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Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Introducing Same-Day UnlimitedIntroducing Same-Day Unlimited

You heard that right. For only $49 a year ($59 for CAN), you can get your beauty in as little as two hours every time you shop! Try it for FREE§ for 30 days.


Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Make sure you’re signed up for Same-Day Unlimited. Choose your product, select the “Same-Day Delivery” option, and input your zip or postal code.


STEP 2: We’ll send you a notification as soon as your order has been packed and is on its way to your requested address.


STEP 3: Once your order has been delivered, we'll send you a confirmation notification.


Already tried Same-Day Delivery? Click reply to share your experience and show off your speedy Sephora haul!


DISC: §See terms.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I decided to activate the same day delivery service today. I had a problem getting my order submitted because the website kept telling me that an item was OOS. I decided to split up my order so I placed two separate orders. I placed my first order at 4:58 PM for same day delivery. Unfortunately one of the items that I ordered was OOS. It was stated that the order would arrive by 8:00PM. The order arrived at 6:58PM with samples. I placed a second order at 5:03PM for on line delivery. It turns out that the item that I was originally trying to order for same day delivery was OOS on line but available for same day delivery. I received that order at 6:57PM. 
I found the item that I am looking for at Sephora at Kohl’s. I am unable to tie both accounts together. If anyone could guide me I would appreciate it. I am very happy with the service.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Hi @Loretta55,


I'm sorry for the trouble and I'll send you a message for more information. 




Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I was able to test this service for free a few weeks ago (thank you!!). As with what others have said, the service worked really well; everything arrived well packaged, during the estimated time and with samples. 


That begin said, I don't think this service is for me. Firstly, my local store is small, so it wasn't the most well stocked. If you have multiple stores or large stores in your area, that probably alleviates that. More importantly, I just can't ever think of an occasion where I would need an item to be delivered to me immediately. If one is a working MUA where there's a need for something last minute or someone who couldn't go into a store (safety issues, etc), then I think it could be super useful. I personally dislike the increase in poorly compensated courier services (except for the increase in access), and since I couldn't add a tip, I felt a bit exploitative. The cost for the service is a steal but I struggle to balance that with how the couriers are being compensated. I just am lucky that I don't need my purchases immediately and am happy to wait for it to be delivered through the postal service (and honestly would be happy to wait a bit longer for those items).

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I received an offer for 40% off of a same-day order; I can't find it now!  I made a cart, and almost checked out, but after the surcharge and the $7 long-distance fee, I figured I would just shop the F&F sale for about the same discount.


I would like to say I am impressed that my neighborhood is included in the delivery area, even if it costs extra.  No one delivers to us, as we're in the country.



Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I have a question about the new service @SephoraBIC. I still have 4.5 months left on my flash shipping subscription. If I sign up for this new service, will the balance of my flash shipping be pro rated into same day shipping or will I lose flash shipping?

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Great question! @Loretta55 I wish I had gotten the flash shipping when I had the chance ☹️. On a side note, I miss getting a "you've re-Rouged!" gift every year. 😭 @TeamBIC 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I miss the rerouging gifts too @Buootiful . I hope that when my flash subscription ends that Sephora continues to ship my items via UPS because I have had bad luck with USPS . At some point I will sign up for same day delivery. 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@Loretta55 Your Flash subscription is a separate subscription and will continue until its end date. 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Thank you very much for the clarification @keelybt.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I've used the "Same Day Delivery" feature twice - the first time on Sephora's dime, the second, on my own. My expectations were exceeded both times @SephoraBIC
Same Day Delivery: My Initial Experience
* Order Submitted: 4:50 PM (10 minutes before the expiration of the cut-off period for my area)
* Order Fully Processed by Sephora: 5:35 PM 
* ETA for Delivery (from the email confirming my order): by 8:00 PM
* Actual Delivery of Products: 6:13 PM
1 - Same Day Delivery 1.0.jpg
Thoughts and Impressions: Wow, that was fast! Products were well packaged, arriving in a Sephora bag, stapled to ensure that the products were not opened after being rung up and did not fall out during transport. A bag tag was also stapled to the outside of the bag, indicating the items purchased and that they were my products (see pic, personal information redacted). Thank you again @TeamBIC for the opportunity to try out this fab new feature. I had such a great experience that first time that I decided to give it another try.
Same Day Delivery: The Second Time Around:
Items purchased: Dior J'adore Parfum d'Eau, Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush 05 Rosy Beige Dior Rouge Dior Forever Transfer-Proof Lipstick 300 - Forever Nude Style  - All 3 items were out of stock online when I tried to purchase them and the third beauty, the lipstick, was only shown as being available in a couple of stores and in each, it was highlighted as being in "limited stock". My experience in those situations in the past when I've tried Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, is that that product gets cancelled from the order because inventory has changed from limited to none available when a cast member goes to locate and pull the product from the store, so I was absolutely elated when I received the email notification that all three beauties were available and had been pulled for my order. *squee!
* Order Submitted: 2:12 PM on the first day of the Sephora Friends & Family Sale Event
* Order Fully Processed by Sephora: 2:50 PM 
* ETA for Delivery (from the email confirming my order): by 8:00 PM: I wonder if that's an automatically generated ETA when you choose the general same day option (versus the 2-hour window feature, which wasn't available to me)
* Actual Delivery of Products: 3:18 PM
1 - Same Day Delivery 2.0a.jpg
Thoughts and Impressions: "What?!!! You've got to be kidding me!😍 I received these goodies in literally just over an hour from the time I submitted my order! I was taken aback by how quickly my order arrived, especially because at that time of the day, on a Friday no less, traffic can be heavy with folks picking up their kids or on their way to do so. There was also an event in the city that was causing delays because of blocked off streets, etc.
Like my initial experience with same-day delivery, the products arrived in a Sephora shopping bag, sealed (this time with tape and not stapled to the bag), and included a printout of my  order and the products in the bag. I was also very happy with this second experience with Same-Day Delivery and couldn't wait to open up my new beauties! 
1 - Same Day Delivery 2.0b.jpg
OVERALL THOUGHTS (of the Same-Day Delivery Program):
* Ease and convenience: I can order online, from my phone or computer and have it delivered to me, wherever I may be. When I have traveled for work, I've occasionally forgotten to pack something or something leaked in transport. I can usually get by but sometimes having a product really helps - like the Peace Out Acne Dots when uninvited guest(s) make an appearance on my face or deodorant or tweezers. Since I'm working, I might not have the time to get to a store, and the gift shop downstairs may not have what I need or want. With "Same Day Delivery," I can order and have it delivered to my hotel. 
* Fast and trackable delivery: I appreciate getting updates as to where my order is in the queue - confirmed, received, processed, out for delivery, etc. It's all at my fingertips. 
* Bang for the buck: For me, parking near a Sephora can be challenging to come by, or costly, or more often, both. To me, $49 per year ($59 CAN) is quite the bargain. That's less than $1 per week (or slightly more for our beauties in Canada). Not that I shop at Sephora weekly, but factoring the convenience of the feature (no crowds or waiting in a physical line) as well as the cost of time and money for parking (let alone having to circle about finding a space during the upcoming holiday season), makes the "same day delivery" feature very appealing and beneficial for me, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The 30-day free trial offer is also a huge plus - you can try for yourself how easy and convenient the option is and then determine whether it's worthwhile for you. 
* Special instructions: I like that instructions can be left for the delivery person, like "please knock lightly (please do not ring the doorbell) because the baby is asleep" or "please text", or "please leave the bag behind X."
  • Making the service available in more markets
  • Including information regarding the availability of 2-hour delivery, similar to the information that is made available for the general same-day delivery option or on the FAQ page if there's a cut-off time for that feature or if that feature is not available (yet) in all markets where same-day delivery is an option, to state that as well.
  • Consider an option to allow for testers or samples made of certain products - I understand this will involve many factors and logistics to consider, including whether the store from which the products will be pulled for same-day delivery also carry the products for which a sample is being requested, and I can imagine that there may be frustration by some if they're order does not include samples/products requested, so it's an easier improvement to ask for than to put into actual practice but something to consider.
* BEST SUITED FOR: most everyone. Having the option to have the products delivered the same day can be really convenient. 
* WOULD I RECOMMEND? Absolutely, if the program is available in your area. The current offer for the free trial period is nice too. 👍🏼 Having had the ability to test out the same-day delivery feature made the convenience factor all the more real to me.
* AM I GOING TO SIGN UP FOR THIS PERK?: I will with my next order if the product is available for same-day delivery. 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Sounds like you had an awesome experience! @itsfi I love all the products you got, so luxurious!


As for the 2 hour window, it glitched on me a lot saying it wasn't available. I refreshed the page until it showed up and that is how I was able to select it. Since they have finalized the changes to $49 annually, I'm not sure if that will work now. It's worth a shot 🙂

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@Buootiful, if delivery for this second time had taken over 2 hours, I might be tempted about giving the 2-hour delivery window a try just to see how it worked, but both my experiences with the regular same-day option have been under 2 hours, with this most recent one well under 2 hours. That said, I am intrigued by what my experience might be like with either option if I were out of town. I imagine it'd be the same but there's a part of me that thinks I need to test it out - for science, of course - the next time I'm out of town and in an area where same-day/2-hour deliver is available. 🤔 


Haha! I was a little bummed when all 3 of these beauties were noted as being out of stock for online purchase but finding they were all in the same store was a pleasant surprise.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Same day delivery is a thing I didn't know I needed until I had a chance to try it.  I also like that it came with the option for a delivery time.  I chose the option for a specific delivery time because I live in a building, so I wanted to be sure it got to me. (The cost for a single order with the time option is a miss, but having a subscription makes this a viable option.)


I got regular updates as you all described, and when the delivery person arrived, he called.  He brought it to me directly, which had this vibe of luxury - hand delivered makeup, who doesn't love that?


I was lucky my nearest store had lots of options for same day delivery, but I could see the issues when your choices aren't at the nearest store.


There needs to be a way to add samples or GWPs, because in store you can always request them, and I like getting new things to try.  I made all whole thread about foils, 🤣😉, also I think that would encourage repeat purchases.



This was my haul, which I loved on for most of the summer.  Thanks again @TeamBIC !

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@SephoraBIC  I recently tried this service and it turned out better than my expectations.


I placed an order at 4:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon which was right at the point of cut out time for same day delivery and yet my order was at my door at 6:10 pm .


I received notification when order was  received, picked up and delivered. The delivery person called me when they were at my door and handed me the order instead of leaving it outside which I appreciate because it was a delicate piece.


If I am ever in need of something urgent but can’t manage to go to a store, I know I can trust your same day delivery service.


BTW I ordered Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush 05 Rosy Beige 






Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@fatimamummy Everyone's talking about these Gucci blushes! Do I need one? 🤩

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@AlexBT  You definitely need it. I am using it nonstop ever since buying. It is so pretty, Stays put all day for me and best thing I can go as light or dark as I want.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@AlexBT Yes you do. I own shade 4 and 6 and love them.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Sounds exciting for those that get it! I can't imagine someone driving 4 hours to deliver a small order to me 🤣

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

I live very close to a Sephora store and I don’t have this option available either @Samtian ☹️

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@Saradestin Awe bummer!

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