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New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

So far, I've only seen this on the Nordstroms site.  Anyone seen them at counters yet?



Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

omg. golden flower will be mine some day soon! and holy cow, those polish bottles! and i'm fairly certain that my life will not be complete without one of those blushes. 


i hope sephora carries these, since i never really shop anywhere else for beauty products! 

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

jaime - Sephora did not receive any of the holiday last year that i know of - what i purchased, i could not get at Sephora online or in store - you may consider Nordstrom online if you really want them. The palette colors are not as dark as they are shown above. The lighting must have been off. With an October 30 launch, you can save up and it will be an early Halloween present! Smiley Happy

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

I can't decide which one I like more... Golden Flower or Golden Snow. I already own Stylish Move, which it purples & pinks, so I think I want Golden Flower Smiley Tongue 

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

We love bothSmiley Tongue

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

Well, there goes $85!  That Face Palette will be mine.


I wonder which of these Sephora will be getting?

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

OMG you are not kimchikween but enablerkween. Smiley Wink They look gorgeous.

Re: New Limited Edition Dior Palettes

lmao Heart


Yes, those palettes are stunning!

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