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2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Last month, the BIC Team selected several community members to attend Sephora's first ever immersive beauty experience, Sephoria: House of Beauty, which took place this past weekend in Los Angeles.  In addition to receiving keys to unlock the House of Beauty, the selected community members were asked to photograph the event and report their experiences to the community.




to my fellow Gold Key Recipients:

 @darkiceis @jazmineshepard @NotCrocker @KNC24 @Tamara76 !


                          We Came, We Saw, We CONQUERED SEPHORiA !




**all insights are more than welcome and I'm sure Sephora will appreciate the feedback, particularly if they host another event next year ...



Image result for fingers crossed gif

****Also, I'm not sure if there are size limitations to the threads so we each may need separate threads to house our copious photos.  I'll add links here as needed****


@darkiceis review can be found here:


@KNC24 review here:


Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Congrats to all the deserving community members! From other threads looks like everyone had a great time!

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you, V!  We had the most amazing time, but it wasn't the same without you there, doll! ❤️   @veronika23

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Congrats to all of you who were able to attend!  That had to be a really awesome experience.

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@ElleElleG Thanks for creating this thread. Can’t wait to read all the feedback and see all the pics ❤️❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

We want your feedback too @pixiedust2 😉

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thanks for creating this @ElleElleG! I have jotted down my thoughts and am prepping my 'report', but have a major volunteer layout project I need to tackle today/tonight so might not get back into here until tomorrow or Wednesday. 


Also, this might be my P.S. on all posts from now on, but I legitimately already miss you. 

Related image

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@NotCrocker you are the absolute sweetest!  I'm so sad that we only had you for a day 😫but I cherish the time that we did have! 

Image result for friends hug gif

Something tells me another gathering will be planned out soon 😉

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

OMG!   @NotCrocker @ElleElleG I miss y'all already, too!  I'm having # virtual girl squad withdrawal! Meeting the two of you and @Mcakes @ZombieMetroAnt @heartsmyface @darkiceis @shimmerbait @pixiedust2 @sister13 @julz385  Baby Hearts and Lil' Z was the highlight of the trip! ❤️  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Image result for i love y'all

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

The withdrawals are real @Tamara76 !!  


Image result for group hug gif

So glad we got to meet AND that you brought B, she was hilarious 💕

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

LOL!  Thanks, @ElleElleG!   She loved you, too!  Y'all are officially BFFs now! ❤️ 

Image result for bff

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Also wanted to add how awesome it was to meet @GhostInTheShell @GodivaMoon @KatieBT @BrendaBT @LexBT @DavidB @MyieshaBD - I can only tag 10 people at a time!

Image result for love you guys

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@Tamara76It was great meeting you and your adorable mini and everyone else who went!! Had a fantabulous time!! ❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@GodivaMoon Same!  So fun to finally meet you in person! ❤️ 

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