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What are anti-aging products that REALLY work AND aren’t loaded with ingredients that are bad for my skin?  

My two biggest concerns are age spots and my eyes (dark circles & puffiness). 

Looking forward to suggestions from other 50+ women 😊

Re: Help!

came back to add one other thing about aging skin: SPF. exposure to the sun is what causes age spots to being with so depending on where you live and what time of year it is, you should be using a broad spectrum SPF 30-50 product of some kind every single day of the year on every part of your body that is exposed to sunlight. Most people tend to notice age spots on the left side of their face/ body more because if you drive, that side of your body is more exposed. 🙂

Re: Help!

Hi, I am not quite 50 yet BUT have you talked to a dermatologist or an esthetician about these concerns? I think it's good to have someone who understands your skin help you come up with a routine to address those concerns and write it down for you so you can get in the habit. I am neither a dermatologist or an esthetician but here is what I have learned: Vitamin C is great for helping reduce age spots, but you have to use it daily as part of a nighttime routine. Some people use it in the daytime as well because it's also an anti oxidant so can help keep nasty things off the skin when you're out and about. The Inky List makes a good and affordable serum you can buy at Sephora. Also RED LED light therapy has been proven to work to help reduce age spots. You can go to a med spa and pay for them to apply these to your skin and there are also many LED products you can buy to use at home and there is a range of prices for these at home products you can buy from several online sellers. As for dark circles and puffiness, caffeine is supposed to be good for this. I have tried the Ordinary one, but it ended up irritating my skin under my eyes so I stopped using it after a week. I never figured out if it actually worked for my dark spots. Skin irritation is somewhat common with using caffeine products so you could maybe try something that has a lower concentration and see if that helps if you think you have sensitive skin. I also use other products by the Ordinary you can get at Sephora because they have simple ingredients and are very affordable. I like their hyaluronic acid and use it at night mixed with my moisturizer. I also really like the Youth to the People night time Super Berry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask if I don't feel like doing my whole night time routine with serums etc. because this mask has all those things in it. It's like a one and done. This has heavy moisturizer and I put it on and leave it on overnight. I have dry skin but a tiny goes a long way and the 2 oz. jar lasts forever! It has a light earthy scent which I don't mind, but if you're sensitive to that you might not like it. This one is listed as  "clean" for ingredients. You can find a lot of products with clean ingredients on Sephora as well. Keep in mind that "chemicals" can be anything natural or unnatural and something that is "bad for skin" is completely subjective and there is no real standard in the United States for what those chemicals can be. Good luck! 

Re: Help!

@jbdieselgreat response. I agree that recommending a dermatologist is a great start. My dermatologist has me on vitamin C ( Skinceuticals C E Ferulic and a prescription tretinoin. Sunblock is extremely important too. I’m not to far from 50 but I’ve been proactive since my early 30’s. Prevention is everything 

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