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Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Introducing Same-Day UnlimitedIntroducing Same-Day Unlimited

You heard that right. For only $49 a year ($59 for CAN), you can get your beauty in as little as two hours every time you shop! Try it for FREE§ for 30 days.


Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Make sure you’re signed up for Same-Day Unlimited. Choose your product, select the “Same-Day Delivery” option, and input your zip or postal code.


STEP 2: We’ll send you a notification as soon as your order has been packed and is on its way to your requested address.


STEP 3: Once your order has been delivered, we'll send you a confirmation notification.


Already tried Same-Day Delivery? Click reply to share your experience and show off your speedy Sephora haul!


DISC: §See terms.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@SephoraBIC I tried this service recently and found it to be exactly as advertised.


I ordered in the morning and less than 3 hours later, it was on my doorstep. I received email updates every step of the way and was very happy with the service. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again if I needed something right away but didn't have the time to go out and get it.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

The timing of the free 30 day trial to go along with the Friends and Family Sale as well as ALL the new holiday drops? Someone needs a raise! 

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to test this program out because I can’t recommend it enough. I’m sure many of you can relate to needing something from Sephora but can’t squeeze a trip to the store into your schedule…and also not wanting to wait for it to be delivered if you order it online 🤪 I know, first world problems. 

Here’s how easy the process was for me:


I placed my order at 5:30am and it arrived at 1:30pm. I received notifications when it was placed, on the move and when it was delivered. I loved this experience! 

I did see that there was an option to choose your delivery time, but it wouldn’t let me choose that one for the extra fee. Maybe I ordered too early in the day? 

For science I want to order later in the day to see if the option to choose a delivery time pops up. Maybe during store hours would be optimal! Anyone have a similar experience? 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@SephoraBIC I tried out the same day delivery option last month as well and this was my experience:


I placed my order for delivery from my local Sephora store at 9:35am. The store does not open until 10:00am. I received an email around 12:15pm stating that my order was out for delivery and around 12:45pm my order was delivered. My local store offers same day delivery for $6.95 and a scheduled delivery window for $9.95 for a one-time delivery. Since I was not in a rush to get my items I choose to go ahead and just place for same day delivery.


I requested that my order please be left at the front door which it was. The bag was placed nicely against the wall of my home to the right of my front door (also to help keep away porch pirates probably as you could not see the bag from the street) and was not thrown down or just carelessly tossed. I greatly appreciated that. Everything that I ordered was in the bag and the receipt was stapled to the outside - it was very orderly.


IMO this service would be great to subscribe to especially if your local Sephora is well stocked with the newest/more popular lines and/or you are close to multiple Sephora stores to choose from. The $49 a year sounds like a steal especially around the holidays that way you are not fighting traffic, trying to find a parking spot, dealing with the crowds, etc. Also you would only have to use it 5 times in an entire year to get your money's worth.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

Thank you so much for letting us try out this service. I think a true test of accuracy/speedy service is to monitor it during the Holiday sale. I wish Sephora luck on this new delivery service.


I really wanted to smell KAYALI Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48 Travel Spray .33 oz / 10 mL eau de parfum spray so this was a perfect way to get it fast. Then, @danielledanielle posted on Insta about the new UD lippie Urban Decay Vice Lip Bond Glossy Liquid Lipstick Law of Attraction and I had to try it's staying power!


I placed the order at 1023am. Delivery was super fast once the order was packed. I got an email saying it would be delivered between 2-4pm. It was ready 205pm and delivered by 215pm! I liked that my little Sephora bag was stapled shut. ❤️


I used my office for delivery but I think getting it to my house by 9pm would be great for a Beauty emergency. If you run out of shampoo or body wash that morning, you can have it replenished by night-and not have to leave the house! 


My haul:




Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@Buootiful @I smelled that scent in store and it’s 100% on my list now! It smells so so good. For years  I’ve lusted after the Tom Ford one but it’s just way too expensive for me - I’m so glad there’s a more reasonable option now! 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

IKR? It's one of the best dupes of an expensive product. It's also way friendlier on everyone's wallet 🙂 @Kim888 

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@SephoraBIC @I found the same day delivery very easy to use. I did not pay for a specific window but my products were still delivered within 2 hours and I got a message when it was on its way which was very helpful. 

as I live in an apartment, I wasn’t sure if they would leave it downstairs with my doorman or bring it upstairs but they brought it right to my door! 

If I was getting ready and realized I needed something or if I was having a super busy day before an event, it’s nice to get things right to your door! 


Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!



I tried same day about a month ago.  Below is my experience using it.


I placed my order in the morning at 10:54 am.  There were 2 options to choose from which were to get the order by 9 pm for a starting price of $6.95 or pay $9.95 to schedule a delivery window. 


At 12:44pm I got an email that my order was on the way.  It was being picked up at a Sephora 24 miles away from me.  I find it helpful that I got an email once the order was out for delivery and was able to track it.  My estimated delivery time was 1:31pm and my order showed up at my door at 1:25 pm.


If you are unable to go to a Sephora store or do not have one near you this is a great option, especially if you need the order faster than having it shipped.  You can tell right away on the product page if the item you want qualifies for same day and also what the starting delivery price will be.

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

That was pretty accurate @SportyGirly125 ! 😮

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@SephoraBIC This is a great option if you want to get your hands on those brand new releases immediately, from the comfort of your home. 😃 I don’t have a same day delivery option in my area anyway, so I guess I can’t take advantage of it even if I wanted to 😕 But the price is really good!!

Re: Introducing Same-Day Unlimited!

@SephoraBIC This is a great option if you want to get your hands on those brand new releases immediately, from the comfort of your home. 😃 I don’t have a same day delivery option in my area anyway, so I guess I can’t take advantage of it even if I wanted to 😕 But the price is really good!!

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