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We know you've got questions about the revolutionary TEMPTU AIRbrush makeup system, and we've got answers.  Check out our Q&A below.

Still have questions?  Post them here to get answers from our experts and BeautyTalk community members.


Q & A

1.       How can I find my perfect shade of TEMPTU AIR pod™ Makeup?

The best way to find your perfect shade is to visit your local Sephora for a complimentary TEMPTU Airbrushing Express Service.  Another place to start is the shade finder guide on


2.        What type of finish does TEMPTU makeup provide on the skin?

TEMPTU Makeup provides a naturally luminous finish.  If you prefer a more matte finish after applying foundation, simply dust RETOUCH powder over your entire face until the desired matte finish is achieved.


3.       Does AIR pod™ Makeup cover acne scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation?

TEMPTU allows you to build the coverage of your foundation.  This means that you can layer the foundation until the desired coverage is achieved.  You can also spot cover any problem areas by holding the gun closer and slightly pulling back on the trigger using a trick the pros call “stippling”.    


4.         Does AIR pod™ Makeup stand up to humidity and sweat?  Will I need to reapply throughout the day?

TEMPTU AIR pod™ Makeup is water-resistant, long wearing and budge-proof.   There’s no need to reapply, the makeup will last all day.  It stands up beautifully even under sweat and humidity.


5.        Is the TEMPTU System messy or difficult to use?

The TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System is fast, easy and messy-free.  The revolutionary AIR pods™ are completely sanitary and self-contained, eliminating the need for brushes.   The system allows for fool-proof application every time; the makeup is instantly blended on the skin. 


6.       How does the TEMPTU System compare to other airbrush systems on the market?

The TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System is different from the other airbrush makeup systems because there is no mixing or cleaning.  Because the product is housed in self-contained patent-pending AIR pods™, all you need to do is change the pod to change the color.  There is no need to spend the time cleaning a professional style gun.  TEMPTU allows for professional results without the pro!


7.       Can I travel with my TEMPTU system?

The TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System travels beautifully.  The system is lightweight – only one pound – and is roughly the size of a paperback novel.  The TEMPTU Jet Set case is the perfect way to pack your AIRbrush Makeup System and favorite pods


8.       How long do the AIR pods™ last and are TEMPTU AIR pods™ refillable?

All AIR pod™ Makeup packs last for approximately 2-3 months depending on the amount of coverage you need to achieve. The pods are not refillable.

Anonymous Insider


I purchased the Temptu Airbrush system and I'm not sure if it is my SPF underneath the makeup application or the product itself, but my makeup application smears right off when I scratch my face or swipe it on accident.  It gets all over my clothes... its really a mess. And one more thing, I used my cartridge/pod 5-8 times and I've had to purchase another one. So basically you get 5-8 applications for $35. Needless to say, I am dissapointed:(  


What SPF, moisturizer, or primer do you use under the foundation?


Often times with the airbrushing technique, the mist and application is so fine that it lightly rests on the surface of skin rather than getting laid on fuller like with traditional means of foundation (like with a sponge, brush, or even fingers). It also serves to know the base of the products you're using. The TEMPTU pods have a more water formulated base, so if your primer or skin care is too rich in silicone or dimethicone, they won't layer well and cause a "slip" to where the foundation is easily removed. To avoid this, be sure each layer you're applying starting from skin care absorbs fully into skin so your face isn't too "wet" once you begin your make up.


How much product do you use and what type of coverage do you go for with your system? The constant need for full coverage or even dispensing too much product at once with too much pressure releasing foundation with the trigger button can all lead to running through product quicker. Try holding back on the trigger just midway instead of all the way back and not holding the system too close to your face. This will prevent overapplying product and prevent too much product from being just misted into the air and not utilized.


Also, be sure to top off the foundation with a setting or finishing powder just as an extra step to draw out any excess moisture that prevents make up from sitting well on your skin.

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