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Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

I know you’ve tried a sample (or ten) of something and it was so magical it made you stop everything and buy a product cause it was love at first sample!  What was it and did the full sized version live up to your initial heart-melted impression? Or is it still on your shopping list to pick up at your earliest convenience?  

The first time I can recall this happening to me was when Sephora still carried Dermadoctor.  I had a sample of their KP Duty Body Scrub.  I used it just to push it through my stash and was absolutely blown away by how immediately soft and exfoliated my skin was!  Instant purchase!   It’s been six years and I have yet to find any body scrub that compares -and I’ve tried!


A more recent love-at-first-sample is the Dior Backstage Face and Body Primer!  It’s a slightly peach tinted,creamy gel consistency and is mega hydrating while blurring subtle imperfections on its own but making foundation apply so smoothly!!!  Plus it has a beautiful floral fragrance which may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s very pleasing to me. πŸ™‚  

Dior Base pour le visage et pour le corps BACKSTAGE 1.6 oz/ 50 mL 






Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@heartsmyface Hm… DHC? I don’t think I’ve heard of it! Which stores carry it? 

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@alexasteph, in the US, the DHC lip balm that @heartsmyface mentioned (or at least I think it's the one hearts is referring to) can be found online at dermstore, skincarerx, skinstore and lookfantastic (us site). These sites have sales occasionally - Lookfantastic is currently having a Friends & Family sale. @tsavorite 

Photo from US Lookfantastic sitePhoto from US Lookfantastic site

If there's a Japanese or Asian Beauty store near you, you might be able to find this lip balm there as well. I have also seen it on amazon.

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@alexasteph Oh gosh they’re so popular  i bet they’re on Amazon for sure, yesstyle will have them, you can buy them through most international beauty services, Iherb, their own international website, and you can usually find their products in Asian grocery stores in the self care aisles.    The brand is renowned for their cleansing oil and lip balm.  

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@alexasteph ,

DHC has a website.  DHC care dot com.  Ulta carries some DHC items, but not yet the lip balm.  You can find other sites that carry DHC products online.  DHC has been around for a long, long time. They will send catalogs to your house, and samples. They are originally from Japan and use olive oil in many of their products.  I don't think they have SPF in their lip balm, though.  I use their lip balm and again, I have a problem with chemical sunscreens.

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

Oh! If you are on a hunt for a cheaper lip balm with spf, maybe check out blistex. They have a wide variety of lip balms, and they are very cheap! @alexasteph 

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@alexasteph  I was just noting last night how I go through that Sol De Janeiro much quicker than any other lotion.  It’s a holy grail for sure and more so than the original! 
The Fresh essence was off my radar but is going on my list!  It sounds wonderful!  

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@heartsmyface It’s amazing! It just gives skin that extra little boost of hydration it needs, and black tea is supposed to be really soothing and smoothing for the skin. Since it’s fermented, it provides those good bacterias to help keep those bad ones on check that cause breakouts. I’ve been using it for… 3 years maybe? I can’t remember when I first purchased it. I got my mom to start using it too. 

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@alexasteph I've heard soooo many people rave about that toner!  Someday when I run out of my backlog of toners I need to try that one.

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@CookieGirl1 It’s a fantastic addition to any skin care routine, in my opinion! I use it as my essence step after my toning step, actually. It could be used as the first step though! 

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

Love sol de janeiro @alexasteph πŸ’›

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

Fun question @heartsmyface ! I remember 2 products that were love at first sample: TOM FORD Eau de parfum Black Orchid Dior Brillant repulpant lΓ¨vres volumineuses Dior Addict I didn't end up buying the full size of the Tom Ford perfume, just because it's so strong, and the samples were enough for me to use it for quite a while 😏. And for Dior, every mini lippie or sample of lip products that I have tried, I immediately bought the full size, and I love them all! πŸ₯°πŸ’•

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

@Skunk12puzzola  Oh gosh!   It was Velvet  Orchid I fell in love with, but I also had so many samples that they held me over until my fickle self moved on to the next best scent! πŸ˜„ They are very strong!  If they released a coinciding hair mist for their fragrances I would likely be more inclined to buy them to wear as perfume. 
The Dior Lip Maximizer I use near daily!   AERIN Revitalisant pour les lΓ¨vres Γ  la rose is another Love at First Sample!!!  It’s got a rose scent but i was cutting the tube of the mini sample open to get to every last drop of it out!  Ha, wow, I forgot that one!  Pulling it to use today!  

Re: Love At First Sample!!! πŸ₯°

Omg @heartsmyface ! velvet orchid is also sooooo nice, a little less strong than black orchid, but still so good. Yes, I love all the Dior lippies range! I just bought the lip serum, and is very nice πŸ’•πŸ₯° Dior Lip Maximizer Serum 0.17 oz/ 5mL 

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