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Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids

Hello everyone!


So I've been eyeing the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask for a while now. All the reviews and raves here sound amazing! I wanted to know if anyone had used it while on a retinoid? I'm using topical adapalene 0.3% at night for acne. I know people used different peels with it but I personally have not. I stopped all AHA peels when I started using it again. I've been using it for 6 months now so my skin is well adjusted. 


Any personal experience or tips for using them together would be welcome! What are you using and at what strength? Do you skip your retinoid the nights you use the mask? Do you use them both together, wait a certain amount of time before applying the mask? Is the mask overly drying due to your retinoid or is it different from other peels? Thanks so much! 

Re: Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids

I just wanted to chime in and warn anyone using retinoids with the Watermelon mask, or any AHAs, BHAs, etc. I had a very unexpected and undesirable outcome, mixing the two the other night. I am on a cocktail from Curology that consists of Niacinimide 4%, Tretinoin(Retinoid) .05%, and Azelaic Acid 5%, and since I had such wonderful results with the Watermelon mask in the past, prior to Curology, and even since, but on a lower dose. I decided to slather it on top of my current/stronger Curology cocktail and went to bed. Warning sign #1 - I should have erred on the sign of caution when I noticed some slight tingling/burning upon application, but some of my peels do that so I just assumed that my skin was still acclimating to the higher dosage of Tretinoin, BUT, I should have considered that I don't sleep in my peels all night(10 minutes max). Also, I did combine the Watermelon Mask with the Curology cocktail, in the same fashion, when my Tretinoin concentration was at .01%, with no problems. SO, the only change was the increase in the Tretinoin strength. Which brings me to what happened. I woke up feeling like I had a sunburn, and my face has been peeling like crazy, everywhere! It's like I had a professional peel done! I'm two days out now, and still peeling, pretty heavily. So, I would definitely warn against experimenting on your own with these things. If it burns, and the product doesn't specifically say to expect that; TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. Just because something says it's a "mild" anything, doesn't mean that in conjunction with something else, that it can't cause a much stronger reaction. Case in point, Tretinoin and Vitamin C combined, creates a supercharged formula, which I also don't recommend without supervision and the right dosage of each, for YOUR skin. Unfortunately, I too can attest to this; though it wasn't quite as bad as this one. You might be able to handle either of them on their own, but combined, may be way more than your skin can handle. I knew about the enhancing of the benefits of combining the two going in, but I didn't anticipate such an adverse reaction, and going forward I would use a much lower concentration of each when combining the two. It took days for my skin to recover. I don't have sensitive skin, and have NEVER had a reaction to combining any of my skincare, except for the aforementioned combination of Tretinoin and L Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C). So bottom line, just be very careful, and do your research. And if you can't find definitive answers, find a way to consult with an expert before embarking on experimenting with your unsupervised skin care, particularly those with acids. I hope that sharing my experience(s) helps prevent anyone from having to go through an experience like mine. I'm just glad that it's just mild redness and peeling; That's serious enough. But, we've all seen/heard of some real horror stories... 

RE: Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids

Hi VitalityKeys! I’m not on a prescription strength retinoid/Retinol/retin-a, but I’m a bit of an extremist (lol!) and sometimes will go overboard with the OTC retinols Sephora offers. I personally did not feel dry after using the sleeping mask when applying Retinol first. I’ve done the Dr. Perricone OVM Retinol and the sleeping mask on top, PTR’s and the sleeping mask on top, and Algenist’s. I will add a drop of oil (Squalane, Noni Glow, or Marula) to the sleeping mask for extra hydration. If you want to do your mask on a night where you aren’t using your retinoid, you could always do an essence first, or add a booster to the mask for extra ingredient quality!

Re: Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids


So I'm actually using it in my skincare regime now and LOVE it. When I wake up, my skin feels so much softer and dewier. The mask is also sooo sooo soo moisturizing. I live in Canada, and the winters here are pretty dry, so it's nice having this to make my skin feel healthier.


Just be aware of a couple things first before introducing a sleeping mask into your routine:

1) Do not use it every night. I use mine every other night. The switch in nights is to give my skin a thicker night moisturizer. Your skin may get too used to the sleeping mask if you use it every night, and will lower the effects.

2) Do not use too much. I use like quarter amount for my whole face, nothing more. Too much and it runs the risk of clogging your pores.


It takes a couple of tries to get the recipe down right and to find what works best with your skin/skin type. Hope it works for you!


RE: Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids

I use the it with 0.3 % adapalene. I’ve used it nightly for a week and no bad results. I plan to cut back on usage once my skin smoothes a little more. To be safe, you could start with every other night to see how your skin reacts.

Re: Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids

@VitalityKeys, I'm on 1% tazorac at night.  I haven't used this particular mask but I've used other masks with AHAs.  I don't use tazorac on the same night as my AHA products.  I usually use my tazorac 5 nights a week, and an AHA or Glycolic acid product 2 nights a week.

Re: Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask & Retinoids

@VitalityKeys I haven’t tried Glow’s watermelon sleeping mask yet, so won’t impart any advice... but I wanted to let you know that there is a deluxe sample now available in the bazaar! I believe it’s 250 points and it includes a sample of their blueberry cleanser, as well. 

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