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crossdresser makeover at Sephora

HI I am mature crossdresser 64 and want to do a makeover,  it will take a lot for me to walk in dressed and get the makeover.  Is the area the makeover very private or out in the open?  Also what hours are the makeovers done and how long does it take?  When u make the appt do u tell them you are crossdresser?  I don't have an issue buying makeup to pay for the makeover.   

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Thank you for asking the hard question and putting yourself out there.  Your question also applies to me.  I really thought "I" was posting the question based on the details you provided.  I too am a mature 60's+ CD and looking to get an 'in person' makeover.  I always wanted to do it but lack the of self-confidence is preventing me from doing so.  I looked into it a long time ago and my local store did not offer the service.  From what I now read, I will have to go into center city Philly to have it done so that is another barrier.  Anyway, I hope you have found what you needed.  So again thank you for asking the hard question. 

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

I visited my local store to buy some makeup, before I knew it I was being asked if I wanted to try it on, I said yes, and then next think I knew I was getting a full face done, it was a great visit,. Staff was awesome

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

That is awesome! Was it free? I've thought about scheduling a makeover but I think the way it happened with you is best, like having a rapport with the staff member and feeling comfortable with them before getting an actual makeover! Because I feel like I'd be self-conscious just going right into an appointment. Question: was it nerve-wracking to have your makeup done with customers walking around and maybe looking?

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Hi @hanes177 ,


My name is Shawn and I am a Sephora PRO Artist. One of the services my team offers at Sephora is Virtual PRO Consultation where we personalize the experience and products for our clients. I can guide you on how best to use products you already own and recommend additional products that will best suit your routine. This includes consideration of skin type, skin tone, face shape, eye shape, lifestyle, etc. And all of this happens at the comfort of your home via Zoom. If this is something you're interested in, here is the link to book an appointment:




Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora


Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

That’s great to know! @ShawnPRO 

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora


Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Hello, I don’t know all the answers but will take a stab. So, Sephora now does charge for full makeovers, I think $60 and you can book online. It used to be it was free but you had to buy $50 worth of product, but now they outright charge and doesn’t go towards any purchase. Generally, their makeover areas are not very private, but some are right in the middle at the entrance and some are more off to the side. You don’t have to tell them, but you may wish to call and ask if they have an artist who has experience. Or, you can add notes to the booking, I think. But I would say in general their trained artists are likely to all be comfortable and knowledgeable with what you need and can help you find some great products. Good luck to you @hanes177 

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Thank you sister13 for the info! I had asked above if makeovers were free but I guess you answered that. Wondering though if they might still casually offer to apply makeup you've purchased like they did with another commenter. Also do you know if they'd be amenable to doing a makeover maybe in a less busy area, like obviously not in front of the doors or are there set stations?

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Hi @Emilypower ! So, maybe @TeamBIC can also help advise or add to my answer here. Things have changed a lot in recent years, not sure how much is COVID and just business decisions by Sephora. 

I would recommend you kind of scope out the store or stores near you and see what their setup looks like? Like, there are two stores near me where one has the studio smack dab front and center and another one has the studio/stations in the back and off to the side, so I think it all depends. 

As for the mini services, the “Stores” section of gives information about those 30 or 60 minutes sessions. Otherwise, you might want to go in during a less busy time (not weekends) and ask questions in the store about what they can do to help you. Even if they can’t apply makeup to you for free, maybe they can help demonstrate for you and you mirror what they are doing? Like, pick one feature, lip or eyebrows or eyes, or contour/highlight, etc. 


Also, you can look at the Events section of your spores and the brand representatives might be able to apply for free if you go when there is an brand event. You could also call and ask, again, best to call when they’re least likely to be busy so they have time to answer your questions without being too rushed.

Oh, also may want to check out the Virtual Events (usually require some points to sign up) but those are great. 

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck! 

Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Hi sister13, THANK YOU for all those suggestions and I will get back to you later! Sorry I'm in a hurry right now! 🙂


Re: crossdresser makeover at Sephora

Thank you for the info I much appreciate it

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