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KP skin issues

I have KP (keratosis Polaris) allll over my body. What do you guys recommend to help aid it ??

RE: KP skin issues

I have this issue, too. Let me know if you end up trying anything and what your results were!

Re: KP skin issues

Skinfix resurface+ line changed my life! The scrub and AHA cream really work miracles. Good luck - I know the feeling, I used to feel self-conscious because of my KP.


Re: KP skin issues

Skinfix resurface+ line changed my life! The scrub and AHA cream really work miracles. Good luck - I know the feeling, I used to feel self-conscious because of my KP.


Re: KP skin issues

props to all the posters, you essentially need to exfoliate.  I used to have so bad KP / was so self-conscious about it I never wore short sleeves!


What worked for me, beyond growing out of it, was using an exfoliating toner right out of the shower, then putting body lotion on maybe ten minutes had dried.  And while AHAs are good for facial skin, and for the dry flakes you get on your legs over the winter, KP needs some intense BHAs to go deeper.  For five dollars you can pick up clean and clear "astringent toner", really anything thin with salicylic acid should help. Just make sure to properly moisturize after, since most salicylic acid products tend to be drying, and that's not what you want.


I hope you get relief!  I still use "acne toners" on my body, for a few days after a waxing, bc I've found it's the best way to keep pores cleared out.  I know ingrowns are different than KP, but not completely different principle.  Really, good luck.

Re: KP skin issues

FARMACY - Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve and KIEHL'S SINCE 1851 - Ultra Facial Cream are my top favorites. The Kiehls says it is for your face but it can be used all over. With the Farmacy Skin Repair Salve, it is specifically meant for the body.

Re: KP skin issues


Eucerin repair line - AHAs and urea

Gold bond rough and bumpy 


Body exfoliator, Ahava mineral body exfoliator, then a lotion with actives.


KP is keratin buildup at the hair follicle.


Chemical peels may help, start with a professional to see if it's an option. 


Neutrogena body wash for acne, contains salicylic acid which helps break down the debris.

Re: KP skin issues

@cardinaljayy REN CLEAN SKINCARE - AHA Smart Renewal Body Serumis a glycolic acid moisturizer, I use it after a drugstore scrub in the shower -the St. Ives apricot, Target has a great generic for $2 which is way too rough for my face but perfect for my arms/legs. Though personally I'm on the lookout for a cheaper chemical exfoliator for my body, I might try just Using the Ordinary's glycolic toner on a washcloth and follow up with a generic moisturizer 

Re: KP skin issues

@cardinaljayy SKINFIX - Resurface+ Glycolic Renewing Scrubis also possibly a cheaper alternative to the one listed below

Re: KP skin issues

@cardinaljayy Entertainingly, Dermadoctor makes a product called "KP Duty" which is designed for this issue. I don't actually know if that product in particular is the best one for you, but I wanted to point out the key ingredients in it, to give you an idea of what you're looking for:

This stuff contains glycolic acid, palmitic acid, and lactic acid, all of which are alpha-hydroxy acids.* It also contains "salix alba bark extract" a.k.a. salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid. AHAs and BHAs are both chemical exfoliators. Additionally, it looks like it contains microbeads to act as a physical exfoliator. (It also contains a bunch of moisturizers, which will help soften the skin, as well.)


All of these ingredients can help ameliorate the excess keratin buildup that causes keratosis pilaris, and looking for a product that contains some of them is a good guideline to start with.



*If you do choose a product containing AHAs, please remember to use sunscreen during the daytime. AHAs temporarily decrease your skin's UV resistance, so adding back in some protection will prevent a surprise sunburn.


DERMADOCTOR - KP Duty® Body Scrub

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