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Sheet Mask Recommendation

Hi, I am looking for a good moisturizing? hydrating? sheet mask  to use during a long flight (I have combination acne prone skin), but I would also like to know if I take 2-3 flights (one is long haul, the other two are short) before reaching my destination, should i use sheet mask for every flight or just for the long one? thanks in advance 🙂

Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

I would recommend a bio-cellulose mask for the long flight, as they are quite comfortable and easy to wear while providing maximum hydration, @Stomassina There are also two-part hydrogel masks, where you could remove the bottom part should you need to eat on the plane👍🏼. There are are many good ones, my personal favorite is the When 10PM for a bio-cellulose face mask, and Sephora makes a great eye mask of the same material, their SEPHORA COLLECTION - Eye Mask - Pearl - Brightening. It is extraordinarily lightweight! For a two-part hydrogel mask, Neutrogena makes a great one that is inexpensive, Radiance Boost, in the pink package.


You could multi-mask with these, or apply the eye mask during your second flight under a cotton or tencel fiber sheet mask. Again, many good choices for this as well, a couple of my favorites you can find online are the purenskin Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Mask, the Lapcos Honey Mask, or just about any Crème Shop mask (which you can usually pick up in three or five packs for around $5 at TJ Maxx!).


@itsfi do you have any thoughts or suggestions?


Hope this helps, safe travels 🙂


RE: Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation


Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation


The sheet masks that @eshoe mentioned are fantastic and would be great at helping to hydrate your skin during long flights. Of The Creme Shop masks, the Chia Seed one is my favorite for hydration. Kudos to you for wearing a sheet mask during a flight; I still have yet to try it; I apply an overnight mask instead. Other sheet masks worth trying are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL - Coconut Ceramide Mask, LANEIGE Water Pocket Sheet Mask Water Bank (Moisturizing) 1 single-use mask,and LANEIGE - Water Pocket Sheet Mask Sleeping Mask (Replenishing).  Sephora's face sheet masks are also nice - I like the honey mask or the coconut mask for hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

@eshoe @itsfi thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely keep those in mind when I make a final decision. @itsfi I didn't even think about using an overnight mask instead, what do you recommend?

Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

@Stomassina, there are a couple of sleeping masks I like to use when flying for hydration. GLAMGLOW - THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment is a great one - I treat it as a moisturizer/sleeping mask in one, and it smells delicious. The regular full size can be pricey but they make a mini /travel size that is available for $25.  Another one I like is the LANEIGE - Water Sleeping Mask - it's lightweight but does a really great job at adding hydration. Those are my top 2 choices. 


GLOW RECIPE - Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Miniis nice too, but just be aware that it contains alpha hydroxy acids so if your skin is sensitive to AHAs, you'll want to avoid that one.

Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

Yes, the Laneige masks are excellent at hydrating! Thank you so much, @itsfi😊

Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

Thank you for the tag @eshoe! 🙂

RE: Sheet Mask Recommendation

DERMAL Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet (Pack of 24) DERMAL Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet (Pack of 24) It's a good deal and they work well. I keep mine in the fridge for a refreshing feel.

Re: RE: Sheet Mask Recommendation

Thanks for your suggestions 👍🏼 Inow have a wish list of all the masks that have been recommended 😅

Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

I really like the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask 1.17 oz/ 33 g. It smells lightly of watermelon, and it's transparent so it doesn't look as scary on as some other sheet masks do.


Re: Sheet Mask Recommendation

thanks i really appreciate it 🙂

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