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Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Hello BIC Community, 


Thank you so much to Atelier Cologne and Sephora for giving me the opportunity to participate in this Olfactive Workshop. I had a great time learning about the complex process behind creating fragrances, the natural ingredients used by Atelier, and the stories behind some of their most iconic scents. 


During this his workshop we essentially walked through different rooms that encapsulated experiences behind each fragrance. 


Orange Sanguine: this room was bright and sunny, with oranges and citrus, the feeling of laying on a warm beach, and a bathtub full of oranges. The scent was described as Sylvie wanting to capture happiness in a bottle. 


Vanille Insensee: we entered this room via a tiny narrow staircase hidden behind a wall. It had the feeling of entering a secret speakeasy, and to our delight, it was! The story behind this scent has to do with how Sylvie and Christophe met and created this brand. 


Santal Carmin: there was mystery behind this one, with a warm, leathery display setup next to red velvet curtains. Behind the curtains you enter a room full of mirrors and boxing gloves. This scent encapsulates the way Sylvie and Christophe fought to build this brand and accomplished their dream. 


Pacific Lime: entering this room was like entering a festive beach party! There were limes, coconuts, and suitcases that made it feel like you had traveled to a tropical island. There was also a confetti machine and phot shoot involved. This is where Jerome led us through smelling the four elements of pacific lime one by one and having us guess what they were. 


Oolang Infini: this room had a quiet, peaceful, and mellow feel to it. Stepping into this room felt like stepping back in time. There were leaflets hanging from the ceiling, pastel blues accenting the decor, and a typewriter and other vintage items set up around the room. 


Clementine California: you immediately get the sense you’re on the west coast now, with little references to iconic California experiences such as Hollywood, LA, old  cameras and film projectors, sunglasses and sand. Jerome led us through another fragrance element breakdown for this scent, and who knew basil can smell so much like dill pickle when isolated from other scents (at least to my nose)! 


After the workshop, there was more time for snacks, mimosas, revisiting the experiences (hello bathtub full of oranges! and sexy speakeasy!), and even the chance to engrave the special gift we received for coming. 


Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Sephora! 























Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Thanks for sharing @lnum This looks like it was an amazing experience.

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

It truly was! I have a much greater appreciation for the thoughtfulness that goes into creating each Atelier fragrance. 

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

@lnum  Great recap of the event. The photos are lovely! Looks like you met up with some BIC ladies too 🙂 glad everyone had a wonderful time. 

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Thanks! I love meeting community members. 😄

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

@lnum Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad a lot of people on BIC were able to attend this event. 

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

No problem! Very thankful Sephora gave us the opportunity to be part of this. 🙂

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

@lnum ,

Lucky you!  Thank you for sharing your terrific photos and descriptions of this Atelier Cologne event!  You did an outstanding job of explaining things to us!

I already love so many of the Atelier Colognes and now I am inspired to try even more  of them.

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Yay! I actually always used to think some of the citrusy scents aren’t for me, but Atelier changed my mind. Oolang Infini was also one that I didn’t think I’d like but I loved the candle, and discovered a bunch of the other candles I may need to add to my loves for the April sale. 😉

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Awwww - what a fun event!  Thank you for sharing your lovely pics, @lnum ! ❤️

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Of course, I’m more than happy to share as much of the experience as I can with the BIC. 😄

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Congrat @lnum and all the BIC got to attend these awesome events!!! I'm happy for you (and jealous as well ;)).  I adore AC 😉

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Thank you, it was lovely! Hope you get to attend one in the future. 😇

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Ahhh, the sun is in my face!! But, awesome report! 



Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

@lnum  What great pictures and details of this event!! So glad you were able to attend and to meet other BIC members!! Love that picture and would love to know who they are,  if you can!! I recognize at least one. Thanks again for sharing!!😊

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

@darkiceis help me out with these lovely ladies superhero names 😂

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

@lnum , I love the photo of all the community members in the orange pool!  I didn't realize that the workshop was held in the same space as the cocktail event -- all the rooms look different than, and yet equally impressionable as they did at night.  

Re: Atelier Cologne Olfactive Workshop NYC

Thanks for tagging me in the event post, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have had the chance to go. 😊

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