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Help! Redness and bumps on cheeks

Help! Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it? I have been dealing with a bumpy texture on my cheeks for the past 8 weeks. There is redness with small bumps that aren’t pimples and don’t go away with regular cleansing, exfoliation, etc. The skin is not really itchy, it’s just textured. Creams seem to make it worse.



Re: Help! Redness and bumps on cheeks

@HMJ53  What's your usual skincare routine (brands + product names)? I wonder if you might've overused a product or ingredient in your routine. Or you might be sensitive to something in your current products. Did you introduce a new product to your routine before the bumpy texture appeared? Do you touch your cheeks a lot and perhaps started using a new hand cream, body lotion, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, etc. before the bumps appeared? 


Since no BIC members (to my knowledge) are board certified dermatologists, we can't diagnose your skin. For that, you should see a derm or your primary care doctor. That's the best way to get personalized treatment options. The only thing we BIC members can do is offer up guesses, and we could be wrong—and you might end up chasing different guesses and wasting money on products that don't address what's really happening with your skin. 

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