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Is Tatcha Worth It?

I have heard such great things about Tatcha but I'm still a little nervous on purchasing any of their products. It's mainly the price that gets me. I only want to buy if it's going to be a real investment for my skin's health. So what do we have to say about Tatcha? And does anyone have products to recommend for someone just starting out with their line?

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?

I've tried a few of their products. But, I don't really care for Tatcha products which is an unpopular opinion. The water cream moisturizer was not special to me. Their popular Rice Polish left a strange waxy feel on my face and I did not appreciate. The camellia cleansing oil is nice, but not special. Overall, a meh experience for me. 


I believe that they sell starter kits on their website for around $64 on five products. It's sorted by skin type. If you're curious, I would still check it out! 

RE: Is Tatcha Worth It?

About a year an a half ago I bought the $30 set of the water moisturizer and deep cleanser... never looked back! Some of my favourite moisturizer and cleansers!

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?



I have been using the cleansing oil, sunscreen, and indigo body butter for years and still love them to this day! Definitely worth the price for me, you just have to find which products work for you. They sell almost everything in the travel size, so you can try many different products out that way. 

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?

@Shaetasstic Tatcha products are really nice and luxurious, however I firmly believe you can find similar k-beauty products at a more affordable price point (Soko Glam is a good starting point). For example, I thought I would never find an oil cleanser better than the Tatcha one (criteria - no scent or gentle scent, removes makeup completely, doesn't leave residue), but I've recently switched to Neogen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil, which is twice the size and half the price, and I love the texture and the scent even more. 

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?



FYI, they are having this really nice deal on Tatcha website now


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Anonymous Insider

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?

I, too, was concerned about the price.  I have never liked how skin creams and makeup feels on my face, and didn't use either very often.)  However, now that I'm 67, I have been disappointed to realize just how dry and wrinkly my face had become -- I didn't look like "me" anymore.  I heard a couple of stories -- and saw a couple of photos and YouTube videos -- about Tatcha, so I tentatively bought a couple of the $20 "travel" size items (always included are three, small free samples of other products of your choice).  The difference was astounding.  So I tried some other products in conjunction with the first two.  Even more amazing!  So I tried a total of 25 items (which includes mostly samples), and couldn't believe how my face looked and felt.  I've settled on 6 things which I use daily (actually twice a day as they suggest, AM and PM):  Gentle Rice cleanser (FANTASTIC); Tatcha (skin "plumper" -- probably only us elders benefit from this);  Neck Revitalizing cream (ditto re best for elders);  Silk Cream (INCREDIBLE);  Peony under eye cream; and "Kissu" (which is 1,000 times better than Chapstick).  For daytime (and yes, I rarely used makeup either -- for real), I have 2 other items:  I like the Silk Canvas to use under makeup; and the (plum) lipstick, which is a beautiful color for me and goes on so smoothly, and stays on.  I use the Camellia cream to remove makeup at the end of the day.  I forgot to mention that I also bought the Violet C face mask after trying a sample, which I used for the first time last night (along with my 25-year-old daughter).  OMG!!!  I still can't believe it!  My 67-year-old skin felt exactly like that of a babe in arms!  So smooth that I would swear I was stroking a piece of silk!  (Ditto my daughter.)  And my skin looked "perfect".  I guess that if I were choosing only one item, the VIOLET C FACE MASK would be the one.  If I could choose a second item, it would be the RICE POLISH ("soap").  And if I could choose a third, it would be the SILK CREAM (the Water cream is amazing, too; not so crazy about the Dewy cream).  Needless to say, I am blown away!  It is definitely $$$, and I don't have money to throw around.  But, (and I feel strange saying this as a neophyte at skin cream and makeup ) it is worth every penny for me.


Is Tatcha Worth It?

The sunscreen is literally, the best facial sunscreen I've ever used. I really like the exfoliating rice enzyme powders, as well as the gold Camellia oil. The essence is wonderful. some of their products, like the moisturizers, don't do it for me.

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?

I've only tried Tatcha's silk scream and I was not a fan. It was a nice moisturizer but I would not repurchase. It was too pricey for a moisturizer that did the bare minimum. I really wanted to love this product and was excited after reading reviews of how it helped a lot of people with dry skin and looking into the ingredients. 

Is Tatcha Worth It?

@Shaetasstic I really like some of their products, including masks. I really like their Deep Cleanser. I don't use it as my every day cleanser, but usually 2 times a week. it's great for cleaning out my pores. I'd recommend the product and believe it is worth the price

Re: Is Tatcha Worth It?

Hi @Shaetasstic,


I absolutely love Tatcha products! I've been using their products for years. They are high quality, effective products and every purchase of a Tatcha product supports girls' education around the world, through their partnership with Room to Read (how cool is that?!).


If you're new to the brand, I recommend trying one of their starter kits. My favorite is their Bestsellers Set, it comes with four of their best products. It comes with two cleansers, a moisturizer and a skin mist. My favorite product is the Rice Enzyme Powder. It's a gentle, everyday cleanser with exfoliation benefits. 


Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Stay Gorgeous,



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