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Skincare regimin

Hi everyone. I'm new here, but I hope you can help me. I have neglected my skin for its entire 43 years. As a teenager I had bad acne and used harsh prescription and over-the-counter treatments. In my 20s I worshipped the Sun and never took precautions. In my 30s I got married and had a baby, so skin care was the last thought on my list. Now, in my 40s my skin is paying the price. 


My face is chronically red - all over. My under-eye is blue. I have large pores and sun damage. My forehead is not wrinkled, but rippled when I furrow my brow and I have under eye lines and crows feet.


Lately I have been spending hours really focusing on my skin and how I can repair it. I've come to the conclusion that I have mild rosacea without pustules and dehydrated skin. I produce a lot of oil, but I think that's because my face is actually dehydrated and trying to overcompensate. 


I'm looking for tried and true products for redness/rosacea and dehydrated skin all while fighting the signs of aging. I'm willing to spend a little cash to get rid of the dehydrated skin and redness.


My current skin care routine consists of:

  • CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
  • Oil of Olay moisturizer

At bedtime I use:

  • CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
  • CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion

After researching for days, it seems I'm not using enough products to combat the issues my skin has. What products do you recommend for aging, redness, and dehydrated skin?

Skincare regimin

I would definitely recommend you see a dermatologist and get on prescription Retin-A. A great and cost effective option is Curology dot com, where you send them photos of your skin and they mix you a custom treatment and send it to you already mixed every one or two months, depending on which you choose. The best price is every two months for$40 with no shipping, and that's a fantastic price for prescription skincare, plus you get unlimited access to your dermatologist assigned to you for questions, concerns. and advice. In-office dermatologists don't give you that kind of help, and often are overbooked with a waiting list. Prescription Retin-A (they use the generic, called tretinoin) will prevent and repair aging and sun spots, as well as shrink your pores. There are other similar services, but this is the one I use and can vouch for. Insurance almost never pays for prescriptions for skincare, so this is a great price. They may also add azelaic acid to soothe your irritation, and maybe vitamin c to help your sun damage, but they know better than I do. I have adult acne, so mine includes a topical antibiotic with azelaic acid and tretinoin. My skin has never been clearer! There are a million pricey retinols on Sephora, but none of them work as well as prescription. They are in theory gentler than Retin-A, but in reality, your derm will adjust your Retin-A to the level that is ideal for your skin, with the best possible strength for good results without harm. For dehydration, I would personally recommend you stick with the CeraVe cleanser (it's what I use) and continue to add ceramides with the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin line, both the liquid and the cream. They will hydrate, plump, and rebuild your skin from the inside out! Anything else like acids or serums should wait until you have gotten your prescription treatment sorted. Whether you choose to go with a retinol serum here or a prescription Retin-A, you need to find a good reliable sunscreen that your skin likes because both those things make your skin more vulnerable to the sun. Dr. Jart has two sunscreens you can check out if you want to stick with one brand. Either way, if you do decide to order the Dr. Jart (honestly, I can't recommend it enough, Ceramidin Liquid changed my life!), if you order directly from drjart dot com, you can get 20% off your first order with the promo code welcome20 and they are generous with samples!

Skincare regimin

I'm the same age as you with very similar history with my skin. I'm a busy mom of three kids and I work. The absolute best thing I've ever tried for my skin is Olehenriksen. Now that my skin is healthy I use the Truth Serum and Banana Bright line each morning and then at night I use the Glow line with the Retin-ALT power serum and Goodnight Glow moisturizer. But the best thing about Olehenriksen is that they have a skincare set for every skin type and concern. The Balance it All set might be worth looking into for you.

RE: Skincare regimin

I fully understand. No kids but just turned 48. My skin same way except the redness. I have dark spots on my face...sun damage.

RE: Skincare regimin

Omg you and I are going through the exact same thing except I am 35 and have yet to have kids. I have never paid any mind to my skin and since the quarantine I have been obsessed with it, and I am realizing my face has always been red and splotchy because I have Rosacea! I am a month into a daily/nightly routine of First Aid Beauty products and a few others, and I really like them because it hasnโ€™t been an overload for me, someone who hasnโ€™t taken care of their skin. My skin has been very happy, and the redness, enlarged pores/blackheads have all calmed down so much!!! I am using (in this order, waiting for each to soak in) FAB cleanser, FAB oatmeal toner (it is INCREDIBLE), FAB exfoliating pads, Trader Joeโ€™s hyaluronic acid serum (apparently The Ordinaryโ€™s is really good and cheap too), then after that has really soaked in I use FABโ€™s Oatmeal & Hemp Seed Oil all over my face, then after about ten minutes I put Cerave redness relief night cream all over my face. So far so good!! Let me know what you try!!!

Re: Skincare regimin

Your  best bet is going to be to get to a dermatologist, even digitally, if you can, @wvanewsgirl!!


In the meantime, you'll definitely want to add an sunscreen.


Adding things like actives, with Vitamin C, niacinamide, acids, and retinols, can help with a number of issues, but you'll want to talk with a derm about how to best incorporate these products for your rosacea or whatever it is that ails your skin.


For hydration and moisture, it can help to add a hydrating toner, serum, oil and overnight mask.


Id layer the products as listed with some faves, but it's about finding what works for your skin.



Gentle cleanser

Hydrating toner

Vitamin C serum

Hydrating serum

Eye cream.


Oil (one with Squalane is going to be hydrating)




Makeup remover (if needed) (oil based or balm)

Gentle cleanser (Youth To The People Superfood Gentle Antioxidant Refillable Cleanser 8 oz / 237 ml)

Hydrating toner

Actives (alternating retinol, acids and niacinamide)

Eye cream

Night moisturizer (FRESH - Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer )

Overnight mask (SUMMER FRIDAYS - Jet Lag Mask) 


Good luck!!

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