here for any of your boyfriend's, hubbies, fiancé's, friend's, etc Smiley Happy


*Not pictured
I have a 2.7 fl oz Vera Wang Princess body wash as well


Also, if any of you are interested I have a ton of Bath and Body Works lotions and sprays that have never been used if any of you would like to see the scents Smiley Happy


If you'd like to see a close-up picture of an individual item just ask and I'll gladly take one for you! Smiley Happy


I'm not really looking to swap for anything particular so if you see anything you'd like just message me! Thank you Smiley Happy 


Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

PMed you about the mini perfumes!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

oh man, this thread is epic. i don't even know where to start lol. 


Here's the stuff I would love to find new homes for. None of it is brand new, but they are definitely nice things and i will be reasonable! all this stuff is currently listed on my blog sale for prices that are half off retail and i have individual pics if you are interested 

- By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon - used 2-3x 

- R.Nichols Glow Candle - burned maybe 30min

- First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask - used 2-3x

- Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eyeliner in Salome - used 2-3x

- Chanel JC blush in Winter shimmer - prob 85% left? 

- Armani Gloss d'Armani in Pink 513 - swatched 1x

- Chanel Ombre Essentiale in Silvery - prob 95% left

- Chanel Ombre Essentiale in Gold - prob 95% left

- Chanel Stylo Yeux in Jade - prob 90% left 

- Chanel Crayon Yeux in Denim - sharpened once

- Chanel Nail Polish in Pulsion - used a few times  

- Kevyn Aucoin Eyeliner in Basic White - used 1x

- Stila Smudge Stick in Lionfish - Used 1x 

- MAC Softsparkle Eye Pencil in Iris Accents - used 2-3x

- Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Kanzashi (old packaging) - sharpened once


and then random stuff i've used a few times and sanitized but would just throw in if anyone wanted - revlon lip butter berry smoothie, revlon photready cream blush in flushed, trish mcevoy beauty booster lip gloss in sexy nude


So i would love to trade for anything that is on my loves list in any size(what can i say, i like to try new things) or gc/paypal. Here's my loves list -

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Ooh, Winter Shimmer -- that's a pretty rare one! If I didn't have it I'd be all over it, and I'm almost tempted anyway, just to have a backup! If you have any other rarer / older JCs you're willing to get rid of, please feel free to let me know -- I'm always interested! 

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

I should have hit you up a while back! that and a partially broken rose petale are all i have left! hehe. I remember that you are a JC lover Smiley Happy And i'm here if you would like to have a back up haha!! 

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Maaan, if I had my full makeup collection with me you could have my Illamasqua Seduce cream blusher! I love it but unfortunately it doesn't suit me since I've dyed my hair red Smiley Sad

Re: Product Trade Thread 01/2014 - Upon Request

Awwww that is too bad! But at least your red hair is pretty i'm sure! Smiley Happy 

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