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Skin Twinning!

"Proverbs should be sold in pairs, a single one being but a half truth."

William Matthews


Hey There BIC, Jeffrey Here, Sephora Beauty Director!


It's been a while, so I wanted to bounce back with a fun Skincare Unboxing that I shared on my instagram a week or so ago. Lately, the brands have been sending me all of their newest launches along with a partner product of some sort. As I was opening the boxes, I started noticing all of these pairs of products lined up and couldn't help but make a "Skin Twinning" story about it. If you don't follow me on instagram, I'll insert the link below so you can check it out in my highlights! But if you follow, you MUST send me a DM and let me know you found me from this post ;-P. Anyways, I digress...


I don't know about you, but I've always agreed that one is the "loneliest number."  I'm definitely an empathetic person and love the energy of a friend around. I feel people work best together, so why wouldn't your products? Often times, using a pair of products in tandem can really revolutionize the way each other function. Almost like a pair of best friends, or twins, they balance or bring out the best in each other. This whole concept also made me think of all the "Skin Twins" I've met out there that share the same product favs that I do. It warms my heart to feel that connection/bond over a shared product. I know YOU all feel me for sure!


Check out the Dynamic Duo's below!:


















Hope you all enjoyed this quick skin edit, and if you're "twinning" with me and love these products also, show some love!



Who is your “Skin Twin?”



 What two products do you feel work “better together?”




Check out my full Instagram Story for juicy product swatches and to find out a fun tip with these two besties!: 


Best BudsBest Buds

RE: Skin Twinning!

@JeffreyBD I love this idea of thinking of skincare with I twos. Currently I’m twinning Olh dark spot toner with Sunday Riley ceo moisturizer. I also like to use drunk elephant’s c firma to really tackle my hyperpigmentation. This twinning concept makes now want tothink of skincare Routines like food recipes. Like this skincare routineis for dark spots when you have combo skin. Maybe people can state their skincare twinning with the problem that their treating.

Re: Skin Twinning!

Does the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist 2.53 oz/ 75 mLseparate into “layers”, i.e. do I need to shake it before spraying? It might just be the picture, but it looks like two different color layers.



RE: Re: Skin Twinning!

Yes it does a bit. But Sarah and Christine designed the product to stand upside down so you’re forced to mix it a bit before using it!

Re: Skin Twinning!

I'm curious about the Josie Maran set. CBD seems to be everywhere nowadays, including at smoothie shops and even in honey at my local farmers' markets, but I'd like to learn more about its effectiveness in beauty products. 


Also, did y'all know how argan oil is made? Uh...goats are really involved in the process. 

Re: Skin Twinning!

Lol, I see about the goats. But for some really odd reason, maybe growing up on a farm, that doesn't weird me out so much. Lol.


As far as CBD goes, it's a fast growing and quick paced market. There ARE lots of claims out there, and we are still learning just how effective at healing the skin it can be. I plan to do even more research into how it works and hope to set up some time with the brand in the near future to talk about their views. Over all I am easing myself into it, trying products here and there. I would say, that this category is really great for "Stressed Skin" or skin that generally feels uncomfortable. And I will say that after using the products I enjoy the results. 

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