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Taking multiple HUM Supplements

Could an admin work with a HUM representative to create a list of which HUM supplements play nicely with one another, which combinations should be avoided, which combinations are duplicative, etc?


It would be great to feel like I was making more informed decisions when  purchasing multiple supplements, I’ve held back from buying or trying more than a few because I’m not sure how the active ingredients interact. Yes, I could try to look it up using Google, but I’d much prefer an official breakdown from a HUM nutritionalist.


What do you think, Insiders?

Re: Taking multiple HUM Supplements

That's a great question! Since everyone's skin concerns are different, we recommend checking out our quick 3-minute evaluation at for personalized product recommendations from an RD Nutritionist. They're super helpful and remain available for ongoing support, plus it's 100% FREE! They're great if you have specific questions.


In terms of general supplement combinations, we're happy to compile some for different concerns. Let us know what skin + lifestyle goals are or would like more information on and we'll send over some recommendations Smiley Happy

Re: Taking multiple HUM Supplements

@GalPalFriday what a great idea! We will reach out to the brand and see what they can do Smiley Happy 

Re: Taking multiple HUM Supplements


Humnutrition dot com offers a free personalized plan, including recommendations from one of their nutritionists, after taking a short survey.Screenshot_20180827-174340.png








Re: Taking multiple HUM Supplements




Thank you!


I’d still like a breakdown like what The Oridinary does with their products, but this is awesome. Thanks again!  

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