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Favourite NEW products?

Hey all! 


This my first time posting.


I definitely have my favourite NEW products from late 2013/current, I'd like to know what everyone else is favouring?  I'd love to get some inspiration to try out some new stuff!


My recent new faves are NAKED3, Benefit Gimme Brow, and ( though I don't think its' that new - just a new one for me ), They're Real mascara.


Can't wait to hear what everyone else is hoarding!

Re: Favourite NEW products?

-LM artist palette (just got this from the trade thread and I am loving the purples!)

-Sephora 10 hr foundation (surprisingly this is working better for me than my UD Naked skin, it got cakey after a couple uses even though I don't apply heavily). 

-Lorac pro liner pen

Re: Favourite NEW products?

Great to hear the love for the Sephora branded foundation!  I got a color IQ match and one of them is on my list.  I purchased MF Mat Velvet on the day of my match, which I like, but I was hoping to try a less expensive option when I run out.  Thanks!

Re: Favourite NEW products?

Current Favs in no particular order:

-Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Diffused: I put it on the sidelines for a short while, but now I'm using it again, I remember why I love it. It just gives my face a gorgeous natural glow.

-Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse: Gives me more definition without looking unnatural, and it is long lasting

-Too Faced 3-Way Liner: Great for tightlining, and dotting along my lowre lashes, defines my eyes in a very natural way.

-Dior Extreme Lipstick in Avenue 667: wonderful formula, long wearing and gorgeous pink

Re: Favourite NEW products?

My current favorite product is the Naked 3 palette.  I think I will be totally in love with the Hourglass Ambient powder blushes I ordered today because I absolutely adore the Ambient Lighting Powders.  

Re: Favourite NEW products?

I totally missed the boat in December!  I wanted to get the Ambient Lighting palette and I let it slip by.  I haven't tried them yet.  Do you have a favourite of the shades?

Re: Favourite NEW products?

I have a light complexion with pink undertones.  I actually like all the powders but I particularly love Mood, and then Ethereal.  They are good  all the time and Luminous for a more dressy or evening look.  My skin is normal/dry and these powders are never drying, cakey, or ashy on me.  After a few hours, most powders make me look like I was left out in the desert.

Re: Favourite NEW products?

*gets out pom-poms again* Dipbrow! Dipbrow! Dipbrow! *puts away pom-poms* 
No, really Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is amazing. Best brows ever. 

I am also loving my Naked3. Pinks aren't usually my thing (and I don't own another full Naked palette because I think they're both too bronzey) but this one is amazing. 

Re: Favourite NEW products?

And I'm going to to throw my allergy-related pity-party in a comment to myself so you guys can rave in your comment threads - everyone's on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar (sulfa allergy - contains sodium saccharine, can't have it) and Hourglass Ambient Lighting (the powder sets off a skin allergy, my doc thinks it's latex allergy related but can't be 100% sure because I have a few skin allergies - Ethereal Light was so pretty, until my face turned into a war zone) trains. I want to play! I'll just sit over here with my brows. Smiley Tongue Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Favourite NEW products?

If it makes you feel any better, I used a Murad facewash sample in the fall that practically burned my face right off of my skull.  It hurt to smile for a week.  

Re: Favourite NEW products?

omg me too!  I don't know what it is about Murad. My skin cries just thinking about it. 

Re: Favourite NEW products?

My all time favorite product right now is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.  It is awesome!!!

Re: Favourite NEW products?

I am also loving it!  I felt super guilty buying it because I have bought SO many pallettes lately (beauty bloggers, grrrrr). But I adore it. 

Re: Favourite NEW products?

I have seen the adorable packaging from afar, but I avoided looking at it until now.  ( Mostly because I just purchased the UD palette, and didn't want to 'need another one so soon ).  I just creeped it a little closer.... MAN there are some nice shades in this palette!  The group of 4 on the right ( purple, burgundy, etc. ) are gorgeous!

I may need to take a study break tomorrow and head to Sephora to inspect a little closer Smiley Happy

Re: Favourite NEW products?

It really is an awesome palette, beats UD Naked palettes hands down in my opinion.  You will love it!  Smiley Happy    

Re: Favourite NEW products?

Smiley Happy thanks!!!

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