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Post in Trans is Beautiful

Trans Day of Visibility

Hello everyone! Wishing you a all well on International Trans Day of Visibility! It’s been a full year since I first stepped outside presenting fully femme. I thought it would be fitting to take some time to reflect and share how it started and how it’s going with my makeup skill and I invite you to do the same! 


Feel free to share as much or as little as you want. Makeup, skincare, haircare, or just life in general. Post photos if you feel comfortable or just tell everyone how you’re doing. Ask for tips and tricks or recommendations. If you’d rather not revisit your past, that’s fine too. Do you have any goals you might be working towards in the future? Or just say hi and check in with others. And cis-friends are welcome to share too, offer words of encouragement, or just say hi!


Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Resurrecting this thread one year later on TDOV2024. What a year it’s been! I went from presenting fem once in a blue moon to fully embracing my gender fluidity and coming out to my wife. I started wearing makeup even in boy-mode and I stopped caring what section of the store my clothes come from. I am me, I am valid, I am human, and I am loved. 🥰 


Just wanna say I’m grateful for the people who came before me to open doors for the trans community. Hopefully I can pay it forward by opening a few more for the future generation. I see your struggles and I hope we can overcome them together. 🩵🤍🩷




I seem to be one of the more prolific genderfluid members here. In case anyone is wondering, I use any pronouns. I prefer my pronouns to match how I’m presenting but I won’t be upset if you mix and match. They/them is always a safe bet too. 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

I know this was yesterday. Happy Visibility Day! Stunning looks as always. Hope it was a fabulous day 🫶💕

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Thank you sooo much @peculiarzmakeup! And also, thanks for standing by me as an ally. I appreciate your kind words always! 😊

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Of course! May everyday be visibility day and I appreciate your kindness and authenticity just as much! 🫶 @JoSometimes 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Happy Day of Visibility @JoSometimes 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Thank you @danielledanielle! 😊 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

you're so beautiful dear

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Aww thank you @Hayley45 😊 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Back to the Mall 5/26/2023

I hit FlatIron Crossing Mall again this afternoon.

Tori at the Sephora store was helpful in finding:

#Sephora Collection Makeup Match Crease Eyeshadow Brush

#Sephora Collection Lip Liner To Go - PINK

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Cream Blush Southbound 


I also found a 42 B bra which is not easily found!

Dinner and wine at California Pizza Kitched filled out a lovely afternoon.





Re: Trans Day of Visibility

ur the cutest.

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

@JoSometimes You are stunning 😍

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Awww thank you @Samtian! 😊

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

You are so beautiful 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Thank you @CorgiMommy! That means a lot. ☺️

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Hi, and thanks for your support @JoSometimes , and love those hoop earrings.

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

It’s been my pleasure @Girly2Shoes! (And I believe these were from Amazon…)

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

I'm so sorry to be late @JoSometimes 

Happy Trans Day Of  Visibility 💗🥳

I'm happy to have you in our community.  I love to see your thoughtful posts and gorgeous photos here on BIC.  Thank you for everything you share with us about your journey. ❤️ I hope the world can be more accepting to everyone being who they are. 

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Thank you for your kind words @CynthieLu! It’s been great making connections and sharing skincare and makeup tips with you! 😊💖

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Hi, @JoSometimes - Happy Visibility Day and happy visibility every day! 🥳  I'm so glad you feel you can be you! 🥰  I really enjoy your presence here in BIC.  Best wishes. 😘

Re: Trans Day of Visibility

Thank you @Titian06! Your words mean a lot! 😊🥰

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