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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


I keep getting breakouts and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My current skincare routine is as follows: CeraVe salicylic acid acne cleanser, the ordinary Glycolic acid toner (only at night), and then the byoma clarifying serum. Can anyone recommend any products or explain what I'm doing wrong?!?

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@vLovesLippies Oh gosh, that's so much exfoliation. You're likely overexfoliated and that's causing more breakouts. This is a very harsh routine. Do you have a moisturizer? A sunscreen? 

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 also this is the one I use, not the clear one

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I do have a moisturizer and sunscreen, but they work well for me, so I just included things that were problematic. Thanks so much for the help!

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I liked using ordinary salicylic acid. I also use the Mario Bascuda drying lotion on my pimples.

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Thank you!! I'll see if I can get them soon!

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Also, just to clarify, I get many different kinds of acne which isn't helpful when looking for products, and I'm a teen, so I can't use any really acidic chemical stuff.

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Ok so you need. Moisturizer in your routine so I would probably recommend bubble cloud surf which is right in the middle of slam dunk and level up. Slam dunk is the thickest and personally it’s too thick for me. Level up is probably the second best choice. it’s the lightest and it goes on really smooth but clouds are I have it along with the other ones but clouds is the best compared all of them, my all-time favorite moisturizer from any brand and it’s just Best and the packaging is amazing and it’s pretty cheap and the last really long time so I would recommend that and yes your skin is being over exfoliated and I would recommend using some kind of facial mist that isn’t like what I mean the Mario spray I mean I have it it’s good but it’s really only to keep a short amount of moisture on your face so it doesn’t get too dry, but I will try daydream which is above serum or the one of the toners. I hope this helps

Re: Help!!

Thanks so much! I didn't even realize how much I was exfoliating my skin! Oops 😬. I'll definitely have to check out the moisturizer!!

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