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The Meh Chronicles

We have a thread for HG products, and we have a thread for products that didn't work for you, but what I'm interested in hearing about is the middle of the road stuff.


I try a ton of products because I'm very curious but I've noticed my list of ehhhhh has increased a fair bit this year, so it got me wondering what everyone else thinks is just meh. 


Things you've tried that were fine but not repurchaseable?  Things that didn't knock your socks off?  Things that were delightfully average?  Or just things that didn't live up to the hype?  Please share, I'd love to hear it! 


(no product bashing please, this is not meant to be a thread for complaints)


To start off, a few of my recent ok, but won't buy agains:

- Uma Clarifying Oil

This is fine, there's nothing 'wrong' with it. I bought it before I'd heard anyone on here talking about it, and it does work well for clarifying breakouts but it smells (to me) and it's $$$ for what it is, and the Uma line in general is too citrus heavy for me. I used it up, but would not repurchase.


- Mun Skin Anarose Toner

I've tried a ridiculous # of toners this year and I remember loving this when I first bought it but as I worked my way through the bottle, not only had I found others I enjoyed more, but I started to get bored with this. It's a very basic rose toning spritz at a not basic price.


- Odacite Autumn on the World

I've actually repurchased this once previously before making up my mind that it definitively wasn't worth it for me. It's ok at brightening skin and fading pigmentation, but I still found I got better results from their Summer serum.


- The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

This one was perhaps a case of expectations not matching reality. I had been expecting it to be just as good as Pixi, and while they both perform similar functions, this was definitely the product that made me realize how much enjoyment/experience still factors into my skincare decisions.


- Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

I have known SO many people who love this mask but I have never managed to understand the hype. I've purchased a FS once, and I use up DS when I get them, but it doesn't work any miracles for me. If anything, I'd probably call it a 'training wheels' kind of peel because it is quite gentle so it can help people become accustomed to regular peeling.


- Organic Skin La Belle Lune serum

One of my few frivolous/mostly unresearched purchases. I picked this up solely because  I was intrigued by a few girls I met at a skincare class telling me how amazing it was.  5 months later CH ended up writing it up and I think if I'd waited to read that, I probably would not have purchased, because I dislike all the products she lists as comparable to it 🙂 It worked fine to soften and soothe, but it didn't do much else for me.


So, what products are only mailing it in for you? Do tell!

RE: The Meh Chronicles

Becca primers or foundations are just a big meh for me. Glow recipe watermelon mask is another meh. The mask does seem to give me a tiny glow, but not for $45. It smells great, I just won’t but it again. I’ve tried a couple of the glam glow mud masks and they’re also a big meh. They did an ok job, but nothing impressive.

Origins Ginzing, felt fine but did nothing. Ole Truth Ser...

Origins Ginzing, felt fine but did nothing. Ole Truth Serum, same thing. FAB pads, Purity cleanser, CEO, anything bumble and bumble, all just meh. Naked pallete is my #1 meh, bc I don't need 800 colors of brown.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Edit, oops we're talking skincare. La Mer does nothing for me.


But my original post was YSL lipsticks (too slippery) and KVD liquid lipstick (too drying) because I'm the Goldilocks of lipsticks, apparently.

1) Most Tarte products. I was recently color matched at S...

1) Most Tarte products. I was recently color matched at Sephora and looking back, their color range probably doesn't match my skin tone at all. 2) Caudalie. I agree with the previous poster about this. I'm gladSephora sent me samples because the serum and moisturizer are meh for me and I wouldn't purchase them. 3) Any foundation with SPF in it. I wish I could use them for simplicity, but whatever they use in combination products clogs my pores. I need to apply a facial sunblock first, then layer foundation on top. 4) Most eyebrow gels. They make my eyebrows look, well, just like my eyebrows. I look better now that I'm using a pomade and brush.

(best thread title ever)

(best thread title ever) --- For me, a parade of various serum and moisturizer samples that I have been happy to try, but nothing has emerged as a memorable favorite or dislodged my Dr Dennis Gross default. Auditions are always open, but no serious contenders.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Kiehl's Butterstick lip treatment - I got the duo when they were on sale at Nordstrom in the hopes for finding that perfect lip, but was left severly underwhelmed. The product just sticks on and has a weird, bitter aftertaste.


Bite Beauty multistick - I love Bite products, but this one just was a miss. I find this product to be drying on application on the lips, and to be honest, the lipsticks work fine for blushes. I tend to apply the lipstick on and then blot it for the stained look, and then whatever's left is perfect for just the hint of color on the cheeks. 


Urban Decay naked palettes - Out of all of them, I am just not impressed by any of the shades. I don't like the colors because they're just too dark for me. I tend to like warm, pink tones and it just doesn't hit the spot. 


Belief aqua bomb - It took me a while to find a good moisturizer but this fell short. At first, I liked it because it was a huge step us from the one I had before. But in winter, at the end of the day, I find myself with dry skin which is weird because I consider my skin type to be normal. 


KVD liquid lipstick Lolita - I just don't like it. I like the liquid formula from ABH preferable to KVD. KVD's formula dries funny and transfers more frequently I have noticed. 


Last but not least, NARS blush in Orgasm - I've heard so much about it, but considering my skin tone (medium), the powder does not last and it's so sheer. I prefer the cream or liquid blushes (from glossier, or the Stila pots) because it's simple to apply and stays on for a solid couple of hours.


Thanks for the original thread! I liked finding ones that were just eh, because a lot of beauty products are so hyped up, we think we're going to love it before we even buy it. 


Re: The Meh Chronicles

@Sha789 I feel the same way about the Naked Palettes. I just wasn’t impressed with how the eyeshadows performed. I ended up giving away my Naked 2 palette. And then I felt the other naked palettes were just so uninspiring. My wallet probably thanks me for this. 

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Let's just say I am glad that I received the bottle of May Lindstrom's Youth Dew Serum as part of a freebie.  It really didn't seem to do much for me, and it made my skin look a tad yellowish.  Jaundice isn't a result I look for in a beauty product.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Creme de la Mer - $85 for 0.5 oz tub which I was totally excited to hand over in exchange for this mythical fountain of youth in a pot. However I found it too thick and gloopy and it just sat on my skin and made me look greasy. It smells great. Worked well as a lip conditioner. But on my face it was stifling.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Ah La Mer 😉 Sometimes ago I got a deluxe sample of their best cream and I like "interesting! It's a pass". I normally gave their deluxe samples away to friends and relatives whom want to try La Mer. It's okay but not great. For the price range, I rather go with AmorePacific Time Response

@grizzlymaze really? I cant get enough of La Mer! Did you...

@grizzlymaze really? I cant get enough of La Mer! Did you warm it up between your hands first to activate it then apply it in a tapping motion?

Re: @grizzlymaze really? I cant get enough of La Mer! Did you...

@GG84  Yeah Ive tried to do that although I can never really get it quite as emulsified as I think its supposed to get. I do end up with beautifully moisturized fingers though!! 🙂 Perhaps I just need to work on my technique more. I'd say CdlM would be wonderful for those with dry skin, but on me I think its just a bit too heavy.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Some of these may be shockers to some:


Urban Decay Naked palette: There were only a few colors I really liked. The rest were too dark or warm for my liking. I prefer 2 and 3.


Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara: Everyone raves about this mascara, but it doesn't seem to do anything for my lashes. Could be because I prefer my lashes to look full and dramatic.


It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream: I'm just overall indifferent about this.


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: Everyone says this is great for oily skin, but I felt this was greasy.



Re: The Meh Chronicles

So many meh products that I wanted to love.


Huda liquid lipsticks- the colors were super pretty and the formula was comfortable but I had trouble with it cracking and the heavy fragrance was a bit off putting for me.

Natasha Denona's Duo Glow- I was very excited for this but it just did not look that wow on me. Alba is a warm blush on me which is fine but for the hype I expected more.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution and new liquid lipstick. Some of the shades are gorgeous, but am I the only one who finds the texture of her matte lipsticks a bit powdery? The liquid lipstick I bought was pretty but had cracking issues no matter how I applied it. It's pretty but having to add a gloss or balm just defeats the point IMO.


Sunday Riley Martin and U.F.O.- I tried samples of both and was totally underwhelmed. I'm a fan of Tidal and Luna despite the packaging, and was interested in the clarifying claims of these new products but just felt icky. C.E.O. is also on my underwhelm list for the greasy factor.

Farmacy Honey Potion Mask- It was moisturizing and my skin was soft. I don't think it made breakouts any worse but it just feels so sticky. I will just stick to the Farmacy sheet masks.


Glamglow Gravitymud- It's shiny... but other than looking good for a social media post what does it do?


Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask- Mochapj said it all.


Kate Somerville Exfolikate- Smells like raw spice cookie dough... Mild exfoliating in 2 min? I suppose it has a tingling sensation so you know it’s working (oh wait that’s Cinnamal and Cinnamon oil). I hate it for my face but it makes a nice aromatic foot scrub.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

My skin isn't normally sensitive, but the Farmacy Honey Potion Mask felt like it was burning my skin the whole time I had it on.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

This is a good idea! These are a few off the top of my head; I'll add more if I think of any:


1)  Maya Chia Super Couple - this is a good oil, but it's not incredible on my skin. I find that the Sisley oil feels much better on my face and gives more refined hydration and glow. For a less expensive oil, I really do enjoy Rosehip Seed oil.


2) Belif Moisture Bomb - Not much to say about this. It's not bad, but it's not life-changing. It's pretty much the definition of "meh" for me. I'd use it if there were no other options, but I wouldn't run out seeking it.


3) Becca bronzer in Bronzed Bondi - I know people loved these bronzers, but I just do not get the hype. Maybe I chose a wrong shade, but this doesn't do anything for me.


4) Dior Airflash - Another product that isn't bad, but that isn't life changing. Again, I'd use this if my favorite foundations weren't available, but I wouldn't seek it out.


5) Tom Ford Shade & Light - another pure "meh".  Not bad, not extraordinary. I prefer a slew of other liquid highlighters and the Burberry Contour pen. 

Re: The Meh Chronicles

I have 2: 1) Caudalie line: I don't like most of their products.  They are not particular bad.  I can pinpoint the cause but I dislike most of their products except for the Grape water and Premier Cru The Elixir oil.  2) May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon: no matter how I apply, it is still a greasy mess on my face and the scent is a bit too strong for me. This makes me really sad.  Seems liked everyone has great result with this one 😞

Re: The Meh Chronicles

I have never been blown away by Caudalie either @blackkitty2014. I want to like their products, but I just feel underwhelmed by everything I've tried. In the same vein, the most bland product I've used is Algenist's Hydrating Toner. That stuff was like putting water on my face. It looked like nothing, smelled like nothing, and did absolutely nothing for my skin. Biggest yawn I've ever purchased. 

Re: The Meh Chronicles

My latest addition to this list is Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil


I know there are some fans of this oil on BT, but I didn't find it to do much of anything for me. I usually find squalane products to absorb fairly easily, but this one just sort of sat on top of my skin.

Re: The Meh Chronicles

Farmacy Eye Dew. It moisturizes....buttttttttt nothing worth noticing

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