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Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?


Check out our BOSS III babe, Tamara76, on the far right!Check out our BOSS III babe, Tamara76, on the far right!

Hey BIC,


As you may already know, #SephoraSquad applications are open right now and they are taking applications through April 10th. You may also know that our own Beauty Insider Community Boss III @Tamara76 was part of the first-ever #SephoraSquad in 2019. We had a blast following Tamara and the other members of the Squad on their journey, posting exciting content on social media, educating us on endless beauty products, and even posting here on the BIC. We know many of you may be thinking of applying, so we got the inside scoop from Tamara on her biggest learnings and favorite moments of the experience.


Two Biggest Learnings:

  • Being an influencer requires more business savvy and hard work than I ever realized: It’s not just about taking a couple of selfies highlighting a product and going on fun trips, it’s a business, so you have to understand planning, billing, invoices, concept writing, affiliate links, editing and so much more. I had never filmed a video before, so I watched a ton of tutorials to learn about lighting, filming and editing. It was a lot to learn and I will forever be grateful to my Squad for helping me figure it all out.
  • Being an influencer is a 24/7 job: Not only do you plan, capture and edit content, but you have to make time to complete edits requested by the brand, respond to comments and DMs, track and share your stats and insights. I have so much more respect for all the self-made boss babes doing this full-time because it is hard core, serious work.   


Two Favorite moments:

  • My Squad: Getting to know my Squad was the best part of my experience!  My Squad was full of smart, professional, hard-working, business-savvy people who welcomed and supported me with open arms, despite my inexperience in this realm.  Most of my Squad members had huge followings on YouTube and Instagram and built a career out of being full-time influencers, yet they were happy to take the time to give me advice and encouragement and they were always rooting for me and each other to succeed.  I am honored to have met and worked with such an amazing group of people and I can never thank them enough for taking me under their wings!
  • Brands Connections: I am so thankful for the opportunity to try so many products from Sephora’s brands and build a relationship with them going forward! I am a Sephora Superfan and buy the majority of my skincare, makeup and beauty products at Sephora, so getting to know the brands and their founders really enhanced my loyalty to Sephora.


If you’re up to the challenge of learning how to create great content or improve your current social media presence, are willing to put yourself out there, and would love to build lasting friendships in the process then the #SephoraSquad application may just be calling your name! You can apply to join the 2020 #SephoraSquad here.

RE: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

I would love to create a platform for women and men to help channel their emotions into a creative outlet. I have trauma background and have ptsd and anxiety. Doing makeup looks brings happiness and relief to my day. A creative escape. I am trying to apply and I having trouble it won’t let me connect my accounts. I would love to be a part of this!

Re: RE: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

@kourtlynnku18, I don't know if this will help: I had to convert my personal Instagram account to a business account and set up a "personal blog" Facebook page linked to my personal Facebook page (but not the same page).  I had some trial and error converting my IG account to a business account.

RE: Re: RE: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

Thank you! I will have to try this, I appreciate you!

RE: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

Being an influencer is no breeze! I enjoy following you and looking at what you have to say! Thanks for all the tips! Congratulations!

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

@Tamara76   You did us so proud last year and  thrived like the boss babe you are!    Thanks for the tips and insight into what it truly takes.  😘 

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

Awwww You are the sweetest @heartsmyface !  Thank you!💗💗💗


And good luck, girl!

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

Thank you sharing your experience and tips @Tamara76. My IG blog is a small one but it requires so much time and effort so I can understand how much hard work would go into taking it to the next level. I didn’t pursue it last year but I have applied for this year’s #sephorasquad . For some reason people aren’t inclined to give testimonials this year but I’m still excited to apply anyways 😀

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

You are very welcome @fatimamummy !  Good luck to you!💗

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

@Tamara76  Thank you love.

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

@Tamara76, thank you for sharing your insights! I loved following you this year!

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

You are very welcome!  And thank you for all your support @curlychiquita 💗💗💗

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

@Tamara76 For some reason I missed that you made the final cut.  Please accept my BELATED congratulations!!!

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

Thank you @greeneyedgirl107 !!  It was a fun experience overall💗💗💗

Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

@Tamara76 thanks for sharing this!!! Being an influencer is indeed so much work, and so much goes behind the scenes. I wish more people would know and understand this.

It gets so hard to get testimonials this year in the light of events, but I'm really excited to apply for SephoraSquad 2020! Anyways, I hope this year we will see more people from the community in the squad.



Re: Why Apply for The #SephoraSquad?

You're very welcome @sunkissedblush !


Good luck to everyone who applies!💗💗💗

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  • Check out our BOSS III babe, Tamara76, on the far right!