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What are your pronouns?



Anna and Michelle here from Sephora Prism, nice to meet you! Sephora Prism is a group of Sephora employees dedicated to creating a culture of belonging to celebrate the diversity of our LGBTQIA+ community at Sephora and with our clients. We’ll be posting about topics that are important to us and the LGBTQIA+ community, starting with pronouns! You know… They, Xe, Ze, He, She…




As many of you already know, you can’t always know someone’s pronouns just by looking at them. Some may take it for granted that they do not have to worry about which pronoun someone is going to use based on how they perceive your gender. The simple solution is to ask and consistently use someone’s correct pronouns to show respect for their gender identity. For example, Michelle is on the left and prefers the pronouns They/Them. My name is Anna (I’m on the right, hi!) and my pronouns are They/Them or She/Her.


Mistakes and misgendering happens, but as with all things, practice makes perfect!


What are your pronouns? Share them below and join us in adding them to your profile bio*!


*Feel free to check our profile bio to see how we did this!

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Re: What are your pronouns?

My pronouns are she/her

Re: What are your pronouns?

@MaddieVictoria Welcome!

Re: What are your pronouns?

Thank you for the warm welcome. 

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hello to the both of you. My name is Stephani and my pronouns are she/her or they/them. I was misgendered at birth and have been living the lie for decades. At the age of 60 I’ve decided to begin my M2F journey and will begin hormone therapy soon. As I begin to emerge I will be expressing my feminine identity full time. Several problems—I have very masculine features, I’m not very attractive, and I have MS which makes applying makeup a bit of a shaky adventure.


My question is this: what can I do or where can I do to achieve some level of femininity to my face? I live in Connecticut. I’m reluctantly posting my pic to give some context



Re: What are your pronouns?

Hello @Steph0504, welcome! I'm so happy for you to be on this journey! My wife is about two years into hers and had similar worries in the beginning. I have learned a lot from her in this time. There are so many ways to be feminine and attractive. Instead of worrying about how far you may be from your end goal, take it one step at a time. What feature do you dislike the most? What would make you happier it? Focus the bad feelings on small things, rather than putting yourself down overall. Our Classes for Confidence are a good place to learn makeup skills. Youtube tutorials are also great. 

RE: What are your pronouns?

So glad to find this board. She/Her are words I love to hear. And yet, so shrouded in mystery. That’s the thrill of it!

Re: RE: What are your pronouns?

Thanks for sharing @Eunice63 

Re: What are your pronouns?

I love that you are doing this and promoting awareness of how important the correct use of pronouns can be. I didn't really understand how valuable this is until it was explained to me about a year ago. Like a great many things that I don't immediately understand, I was happy to be educated on the subject 🙂


I am personally comfortable with any and all pronouns being used to refer to me (because I feel as though all can apply to my sense of identity). 

Re: What are your pronouns?

@sockmagnet Thanks for posting! While I prefer they/them, I too am fine with all pronouns because I'm gender fluid and all can apply to a part of my identity. 


Love your icon!

Re: What are your pronouns?

@SephoraPrism Thanks, our seven year old loves Steven Universe and we've found it to be a very positive thing in our home. I love Lion 🙂

Re: What are your pronouns?

I am also a huge Steven Universe fan! I dressed up Lapis Lazuli for halloween a few years ago and now I wish I could be blue instead of human colored, haha.

Re: What are your pronouns?

Welcome Anna and Michelle! Hope you love it here as much as we do! My pronouns are she/her/hers. 💕💕💕 @SephoraPrism 

Re: What are your pronouns?

@sister13 Thanks. it's good to be here!

Re: What are your pronouns?

Just added my pronouns to my profile! I use she/her/hers.


So excited to have you here @SephoraPrism! Much love and welcome to the BIC~

Re: What are your pronouns?

@GeorginaBT Thanks, it's good to be here!

Re: What are your pronouns?

I’ve learned so much about pronouns from my daughter and her encounters with her friends at her university’s Pride Center. Many of them use they/them and it wouldn’t phase me if they used it when talking about me.  I’m good with she/her or they/them. 

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi @divaknits! That's really cool that you are learning so much through your daughter.

Re: What are your pronouns?

Welcome to Community! We are thrilled you're here!


I've had my pronouns on my profile for a little while and happy to share here as well. She/her/hers works for me 🙂  I've also added them to my work email signature.



Re: What are your pronouns?

Added my pronouns to my profile @SephoraPrism ! My pronouns are She/Her. Tagging the team to make sure they do this too!


@BrendaBT @LexBT @GeorginaBT @CarolBT 

Re: What are your pronouns?

@KatieBT Thanks!

Re: What are your pronouns?

@KatieBT I’ve looked at everyone’s profile and can’t find anything. Is it because i’m on mobile? 

*Edit* face palm. Found it lol 

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