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Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

Hi everyone, first time poster here...

i just recently realized that my skin care routine was lacking A LOT, and was tired of my dry, red, acne prone skin looking dull and tired. I’m 26, so getting a good routine going is pretty important to me now. 

Prior to this adventure, I used random drug store products to ‘care’ for my skin, and without a big budget for expensive skincare lines I decided that purchasing trial kits was my best option.

i headed to my local Sephora after reading weeks worth of reviews on different lines and products. None were available through my location, but the lady did offer me the Farmacy starter kit, which I liked, it was gentle and for the most part seemed to be putting my skin in the right direction. 

I truly wanted to give the DE products a try after reading rave reviews left and right. I purchased The Littles set, which is pretty inclusive of their entire line, minus a few products. I began my routine about a week ago.. ‘the purge’ has been dreadful, but I’m willing to push through. I wanted to know how long this should last, and when the real results should start showing through?! 

Re: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

i can say with experience that often the problem in this type of situation is that it is too much of a change abruptly. this happened to me when i first started at sephora because i did a full skincare routine change and started using new products that had 'active' ingredients. i developed cystic style acne in my mid thirties and never had breakouts in my life. our skin can react in a panic style to severe changes and often a complete new routine will have products that maybe have acids or exfoliating properties that can literally 'scare' your skin. my advice to everyone is if you have any sensitivity or reactiveness to your skin you should make changes to your skincare slowly. start by introducing 1 product at a time and i find night time best because your skin is in recuperative state, so it will often show whether the product causes reactions at that time. overall i would say most likely its not the brand but the new routine. allow you skin to calm over a few weeks and then try new products individually. hope this helps !! 

RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I have sensitive/acne prone skin and after buying the DE Littles collection, I developed severe acne (possibly an allergic reaction as well) around my jawline, ears, and upper neck. I have never had acne in any of the described areas of my face. Unfortunately, because I was using all the DE Littles collection products as instructed twice a day for about 2 weeks. Perhaps it was just too much product for my skin to handle? Still unclear. Long story short: I stopped using all DE Littles and after simplifying my routine...I patiently waited about a month for my skin to start clearing. I would highly recommend Farmacy Cleansing Balm; Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream; Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep Mask. Those are my holy grail skin products at Sephora. Other than that I just use good old orange Neutrogena acne face wash twice a day. Oh, and Elta sunscreen always during the day. I hope this helps! If anyone has had a similar experience and can suggest what DE product it was, I’d love to know!

RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I’m not personally a huge fan of the drunk elephant line (I wish i was!) the littles set is so adorable and I always want to get it because it’s just so cute! ...but then I remember I’m not a huge fan of the brand. The one product that is amazing is the babyfacial which is the first product I tried. It came with the luxury oil that they recommend to use together and I HATED it. It was too oily and didn’t absorb well into my skin. I wasn’t a fan. I decided to try the little daytime samples from Sephora and also wasn’t a fan. I have dry/ normal skin and I feel the line is more for people with oil/combo skin. Try little sample sizes that Sephora has and you will learn what you like and what works well with your skin!

Re: RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I'll sit next to you. I've tried a couple of their products and really nothing has impressed me. I have oily, dehydrated skin and have tried the Framboos, C-Firma, and B-Hydra. Neither the Framboos nor the C-Firma agreed with my skin and the I found the B-Hydra to just be lackluster. There are plenty of people who swear by their products, but they just aren't for me. 


In regards to results though, with skincare it often takes weeks or even months to really see actual results from products. So as long as you're not reacting negatively to the products, it's worth it to finish the bottle before trying to determine if they had a positive effect on your skin. 

Re: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

The purge you are experiencing might be less with DE specifically but the introduction to certain active ingredients. AHA/BHA (Framboos) and sometimes Vitamin C (C-Firma) can lead to purging. If you are looking to build a routine for yourself I would suggest not focusing on one specific brand. Look at the ingredients that would work well with your skin and then brands that do that type of product well. I think most skin types can benefit from Retinol, Vitamin C and an Acid. We also need added hydration and moisture to help curb the drying effects of those ingredients. If your skin is not used to these ingredients I recommend introducing them slowly and one at a time.


On DE specifically I have seen great results from C-Firma. I mix it with B-Hydra (if I can find a replacement for B-Hydra I will happily switch as I don't think its a great hydrating product).  Hope this helps @linsblythe

Re: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I’m such a skin care rookie that I have only tried the Farmacy products and Drunk Elephant.. so far I’ve been trying to stick with products that offer a trial kit or trial size to avoid spending $$$ on products that fall flat for me. 

I haven’t noticed any dryness yet, just very deep and painful acne and more acne all at once than I’m used to, as for brightening or fading any previous spots I have yet to see this either which is why I’m feeling very discouraged 

RE: Re: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I can definitely relate to your story. It was very upsetting to see my skin looking the way it was especially having had relatively clear skin up until using the Littles collection. Wishing you the best though! Loving farmacy products. Saved my skin.

RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I had my drunk elephant products for almost 60 days and just returned all of them except for; the baby facial, lala reto, and protini. I pushed through the “purge” for the night serum and my skin was “fine”...if i used it every night. If I skipped one night I would have a cystic break out, which I very rarely ever get. However, the more I used the serum, the more dry my skin became. It was hard for me to even put on make up (even with primer and moisturizer). No amount of moisturizer, oil, or serum would help. I love how the lala reto feels but it didn’t help the dryness caused by the serum. The oil didn’t help. Neither did the B-Hydra. The sunscreen felt too thick and had a shimmer, which I hate. The jelly cleanser was terrible. The Shaba eye serum wasn’t good because I even had dryness around my eyes, which made even putting on concealer difficult. I’ve never had that many issues with my skin before. I wanted to love this line so much but I’m just so disappointed in how my skin reacted to it. I’m probably going to return the other two moisturizers. It really makes me sad lol. It may be different for everyone, my friend uses the night serum and she doesn’t have any issues.

Re: RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I’m just not really seeing these results that everyone is claiming to get, a week maybe a little over and I’d be hoping to start seeing the turn around point but all I’m seeing are deeper more painful cystic acne than I’ve ever had before... this lines website claims that all skin is the same and this is purely my skin reacting to me getting rid of all the harmful ingredients from my previous skincare.. but it’s just downright depressing looking at skin that’s worsening almost every day 😞

RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I currently use the DE TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and it took about a month to see results...but soo worth it! I have acne prone skin, oily. I wake up to less irritated skin. Hope this helps!

Re: RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

I planned to stick it out for at least a month to give it an honest try, I think I’m just frustrated with how terrible my skin looks after starting this line.. I’m hoping some turn around begins soon! 

Re: RE: Honest advice on the Drunk Elephant brand

Seems like it is time to move on @linsblythe. It’s obviously not working for you and why put yourself through that? Painful cysts that are worsening is not “purging” it is your skin telling you to stop! If it were me, I would return to using whatever I was previously and slowly start reintroducing new products one at a time to see if your skin reacts. Wait at least a week in between. 


I understand trial kits as a way to save money but it is unlikely everything in a line will work for you. I would start with cleanser and moisturizer, then sunscreen, then treatment products. 

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