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Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

Monthly Favorites - November 2023Monthly Favorites - November 2023

Happy November, BIC! I’m over here still waiting for that crisp, fall feeling to kick in (it’s still unseasonably warm here in California 😅), but there’s no denying that the Holiday szn is officially here -- ready or not! Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see what new goodies everyone picked up at the Sephora Savings Event earlier this month, if you shopped the sale! As for me, I managed to find a few new favorites in November, but mostly shopped my own stash to keep myself in check. It’s all about ~balance~ 😉.

Here are the products I’ve been loving this November:


You’re up, Community! Hit the reply button and tell us which products made your November Favorites list. Be sure to tag those products with the “#” symbol (hair, makeup, fragrance, wellness, skincare, etc.)!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@itsfi Awe thanks! I really need to get back into that thread but life has been super chaotic and busy! @ather A few years ago I attended a virtual event I think from Nordstrom for Armani, it wasn't in English, but I was very impressed when they used those eyeshadows I went out and bought one. It's really good!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

All in due time @Samtian. Life has a way of getting busy; it’s good to have time for yourself and those you love. There’ll be time for more photo challenges. Besides, there’s plenty of challenges on that thread that can be revisited. Every now and again, I go back to see how you and @ fatimamummy set up a shot or read your insights into a pic. All helpful and good info! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

Thank you @ather; you are always so encouraging. Much appreciated! 🥰 Trying different things with set up and placement of products. It’s been helpful to learn and utilize techniques that @Samtian guides us through on the photography thread and seeing her shots and others is really inspiring. 📸 


I feel like these Armani shadows were released around the same time a handful of brands released new products and lines so it may have got lost in a sea of new products, or the brand might have just been low key about it? This one is a good color on my lids so if I keep it simple it really just elevates whatever else I’m using, be it mascara or liner, or both (though I’ve been far too hurried to attempt to do both, lol). 

Oh my goodness, this mask! 🥰 I haven’t used it for all that long, but long enough to know it works. In as little as 10 minutes, no less. This is an exceptional mask. ♥️ It’s one of my more expensive masks but I don’t regret picking it up. It says a jar has about 20 - 25 uses but I feel like it has a lot more than that. I used a generous amount the few times I’ve used it and there’s still a lot of product left. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@itsfi omg I think I have that Haus Labs lip crayon in my stash! You're inspiring me to go dig for it, LOL. It looks gorge on you. Also, you might have sold me on that Clarins mask... I love a cooling feeling (and I like the sound of taut!).

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@AlexBT, thank you, thank you! Did you find your Mocha Matte lip crayon? If you don't have it in your stash, I highly recommend it. Such a pretty shade. @Loretta55 mentioned that Lady Gaga wore it over one of her lip oils - either Hue or Secondary, which I will try later.


omg, the Clarins mask is ... impressive. I was not expecting those results with just one use. The cooling feeling lasts for a good while after I tissue off the mask - it feels nice, relaxing. The mask is definitely worth trying.

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@itsfi Okay yes I found it and it is mocha matte!! I'll try it tomorrow and report back 😉 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

Yaaaay! Excited to hear your thoughts on it @AlexBT

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@itsfi okay it is SO pigmented!! and so precise and easy to apply. i figured out after I took these pics that I should have blotted to get a pretty more diffused look like in your pic, but I'm not mad at the boldness either. a little out of my comfort zone, but a really nice fall/winter shade. and it makes my teeth look whiter, so I'll take it!

I paired it with MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencil Brow, Eye & Lip Liner 606 Wherever Walnut which is a little more nude, but still a good fit. And I know it's a matte pencil but i'm a glossy gal so I had to try it withDior Lip Glow Oil 20 Mahogany on top (pictured on the right). Guess I need to add a Haus Labs lip oil to the collection as well! 😉 

IMG_6791.jpg IMG_6802.jpg

Thanks for the inspo!!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@AlexBT @So pretty 😍 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

You are giving other ideas how to wear HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Le Monster Lip Crayon Vegan Lipstick and Lip Liner Mocha Matte @AlexBT . I decided to just line my lips today with the crayon and I smudged it and applied my new favorite obsession over it iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Glaze Lip Oil Piña Colada. It wore off after lunch so I changed the look slightly by applying Yves Saint Laurent YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Stick in 44 nude lavalliere from my Sephoria box. There was still some Haus Labs on my lips so that gave it a different look. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

You look phenomenal @AlexBT! 😍 


I’m a gloss gal too and I love that you paired it with the Dior Mahogany lip oil - that was one of my October favorites! ♥️ I’m going to try that pairing this weekend and with that lipliner. I was lucky enough to receive that MUFE lip liner at SEPHORiA - it’s such a pretty shade and seems to look universally flattering on everyone. There have been several BIC’ers who have raves about it! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@itsfi Ooh that lip color is amazing on you! Love the story about the Myth. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

Thanks so much @Samtian! That's so kind of you to say; appreciate it. That trip was a good one, meaningful, so it was really nice to have a fragrance like Myth as my souvenir from the trip. It always reminds me of that vacation. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@AlexBT  omg I am not mentally ready for it to be the end of November yet. Nor am I prepared!! Great favs. I have been eyeing the Dae cream. I think I have a sample of it I need to try asap! And that SC shower oil sounds delicious! I hope you get the crisp feeling soon! It has been oddly warm where I am too. And no snow! So that’s a plus! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@ather We got a crispy day TODAY! Feelin' the cozy vibes, finally (our California version of it, at least!). 🧣

The Dae cream is nice -- I mostly use it when I'm slicking back my hair in a bun. It tames the baby hairs without feeling crunchy or cementing my hair down.

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

The dae styling cream sounds interesting!! 👀


My November favorites


Clarins Cryo-Flash Instant Lift Effect & Glow Boosting Face Mask 2.5 oz / 75 g 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette Snake 


Topicals Sealed Active Scar Filling Primer for Acne Prone Skin 

Benton fermentation eye cream


Laneige mint chocolate chip

Trader Joe's guava hand cream

@eshoe you gifted me the eye cream thank you! @SportyGirly125 thank you for the hand cream 🤗

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

The Clarins mask sounds great @lmaster!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

It is really cool 🥶 literally 😂 @faeriegirl 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

We’re favorite twins @lmaster with the Clarins mask! It’s so good. Clarins is having a great year! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@itsfi 🙌 great minds 😉

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2023 Edition!

@lmaster I've seen that Clarins Cryo mask mentioned quite a few times as of late, it looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal. I'd love to get my hands on it at some point when I dwindle down my mask stash a bit. The packaging on the Hourglass palette is so gorgeous too! 😍 @SportyGirly125 did such a great job with that hand cream, it smells divine! 

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