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2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Last month, the BIC Team selected several community members to attend Sephora's first ever immersive beauty experience, Sephoria: House of Beauty, which took place this past weekend in Los Angeles.  In addition to receiving keys to unlock the House of Beauty, the selected community members were asked to photograph the event and report their experiences to the community.




to my fellow Gold Key Recipients:

 @darkiceis @jazmineshepard @NotCrocker @KNC24 @Tamara76 !


                          We Came, We Saw, We CONQUERED SEPHORiA !




**all insights are more than welcome and I'm sure Sephora will appreciate the feedback, particularly if they host another event next year ...



Image result for fingers crossed gif

****Also, I'm not sure if there are size limitations to the threads so we each may need separate threads to house our copious photos.  I'll add links here as needed****


@darkiceis review can be found here:


@KNC24 review here:


Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you so much, @curlychiquita!!!   I loved that room, too!  I need a glitter pool/bed in my house - Think I can talk the hubs into installing one in my beauty room? 😉 

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@Tamara76  A wonderful review and the pictures are all fantastic.  We took like what? 40 pictures at the Fenty booth, it was hilarious, a total fail for us throwing too much glitter.  They really went all out with the services, there were a lot of stations which was good thinking.  That helped to get as many people worked on as possible.  The appointment setting for the services was a good idea too, so you knew when to come back versus waiting there for who knows how long when you could be wandering around the venue. Good times.

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

I loved that glitter, @darkiceis!  And soooo much of it followed us home! 😉 


Yes, I was super impressed how efficient they were at the makeup stations and the MUAs were all so sweet!  I love how I got a text reminder of my appointment time! We had so much fun talking with the other MUAs and they put my kiddo to work researching the mirrors at the stations because we all wanted to buy one (we found them on Amazon, btw!). ❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

OMG! Look at all this amazingness @Tamara76! 🙂  Awesome that you got to meet so many fab people, most of all that you and members of your BIC family were able to meet in real life and plaaaaaay!!! Love that last group shot - I imagine y'all were tired but there's so much joy in your faces!!!  It's really great that y'all were able to meet up and hang out! ❤️ ❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you so much, @itsfi!!!   Meeting my BT/BIC Fam after all these years was the highlight of the weekend!   Yes, the last pic was around 12:30 am (I think) and we were exhausted but oh so happy!   The entire weekend was a dream!💗💗💗💗

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Awww I love all the photos @Tamara76 !  I feel like I just went through it all again.  Sorry about the GC hiccup but I'm glad it was taken care of.  I cannot overemphasize just how sweet Natasha was, heck not only did she do one mini photoshoot with our group but when we were reluctantly about to move on she was like, "wait, lets take more photos" ha!


You got the glitter YSL lid!  I was nervous you wouldn't be able to see the engraving but it looks perfectly fine and I'm kicking myself for not getting a SC Lipstory with our group dinner photo on it. 


So so so happy to meet everyone after all this time.  And Little Damages was a delightful surprise/yummy end to a glorious evening!

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you, @ElleElleG!  I look forward to reading your report, too!   The Mini and I had so much fun hanging out with you all weekend!!!💗💗💗.


I am still floating on a cloud about hanging with y’all and meeting Natasha - She was seriously amazing!  I have been wearing Lila and Darya all week and I think I need more Chroma Toppers, for sure!💗💗💗


I definitely think attending a second session would have been awesome so I could see everything I missed the first time and try to squeeze in to a few more talks/classes - preferably after comparing notes with my Franzzz.  The cool part is that I think we had representstjon in every single session and it has been so much fun comparing notes with y’all.


When can we do it again?!?!?💗💗💗


Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

ND definitely got my attention with those Chroma Toppers!!


Agreed, a second session and a second masterclass would've been great @Tamara76!

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

😍 I'm speechless @Tamara76! Thank you for your detailed recap and pictures! I saw some pictures on IG but these are even better! 

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Awww Thank you so much, @Lazybeautybeast!  It was an all around amazing weekend!💗💗💗

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@Tamara76 Oh my gosh!! I loved living this vicariously through you all. 

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you, @Samtian!   Hopefully you can join us if we ever get to do this again! ❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

OMG @Tamara76  Your recaps and photos are amazing.  They definitely made a good pick choosing you to attend.  I'm thrilled you had such a great time.  These posts are making me feel like I was there!  You also looked stunning.  Love that photo of you in the Fenty glitter.

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Awwww - Thank you so much, @sprocketta!  It was an amazing night! ❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Great recap and amazing pics T! I am SOOOOOO JEALOUS of your experience with @NatashaDenona! I think everyone knows how much a fan I am.  Glad you had a great time and congrats again! @Tamara76

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you so much, @veronika23!  I really, really wish you could have been there with us, V!   We missed you so much! ❤️

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Really wished I could have been there too T! @Tamara76

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

I am going to take forever to do my write-up but this was awesome to relive such a wonderful experience through these! Definitely can't wait for #SEPHORiA2019!! @Tamara76

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

OMG!  I can't wait either, @sister13! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

@Tamara76 Wow! What a completely incredible experience. Thank you so much for sharing. That Natasha Denona class looks amazing, and I love seeing the pics of everyone!!!!

Re: SEPHORiA {2018} Feedback Thread

Thank you so much, @PrettyPaint!  It was incredible, indeed!  The Natasha Denona class was absolutely amazing!  You can actually watch our class on Sephora's official Youtube channel! 

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