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how to... makeup?

Hello! I'm about a year into my identity, and I'm having a heck of a time with figuring out makeup. Do you have any advice for learning both skills and aesthetics?

Re: how to... makeup?

Absolutely! Dive into tutorials for basic techniques like blending, contouring, and highlighting. Experiment with different products and tools to find your style. Remember, practice makes perfect, so embrace your journey and have fun with it! By the way, last month I was touring Dubai and decided to swing by a local studio for some makeup inspiration too!

Re: how to... makeup?

Hi @Ebunbun ,


Welcome! I'm Shawn, one of the Sephora PRO Artists. For someone just starting makeup, I always recommend learning your features first - your skin type, skin tone, skin concern, face shape, and eye shape. Once you learn all of these, you can then follow with what you like to define and emphasize as well as if there are concerns you would like to address. After, you can pick products that are personalized according to your features and preferences. When I first started learning, I studied trends of the past and the current trends. I incorporated what I liked within those decades with the current trend to find my personal aesthetic.This is one way you can build your own aesthetic. 

To elevate your skill, I recommend booking a makeup service at a Sephora near you. The artist will be able to customized product recommendations and application techniques for you while they teach you step by step. You can also watch videos on Sephora Youtube or finding a creator who has similar features and skin tone as you!


I hope this helps!




Sephora PRO Artist

Re: how to... makeup?

I just started learning makeup recently. I started watching videos on YouTube, but found that it was sometimes information overload. There were so many suggestions and even conflicting information. One video would say “do it like this” and another would say the exact opposite. 


I ended up treating makeup like any other skill or hobby. Start with cheap equipment and supplies, develop some skills, then upgrade later on. I bought cheap drugstore/dollar store makeup and brushes and just gave it a go. After some practice, I went to my local Sephora and asked the employees for their feedback. They pointed out things I was doing well, things I could improve upon, and even offered a few products to look into. It was unbelievably intimidating at first but incredibly helpful!

Re: how to... makeup?

Hi! Hecc yeah for exploring your self expression! I love this part of figuring out my identity (as a non-binary/genderfluid person, this happens for me p often lol). I think TikTok is honestly a great place to explore a bunch of different (but still known/popular enough styles that you could find tutorials for somewhere) aesthetics at once to figure out what you like. Lots of folks on tik tok also do makeup tutorials to show you how they've created their looks, where to find products, and things like "cute looks on a budget".

Youtube is also a great place to find trans artists that do tutorials for folks with various face shapes, how to make your current face shape appear more masc, femme, andro, etc. presenting (Ex. "How to soften your face shape with makeup" or "how to add stubble using makeup"), if that's something you're interested in as well!

I don't currently have any specific artists to mention, as I've stepped away from the makeup side of things and have been more into skincare content creators. I do recommend caution though, as there are still a few trans-medicalists (people who believe you HAVE to medically transition in order to be valid in your identity, and they usually only accept binary trans folks. So not great,,,,) who are very popular (especially on YouTube), so make sure you google any creators you get into real quick to make sure their communities are safe spaces. For the most part though, I've had a relatively positive experience!

Happy exploring!! ❤️

Re: how to... makeup?

Hi @Ebunbun and welcome to BIC!! it's great that you are discovering yourself and want to play with makeup. Do you have a sephora store near you? you can go there and ask for a makeup session (probably you will have to pay for it) and they will teach you how to do makeup and what can suits you best!! Good luck 🐞🍀

Re: how to... makeup?

Hi @Ebunbun and welcome to BIC!! It's fantastic that you're exploring yourself and interested in experimenting with makeup. Do you happen to have a Sephora nearby? You can visit there and inquire about a makeup session (there might be a fee involved), where they'll teach you makeup techniques and help you discover what suits you best!! Good luck! 🐞🍀

Re: how to... makeup?

@Ebunbun Taking classes at a beauty counter, community college or watching Youtube videos can help.

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